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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 14:30

1969 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass S- Dan


Writing copyright D. S. Brown. Photography copyright Maximilian I Musiwell

Dan initially bought a 1973 Mustang when he was a kid back in the late 1970s. He made an abrupt switch when he was seduced by the good looks of the Porsche 914. Once that car was gone Dan had his mind set on a convertible, preferably another muscle car machine.

69 cutlass S conv dan F

As luck would have it, a woman who worked with Dan was selling her convertible 1969 Cutlass S. The Cutlass S had a mere 70,000 miles on it in 1981 because it had been stored during winter. Not only did storage shield it from the harsh Winnipeg winters it kept the convertible interior away from UV rays for 6 months out of every year of its life.

69 cutlass dan front nose S badge

The Cutlass S logo seen here on the front nose causes some confusion since it seems that it is a short form for Cutlass Supreme but it is not. The Cutlass S model first appeared in 1968 as a convertible Cutlass. The Supreme name was attached to high trim level hard top 2 and 4 doors. The lower trim level Cutlass S nameplate returned in 1969 but now it enlarged its scope to include sedans as well as convertibles.

This Cutlass S is a factory Gold car with black interior and top. The cowl tag tells us this is this is a 2 door Cutlass S convertible (body style 33667) built in the Lansing, Michigan final assembly plant. The date code 03C means build occurred third week of March, 1969.

Sometime prior to 1981 the Gold Cutlass S had been repainted black making for a very cool looking triple black car. The owner prior to Dan had switched on a st of custom 1970s era aftermarket Spider mag wheels. They remain in perfect condition because of summer only use.

69 cutlass dan period spider mags

The all original Rocket 350-2 barrel single exhaust engine runs strong. The car has automatic transmission, console, AM radio with a rear speaker, 8 track, power drum brakes and power steering. Dan enjoyed his Cutlass S in summer and stored it during winters.

By 1992 it needed a repaint and Dan toyed with reverting to the factory Gold color. In the end he decided to stay with what he already knew. All the chrome was removed and a very good repaint was sprayed on the car.

Under hood the engine has been steam cleaned but other than that nothing more was needed to keep the engine bay looking good. A reproduction sticker for the air cleaner lid is on order.

69 cutlass dan period 350 driver side

Once the car reached 130,000 miles some things were showing age and Dan decided it was time to refresh the car. He wants to drive it and enjoy it in summers. Dan put in new brake lines and fuel lines and had the suspension rebuilt. Despite plenty of tread on the B.F. Goodrich tires the actual rubber was 20 years old. Dan made a prudent move and replaced the tires.

The interior was still decent but with exact reproduction kits available Dan decided to revitalize things. New seat covers front and back complement the pristine original dashboard. The convertible top was replaced. The steering wheel like all 1969 Cutlass wheels has a crack in it. These particular wheels are susceptible to temperature fluctuations and inevitably crack in the rim. The only impediment to total enjoyment of the car right now is that the original radio is FM only. Dan still has the original 8 track that came with the car, too. Summer has been good to Dan this year and he looks forward to many more days of cruising now that his Cutlass S has been sorted out.


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