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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 19 April 2015 10:20

1969 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Supreme- Sylvia/ Dean


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography, scans and research copyright Dean

69 cutlass supreme sylvia passenger front

Sylvia bought this Aztec Blue 1969 2 door Cutlass Supreme new from the show room floor at Carter Chev Olds in downtown Winnipeg in June, 1969. See the story on Carter's in the DEALERSHIP section of this site filed under MANITOBA. Sylvia was married and in her late 60s at the time she bought this new Cutlass. Sylvia's husband was good friends with the owner of Carter Motors. While he was up in Mr. Carter's office discussing something to do with the Lions club he left her downstairs waiting.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia delivery order form

While the talk carried on she took a walk into the showroom where she saw the car of her dreams. The 1969 Olds Cutlass Supreme that dazzled her was Aztec blue with a black vinyl top, black dash and white interior. Sylvia was quite adamant that this car was to be her car, not her husbands and not the families car. The checklist above performed on June 16, 1969 gives a good summary of the car.

VIN 3428791102382 decodes:

3= Oldsmobile

42= Cutlass Supreme

87= 2 Door hardtop

9= 1969 Model year

1= Built in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada final assembly plant

102382= Sequential number

The car was loaded on top of the already lavish Cutlass Supreme package. Supreme added extra trim and interior comforts as well as a high compression 350 4 barrel 'Rocket' engine which was an upgrade from the regular fuel 2 barrel 350 provided in the Cutlass model.

Sylvia's Cutlass Supreme has optional automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering and block heater (immersion heater). Comfort options include air conditioning (conditionaire), power windows (Ez glass), remote outside mirror, clock, cigar lighter, courtesy lights, and radio. The car was dressed up with whitewall tires (7.75x14), full wheel discs, vinyl top and door edge guards.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia bill of sale

Sylvia traded in her 1967 Olds F-85 2 door which earned her a $2906.00 credit. She paid $1,732.50 cash for the balance. Sylvia was a book keeper at the Red Cross and all that practice stood her in good stead. She kept meticulous records on her new car. Sylvia summarized the bills in the log shown below which tracked the repairs over the years.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia expenses 1972 to 82

The car was taken into the shop every spring and fall to switch over the winter tires and new frost shields. Sylvia also paid a local guy to take the car around the perimeter highway once a month to 'clean out the secondaries' as we used to explain to the police when pulled over.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia expenses 1978 to 82

The most common repairs are for brake reline, tire replacement and exhaust replacement.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia expenses 1984 to 85

Sadly the time came when Sylvia had to give up her cherished car. Sylvia was 88 years old and going into a home for the aged otherwise she wouldn't have parted with her beloved Cutlass. Dean bought the Cutlass off Sylvia. She was now an elderly lady still living in Winnipeg, Manitoba and still on top of the care of the car. Dean bought it in spring of 1989 with 67,400 original miles in great mechanical shape.

Dean bought his first 1969 Cutlass Supreme when he was only 16 years old. It was a 4 door blue car which can be seen in the DEALERSHIPS section of this site filed under VICTORIA/ BC. Look at the Morrison Chev Olds story. Dean was smitten by his first 1969 Cutlass Supreme which led to this 2 door purchase.

When Dean drove the car for the first time it ran great and handled like a dream. He noted that the car had loads of power from the 350 4 bbl high compression Rocket engine. Dean drove his new Cutlass Supreme 2 door as his everyday driver for a year while attending college.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia dean driver side

Although it was well looked after and had low miles the Cutlass Supreme had been driven year round in harsh Winnipeg weather. Winnipeg is nicknamed 'Winterpeg' for good reason. The paint on the Cutlass was faded and the interior was a little worn. Dean restored the car in summer of 1990. Dean took the car into a body shop to clean up the paint and fix some of the rust that was starting to become an issue. Dean's total bill for paint and body work, new vinyl roof, and the seats recovered cost a mere $2,200.00. The only thing Dean changed on the car was a switch from the original steelies with full wheel discs and whitewalls that came with the car to a set of original Super Stock II mags.

Back before the days of specialty restoration shops a regular collision/ paint shop handled 'restorations'. Originality wasn't considered an important issue. If it looked good, then it was good. The body-man swore he could match any color, but in his mind any blue was blue. Before Dean came down to pick up the car the bodyman prepped him to adjust to the reality that this was not actually EXACTLY Aztec Blue.

This was an understatement. The Cutlass was now LeMans blue, which is a Corvette/ Camaro colour. Dean hated the results at first sight. The bodyman had painted the whole car: door jams and trunk. One thing he didn't touch was the paint on the lower bottom portion of the car (bottom 5 inches below the Supreme body moulding) which from the factory was silver.

Dean tried to adjust to the spectacle of this bright blue car. He was expecting it to be closer to the aqua blue hue it emerged from the factory with in 1969.  Dean and the shop compromised and decided to paint the lower portion below the trim white to go with the white interior.

69 cutlass supreme sylvia dean driver int

When Dean came back a few days later he was blown away by how much adding the white paint changed the car. In 1990 Dean brought the Cutlass Supreme back to the rest home where Sylvia lived and he took her for a ride.  She was over the moon to see the car all done up and to get to ride in it again.

Since that time the Cutlass Supreme has never been driven in winter again. This has kept the 25 year old restoration looking great. It runs and drives as good as it did back when it was freshly redone. The current reading on the odometer is 114,000 miles. Eventually Dean intends to restore the car once again back to original paint color and leave everything else stock.

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