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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 19:29

1967 FORD Mustang- Bucerias, Mexico


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

On a dusty dry road in a town that isn't too far from our conception of an old west town a Mustang somehow survived all these years. Bucerias is a small Mexican city with unpaved roads and other hazards. It's possible this Mustang was visiting from the nearby popular vacation spot of Puerto Vallarta which is well paved with modern highways leading to and fro.

This Mustang sports typical owner modifications that we used to see on muscle cars and pony cars in the late 1970s. The wider than stock mag wheels, mismatched with slots in front and spokes at rear, fog lamps, mud-flaps and 'custom striping' were all standard fare for teen owned cars back in the day. The low profile tires mounted on small diameter rims look wrong on this car. The 1967 Mustang was the first time the popular car had been enlarged since it's introduction and the greater bulk makes these smaller wheels more noticeable.


The 1967 Mustang preserves the themes and lines from the 1965-66 Mustang but the 1967 model is longer and wider than the original. The new body style provided a wider engine bay which allowed Ford to stuff a 390 into the car. Of course Carrol Shelby went further and created the Shelby GT-500 which used a 428 engine. The musclecar wars were heating up and Mustang had to keep up!


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