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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 01 January 2012 14:32

1969 FORD Ranchero- Ritzville, WA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown


Note the chrome Ranchero logo just above the chrome strip that flows into the rear bed surround. This ALLEY FINDS 1969 Ford Ranchero was likely used more as a pickup truck than a city car as hinted by the National Rifle Association sticker in the driver's side of the rear window. Further down in the story the extreme dirtiness of the engine suggests extensive driving on dirt roads.


This 1969 Ranchero was just sitting in front of an old garage as if time had raced past both of them. The VIN below has the significant digits removed in case the car is still registered to someone.

First digit 9= 1969 model year.

Second digit K= final assembly in the Kansas City, Missouri factory.

Third and fourth digits 48= Two door Ranchero 500. This is one step up from model 47 the base Ranchero and one below the hot muscle car model 49, the GT.

H= 351 c.i. engine 250 HP (this is the 2 barrel Windsor engine).


Below you can see that the passenger side of the Ranchero is a bit straighter and less blemished than the driver side.


In the backdrop silos and rail tracks mark the edge of the nice downtown core of Ritzville, Washington. Preserved buildings and a quiet peaceful atmosphere add to the ghost town feel down by the Ranchero. Ritzville is a huge wheat depot. The most wheat transported anywhere in the world back in 1901 was right here.


The 1969 Ford Ranchero was based on the intermediate sized Ford Fairlane platform. To see the background of the Ranchero model, read the 1965 Ranchero story in the ALLEY FINDS section. You can compare the Chevrolet offering in the story on a 1965 El Camino in the ONE FAMILY section of this website. The rear license plate sticker below reveals that this Ranchero was last registered in 2005. The license numbers are removed for owner privacy.


An exhaust system lies rusting alongside a beer can in the bed of the Ranchero. The rust and dents indicate this car was used for hauling stuff in the past.


The engine view below seems to support the impression that the car was left for repairs and then time blew over the service station and the car. The air cleaner assembly was nowhere in sight. A fresh two barrel carburetor sits atop a very greasy worn 351 Windsor engine. It looks like someone was in the process of trying to get the car running again. Aside from the carburetor the Ranchero appears to be complete and original.


The black interior is dirty and musty. This Ranchero features the Fairlane 500 trim level 'wood grain' inserts as seen in this picture of the passenger door panel below. The Ranchero has round four pod moldings standing out of the dash with deeply inset dials similar to what was used in the 1968 Olds Cutlass. This Ranchero was missing its speedometer so no way to guess at mileage.


To see more pictures of Ritzville see the story "OOCC CORVETTE TRIP Part 1" in the DESTINATIONS part of the TRAVEL STORIES section of this website.


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