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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 23:56

1968 FORD Mustang- Alameda, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

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The lack of an engine call out number on the top of the tri color running horse backdrop means this is a base model 6 cylinder Mustang. 6 cylinder status is confirmed by the 4 lug 14 inch wheels. The optional V8 engines were accompanied by 5 lug wheels. It isn't too surprising that this is a 6 cylinder since many of the hardtop Mustangs were ordered with the base engine.

It is likely this car was owned by an older person who held onto it for quite some time. The tires are Sears which was a popular place to take your car during the 1980s to get a senior discount.

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The vent panel where the windshield wipers attach still has some paint. This is inconsistent with the hood which is scorched bare with the exception of the hood scoop inserts. Note the earlier model White Mustang in the background. This one is also a 6 cylinder hardtop but its in better shape.

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This ALLEY FINDS 1968 Mustang has nicks and scratches but is reasonably straight. The tires seem to have been rotated at one point without concern matching the front and rear position of the whitewalls from side to side of the car.

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We know that this car has made at least one road trip of 1,000 miles because it is now in California and it was sold through the Vancouver, British Columbia location of Dominion Ford. See a story on Dominion filed under BRITISH COLUMBIA/ VANCOUVER Defunct Dealers in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website.

Aside from its dealership origins and the external evidence of 6 cylinder status not much else can be determined about this car. The VIN is visible on the dash on the passenger side (it moved to the driver's side the following year to conform with standardization of vehicle VINs) but totally illegible partly due to dirt on both sides of the windshield glass.

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The OOCC Mustang was not in British Columbia for very long. It made its way down to California fairly early in its life as indicated by typical California wear on the body. California cars develop rust in just about the opposite place that rust appears on a British Columbia car. The roof, trunk lid and hood have surface rust which results from the intense sun breaking down the paint. The bottoms of the fenders and wheelwells show no sign of rust out which is the standard spots for rust on a B.C. car which is subjected to rainy cooler weather.

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The OOCC Mustang is pretty basic. It has an automatic transmission with floor shift (no console) and an AM radio. If you look at the passenger door you can see the armrest has crumbled into 2 pieces. This is also typical California wear. The UV rays from the relentless sun causes interiors to disintegrate. Both passenger and driver seat have splits in them which suggests that this is a high mileage car.

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Right now it has no plates.

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