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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:10

1967 BUICK Skylark- Bakersfield, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

67 skylark bakersfield ca logo

The Skylark was starting to gain some name recognition by the time the mid 1960s had rolled around. After starting life as a trim option first on the 1953 and 1954 Buick Roadmaster (as a convertible only special model) and then later on the Buick Special in the 1960s the car became very popular. By the early 1970s the Skylark name had enough recognition to replace the Special name. The Skylark name was removed from the redesigned 1973 Buick intermediate but it was re used on the compact cars Buick built later on; thus it had flown circle back to its 1960s takeoff point as a compact.

67 skylark bakersfiield ca nose

The popular Skylark owes its origins to Chevrolet's Corvair which was a response to the foreign car market. In 1961 all of the GM divisions received their own version of the compact import fighter 'A body' platform. The 'A' body GM compacts had upscale trim versions of each of these cars. The trim option names are the names most people recognize now: Pontiac LeMans, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Buick Skylark originated as trim options on the now lesser remembered Tempest, F-85 and Special.

67 skylark bakersfield ca

In 1964 the GM 'A' body compacts were stretched to become 'intermediates'. Chevrolet created the Chevelle to inhabit the new intermediate 'A' body while retaining the compact Corvair in unchanged form. The intermediates could not be perceived as compacts even by the standards of the 1960s. Over 200 inches long with 115 inch wheelbases they were compared to the full size models of the 1950s by testers back in the 1960s when they first appeared.

67 skylark bakersfield ca driver side

The basic 'A body' cars were unchanged for 1965 but in 1966 styling magic was applied to the square cars. Coke bottle styling added kick up curves to the rear fenders which integrated nicely with fast back style rear C pillars. The 'A' bodies were as big as ever, but with revised hood/ trunk proportions more in keeping with the 1960s 'ponycar' long hood/ short deck layout the intermediates seemed sportier. The 'coke bottle' revised styling was preserved for the 1967 model year.

67 skylark bakersfield ca mags

This 1967 Skylark was bought new from Ed Fant Buick in Bakersfield, California. See the story of Ed Fant in the DEALERSHIP section of this website filed under CALIFORNIA/ LOS ANGELES OUTSKIRTS.

The Buick factory mag wheels look good on this car with whitewalls which were still popular up until the 1980s. The whitewalls seem to make sense mounted on a Buick. Buick usually shied away from overtly controversial lines, preferring tasteful and refined accents applied to understated styling.

67 skylark bakersfield ca c pillar

Typical of California desert cars, the sun has faded the paint. Sand will also wear away at paint when the wind starts up in the desert. In the roof areas some rust shows where paint gets literally scorched off the car leaving the bare metal below unprotected. The popular vinyl roof option of the late 1960s and early 1970s ensured the early death of many a nice car. Moisture is trapped under the vinyl and rots away at the metal underneath. The 'A' body cars had trouble with rear window rust. Water can sit here and work its evil magic on the steel.

The windows on the Skylark are too dirty for the interior shots to reveal much. The car has some cracks in the steering wheel, a blue interior with a bench seat under a generic cover doubtless due to tears. A column shift indicates the presence of the Super Turbine 300 automatic transmission.

67 skylark bakersfield ca pass side

The California blue plate on this car is a seven digit plate which was first issued in 1980. In 1982 the white back plates were introduced which indicates that this Skylark was on the road for at least 23 to 25 years. The OOCC Skylark ended up in the Bay Area of California where salt air accelerated the rust out process initiated by sun and sand damage in Bakersfield.

67 skylark bakersfield decklid chrome

The shot above is hard to place at first. What you are looking at is the right hand corner of the rear trunk lid. The edge of the tail light is to the right of the picture. Buick supplied lots of chrome to ensure buyers who opted for a Skylark instead of a Special could see the money they spent everytime they walked up to the car.

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