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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 06 April 2014 19:18

1965 CADILLAC convertible- Idaho


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown


65 cadillac conv f bliss id

This Cadillac ended up in a field in Bliss, Idaho. The top is gone leaving the sun and elements to disintegrate the interior. Someone removed the nameplates and Cadillac crest from the car but otherwise its fairly complete. The front bumper shows signs taking a knock at some point.

The Cadillac has always represented a confirmation of the American dream. A Cadillac owner has 'made it'. Despite its image in showroom brochures where it is shown pulling up to a night club with an eager valet awaiting, many of them were put to hard use. This particular Cadillac was used to tow a trailer as can be seen from the tell tale heavy duty trailer hitch attached to the rear.

65 cadillac conv r bliss idaho

The Cadillac has a lot of power but the luxury cars of the era really excelled in torque which was available at low RPM. That monster torque was ideally suited to towing massive trailers without an ounce of strain. It wasn't unusual to see a Cadillac loaded with six occupants and all their luggage towing a large trailer or horse trailer in the blazing summer heat of the Midwest back in the day. The Cadillac would silently gobble up the miles as easily as if it was carrying a single occupant to the corner store.

The license plate is a 1987 style plate. The '2G' code on the left is the county code which means: 'Gooding County'.

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