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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 06 June 2014 08:28

1968 FORD Ranch Wagon- Oakland, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

68 galaxie ranch wagon oalkland ca logo

This ALLEY FIND 1968 Ford Ranch Wagon is the base Ford wagon for 1968. The base Ford Ranch Wagon was followed by mid range 6 passenger Country Sedan. There was also a 9 passenger version available. The top trim level for wagons was the Country Squire wagon in 6 and 9 passenger configurations which had fake wood paneling on the sides.

The owner of this wagon states that the drivetrain was still all original as of 2013.

68 galaxie ranch wagon oalkland ca df

As is typical of California cars the major rust is on the hood which bears the brunt of direct sunlight. The paint breaks down and allows surface rust to make its way through.

68 galaxie ranch wagon oakland DF

This car also has an extra environmental force working against it since it is parked right beside the freeway which subjects it to continuous exhaust fumes in a superheated closed in dead end street. The side view of the car shows just how long this wagon is.

68 galaxie ranch wagon oakland Side view

In the 1960s the perception of limitless space applied to architecture and industrial design where long low wide shapes were preferred. Nowadays a car is stacked high with the trunk space created vertically but in the 1960s space was created on the horizontal plane and that was reflected in 20 foot long cars like this one.

68 galaxie ranch wagon oakland R

The white roof was a smart idea for the hot sun. So often the vinyl roof or two tone paint job was nothing more than pointless styling but the white roof on this wagon reflects the brutal sun rays and keeps the occupants cooler as welll as saving the paint.


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