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Written by Double Dragon
Saturday, 07 June 2014 21:55

1968 PLYMOUTH Fury III conv- Brothers, OR

68 fury III conv kee green logo

This green Fury III has suffered some sun effects. The green paint is holding up but the black convertible top is now in tatters. This Fury is from the Charles Kee Collection of Mopars. Most of the cars were transported in the 1980s to Kee's 50 acre property in Brothers, Oregon for storage outside in the desert acreage.

Charles Franklin Kee amassed several hundred cars stored on his property but would only sell to people he liked. Money was not the issue when he sold a car. See the full story on Chuck filed in 20 YEARS PLUS stories under the 1967 Chrysler New Yorker which he used as one of his personal drivers in the 1980s.

The Plymouth Fury name had been around since 1956 when it was a special edition of the Plymouth Belvedere. Fury had gold trim and twin carbs and was considered a specialty car.

In 1959 Fury became a separate car line as the top full size Plymouth and expanded to include 4 doors and other bodystyles. Fury was downsized to intermediate for a few years but restored to full size for 1965. This was the first year for the stacked headlight style as well as the Fury I, Fury II, and Fury III names which just depict ascending levels of plushness.

68 fury III conv kee green f

The VIN on this Fury reads PM27F80268279 decodes as:

P= Plymouth Fury

M= Medium price class

27= Convertible

F= 318- 2 Barrel engine

8= 1968 Model year

D= Belvidere, Illinois final assembly plant.

268279= Sequence number

The 318 engine is missing the air cleaner like just about any car that is no longer on the road. It seems as if there is some rule book stating that it is mandatory to remove the air cleaner and leave it in the backseat or trunk. Losing it completely is optional but not essential, just so long as it is off the engine to deprive the carburetor from protection against dirt.

68 fury III conv kee green engine

Here is the fender tag with the option list. This old style fender tag is a bit trickier to decode than the later style.


68 fury III conv kee green fender tag


Looking at interior you can see optional clock, radio, A/C, power windows. Looking underhood the first thing you see is the gigantic booster for power brakes.

Note the accumulation of sand in the space above the joining of the windshield glass and the dashboard. The desert wind has packed sand in there that is reminiscent of a geological dig with the layers of fossils.

68 fury III conv kee green vin windsheild sticker

The sticker on the windshield provides some clues as to the history of the Fury III. The company in question apparently certified used cars. It reads:

Inspected and road tested


Automobile Guarantee corp

PO box 9472 Tacoma Washington 98409 Phone 473-0656

This tallies with the old Washington plates which are the white background green letter format.

The interior has seen better days, too. Once the roof or a window goes the whole interior is subjected to the elements and the relentless earth chips away at a car year after year.

68 fury III conv kee green int

Look at the insane power of the weather. It is just ripping away at the car. The door panel is just a ragged mess. Note the power window switches in the door panel below.

68 fury III conv kee green door panel

The vulnerable point was the convertible top and the trickle down effect over the years has been astounding.

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