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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 15 June 2014 10:26

1967 PLYMOUTH Fury VIP- Charles Kee, Brothers, OR


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

This VIP is part of the Charles Kee collection which was auctioned off in May, 2014 following Kee's death in 2013. Most of the Kee cars were collected in the 1980s on a 50 acre property in Brothers, Oregon for storage outside in the desert.

Kee amassed several hundred cars stored on his property but would only sell to people he liked. Money was not the issue when he sold a car. See the full story in the 20 YEARS PLUS story on one of Kee's personal drivers; a 1967 Chrysler New Yorker. Note the Chrysler mag wheels on this VIP.

67 VIP Kee F

The VIP is actually identified internally in Plymouth codes as an upscale version of the Plymouth Fury. The VIP equates with the Chevrolet Caprice model placed above the Impala and Ford's LTD model placed above the Galaxie. The Plymouth Fury name had been around since 1956 when it was a special edition of the Plymouth Belvedere. Fury had gold trim and twin carbs and was considered a specialty car.

In 1959 Fury became a separate car line as the top full size Plymouth and expanded to include 4 doors and other bodystyles. Fury was downsized to intermediate for a few years but restored to full size for 1965 when the stacked headlight style first appeared as well as the Fury I, Fury II, and Fury III names which just depict ascending levels of plushness. 1967 was the first year of the VIP top Fury model. The VIP lasted until the end of the 1969 model year.

VIN PP23P74266322 decodes as:

P= Plymouth Fury

P= Premium price class (VIP model)

23= 2 Door hardtop

F= 318-2 Barrel engine

7= 1967 Model year

4= Belvedere, Illinois final assembly plant

266322= Sequence number

67 VIP Kee fender tag

The fender tag is read starting on the bottom line:

PP23= Plymouth VIP 2 door hardtop/ 41= 318-2 Barrel/5= 3 Speed automatic/ 535= 8.24x14 Whitewall 2-4 ply steel belted tire/ 627= June 27, 1967 build date/

Line 2: AX 2= 2.94:1/ P7X= Premium trim grade black cloth and vinyl buckets/ XX1= Beige (this color is the same as the Dodge Sandalwood)/

Line 3: A1= 26 Inch optional radiator (usually added for A/C)/ R1= Radio/ S1= Air conditioning/ X1= Tinted glass (all)/ Y6= Black vinyl top

Line 4: b4= Bucket seats/ h7= Fender or hood mounted turn signal indicators/ p6= Driver's remote control outside rear view mirror/

Engine is factory 318-2 barrel. The air cleaner has a raised lid to allow unrestricted air flow. The label says "210 HP 318". The engine bay gets used up with power brake booster, power steering pump, oversize radiator and A/C compressor.

67 VIP Kee 318-2 Barrel

Note elaborate medallion on the door panel. Other touches include the wood grain inserts in door panels, dash and steering wheel spokes. This VIP also has a clock, tilt steering wheel, radio and air conditioning.

67 VIP Kee int

The design of the Plymouth Fury speedometer was functional, clean and elegant. The speedometer was retained for the duration of the fuselage design period. The odometer reading is 88,287 miles but it seems likely that this is the second time around. There are minor separations in the driver seat in the fabric and a split in the side of the driver's bucket seat in the vinyl. Although the door panel and driver pull pad is in great shape the carpet foot pad and pedals seem a bit rough for only 88,000 miles.

67 VIP Kee speedo

The last name and address of the former owner have been removed from this Maaco repair bill dated 2-6-85 which likely means Jan 6, 1985. The bill tells us that the owner lived in Milwaukee, Oregon which was also where the Maaco shop was located. The VIP was still in nice enough shape to warrant 'supreme paint'. The bill tells us that the color on the car was original and that the replacement paint used was a poly. The job required Maaco to sand, straighten some minor dings, seal and repaint.

67 VIP Kee maaco repair bill

The blue Oregon plates expired Aug, 1986 which means this VIP was on the road for no more than 19 years and about 1 year following the repaint. The August plate also follows the production date of this car fairly closely suggesting that they are the original license plates issued when the car was first purchased. The final auction results state that this VIP sold for $2,700.00 in May, 2014.

67 VIP kee R

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