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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 09:53

1966 FORD Galaxie 500- Brothers, OR


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

The popular Galaxie line competed directly with the Chevrolet Impala which reigned supreme as the king of 1960s family cars. The Galaxie first appeared in 1959 as a model on the full size Fairlane lineup. In 1962 the Fairlane name dropped down to the intermediate bodies and Galaxie became the name of all the full size Fords. In 1962 the 500 name was applied to top line Galaxies with plusher interiors and more trim on the body.

66 galaxie 500 embergio 352 kee F

This 1966 Galaxie 2 door hardtop has factory burgundy paint with a white top. The red interior is color matched with white headliner and visors. The Galaxie proudly displays the 352 engine badges. The 352 engine is one of the forgotten engines of the 1960s, much like the Chrysler 361. Everyone remembers the Ford 390 or Chrysler 383 from 1966 but not the engines sandwiched between the equally well known small block Ford 289 or the Chrysler 318.

66 galaxie 500 embergio 352 fender logo

The VIN 6P66X209474 decodes:

6= 1966 Model year

P= Twin Cities aka St. Paul, Minnesota final assembly plant

66= Galaxie 500 2 Door hardtop with bench seat.

X= 352- 4 Barrel 'Thunderbird' engine- 250 HP

209474= Sequential number

66 galaxie 500 door sticker

The codes below the VIN (warranty number) tell us more about the Galaxie.

63B= Galaxie 500 2 Door hardtop. This body style was the most popular in 1966 with 198,532 built.

Color VM= Emberglo Metallic (Ford name for Burgundy)

Trim 64= Emberglo

Date 28G= July 28, 1966 Scheduled production date

DSO 73= Salt Lake City, UT District Sales Office

Axle 1= 3.00:1 ratio conventional axle

Trans 7= Cruise-O-Matic FX

The ALLEY FINDS Galaxie retains the original white sagging headliner, matching white visors with red seats, dash and door panels.

66 galaxie 500 embergio int

The bench seat is still there, at least what is left of it. The broken windshield really makes a difference when the desert winds start to blow. The interior is thoroughly thrashed. The steering wheel is gone and the dash pad is disintegrating.

66 galaxie 500 embergio R

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