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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 10 October 2014 08:49

1966 AMC Ambassador 990- Lake Cowichan, BC


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

AMC Ambassador deer lake logo

The Ambassador name was used by Nash to indicate the top level car in their line up. The name carried forward through the Rambler years and retained its meaning as the top car in the lineup. 1966 was the first year that the Ambassador was known as an AMC Ambassador in an attempt to dispel the economy connotations of the 'Rambler' name.

Until the 1964 model year the Ambassador rode the same 112 inch wheelbase used on General Motors A body compact cars. In 1964 GM stretched its 'compacts' to 115 inch and named them intermediates. AMC hurtled the Ambassador past this point in 1965 when the wheelbase jumped to 116 inches. The Ambassador wasn't quite up to the 119 inch wheelbase of the Chevrolet Impala, Ford Galaxie and Plymouth Fury but it was now indisputably a large car.

AMC Ambassador deer lake f

The 1965 Rambler Ambassador was treated to contemporary stacked headlights coupled with the wheelbase increase which reflected a push from American Motors Corporation into the Big Three's traditional territory of large prestige cars. For 1966 the Ambassador was tweaked subtly but left alone for the most part since it was well received in 1965.

This Ambassador is a high trim 990, which offered more standard features than the entry level 880.

66 AMC ambassador 990 lake cowichan st wheel

The VIN reads A6BA55Q102385 which decodes:


6= 1966 Model year

B= Brampton, Ontario, Canada final assembly plant

A= 3 Speed automatic transmission with column shift

5= 4 Door sedan

5= 770 or 990 Trim level

Q= Engine

102385= Sequence number

AMC Ambassador deer lake door tag

The trim tag boasts about the AMC advanced body construction and contains some codes. Model 16685-5 means the 4 door sedan with top level 990 trim. Paint 24 is Caballero Tan Metallic.

66 AMC ambassador 990 lake cowichan engine

Note the long oil fill spout which is mounted on the front of the engine. This format makes refilling the engine much easier than trying to pour it into a valve cover refill hole inbetween the air cleaner snorkel and brake master and so on. This style of oil fill spout was an Oldsmobile engine trademark for many years.

This car has gone a bit past the usual monkeying cars suffer when they sit. Normally someone removes the air cleaner because he knows how to undo the wing nut. The air cleaner is left off so that the carburetor can be destroyed from the elements and often the air cleaner is lost. In this case the monkeying has gone a bit further. Someone pulled off fairly new looking spark plug wires to gain access to the valve cover which is sitting off to the side leaving the valvetrain exposed to the elements.

66 AMC ambassador 990 lake cowichan rear

This car has been sitting for a long long time. the doors creak when opened.



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