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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 28 December 2014 15:04

1967 PLYMOUTH Barracuda convertible- Alameda, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

If you look at the front license plate on this car I have removed the plate number to preserve owner privacy but left in a detail that the owner used to personalize his car. The owner has a pair of handcuffs attached in front of his license plate.

The owner didn't return to his car in time for me to talk to him but his neighbor informed me that he is the long term owner of this Barracuda convertible.

67 plymouth barracuda convertible alameda ca f

The 1964 Plymouth Valiant Barracuda was introduced to the world April 1, 1964 beating the Mustang April 17, 1964 introduction date for the Ford Mustang. The Mustang trampled the fish before it could 'make waves'. If the Mustang had not been built, would the sporty economy class be called 'fish cars' instead of 'ponycars'? AMC obviously believed this when they released the Marlin which was a larger version of the Barracuda and shared a 'fish name'.

Both Mustang and Barracuda had the same mission: provide a sporty inexpensive car using a new body with existing mechanical economy car parts. The Mustang was essentially a rebodied Falcon and the Barracuda was a rebodied Valiant. Mustang crushed the Barracuda with a sales juggernaut best compared to Beatlemania. The secret was the long hood/ short deck proportions on a totally new body.

Chrysler saved some money by reusing the front of the Valiant. By preserving the basic proportions of the economy car and retaining the Valiant name Plymouth reminded potential buyers that this was still a Valiant. No one thought a Mustang was a Falcon.

The base Valiant portion of the name was dropped from the Barracuda but no one was fooled. It was still a Valiant and Mustang was still beating them to death in sales. For the 1967 model year Plymouth got it together and created unique sheetmetal for the Barracuda. The car still used the Valiant parts but just like Mustang and Falcon the relationship was now totally disguised under a beautiful new body.

67 plymouth barracuda convertible alameda ca dr front

This Barracuda has 1970s era slotted mag wheels on it and raised white letter tires.

67 plymouth barracuda convertible alameda ca rear

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