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1969 DODGE Polara convertible- Alameda, CA


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Poking out the end of a garage sits a long forgotten Polara convertible. The original California black license plate is dated December on the left and the remnants of a 2004 sticker is hanging on the right top corner. A decade of sitting has allowed a fair amount of dirt and debris to accumulate.

69 dodge polara convertible alameda ca rear

The combination of Polara and convertible isn't all that common. The Polara is the low cost end of the full size Dodges. Usually someone with a yen for a convertible would look to a ponycar or intermediate. If the convertible bug bit a full size car person the craving was usually satisfied with a high model line like Monaco. Even the low cost line up of full size Chryslers looked great this year which explains the seeming anomaly of low cost and ragtop.

1969 was the first year of the 'fuselage' styling exercise that debuted on all the Chrysler full size 'C bodies'. The intermediates were remade soon afterwards with a similar theme. The fuselage cars took the long, low and wide 1960s motif to its ultimate extreme and packaged it in curved lines similar to the 'fuselage' of an aircraft. The 1969 fuselage 'C bodies' were the Plymouth Fury and VIP, the Dodge Polara and Monaco, and the Chrysler Newport, 300 and New Yorker. In 1969 man landed on the moon which is seen as the culmination of the 'Space Race'. In 1969 Polara was the right name for a car.

When the Polara was introduced for the 1960 model year the 'jet age' and the 'space age' was just beginning to take off. Oldsmobile offered the Starfire and Jetfire full size cars; Ford had their Galaxie full size car and Mercury their big Meteor and the little Comet. All these great names from an optimistic time reflect the striving for greatness USA was reaching towards, perfectly symbolized by the 'Space Race'.

The Polara name suggests interstellar trips to the neighboring star Polaris and the Polara has enough room for an interstellar trip. The 122 inch wheelbase, spacious interior and massive trunk make the Polara an ideal long distance cruiser.  This fantastic style carried on through to 1972 without major changes. Bumper laws messed up these cars for 1973.

The Apollo moon program carried on for a few years after the first man walked on the moon in 1969 but the fascination with space exploration waned in the public arena. When economic shadows set over USA in the 1970s most of the space age names were retired. Polara didn't return after 1973. In 1974, the Monaco name was the only game in town if you wanted a full size Dodge.

69 dodge polara convertible alameda ca pass rear

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