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1964 1/2 FORD Mustang 289- Alameda, CA


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64 and a half mustang 289 alameda ca logo

This slightly faded white Mustang ALLEY FIND is likely one of the Mustangs many people refer to as a 1964 1/2. When the Mustang took the world by storm on April 17, 1964 every last one of them was identified by Ford Motor Company as being 1965 models for registration purposes.

Collectors have noted certain peculiarities about the first batch of Mustangs produced before the assembly lines were changed over on August 1, 1964. Mustang experts refer to Mustangs built between March, 1964 and July 31, 1964 as 1964 1/2 Mustangs. Even the length of the word Mustang in the logo shown above is different (shorter) for first production Mustangs than it is on post August Mustangs. The windshield wiper arms on this car are attached to a chrome bezel on the hood. August 1, 1964 and later Mustang hoods extend out to meet the base of the wiper arm.

Unlike the other 1964 1/2 Mustang in the ALLEY FINDS (coincidentally also from Alameda) this one has a 289 engine which wasn't available at the very start of the run. We may assume this white Mustang was produced a little later than the companion ALLEY FIND blue 1964 1/2.

64 and a half mustang 289 alameda ca front

This Mustang is certainly a 1965 model (honeycomb grilled, abbreviated side scoop chrome insert and other details) so it is ironic that the final digits of the original California black license plate reads '066'. As regular readers already know we usually remove all of the license plate numbers to protect privacy of owners. In this case this I didn't have the heart to wipe out the final digits on this old California plate displaying the magic 066.The number 66 conjures up all sorts of things besides 1966. This old Mustang may have driven down Route 66 at some point or filled up with Philips 66 gasoline.

64 and a half mustang 289 alameda ca permit

What is known for certain is that this Mustang spent some of its life in Alameda, California. The parking permit sticker in the corner of the window tells us that someone who owned this Mustang worked for the Department of Public Works of the City of Alameda. Because it still sports California black plates it s tempting to assume the original owner of this Mustang has kept it all these years. The rear license frame tells us that someone connected with the car is an alumni of UCB. This little Mustang may have made the run to and from Berkeley for a few years.

The California sun rays reflect off the white paint a little easier than other colors allowing the finish on this Mustang to hold up reasonably well. There are small areas where sun has scorched through the paint allowing bits of surface rust to form. Aside from the optional 289 V8 this Mustang also sports the optional spinner type hubcaps.

64 and a half mustang 289 alameda ca rear

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