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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 16:04

1967 PONTIAC Beaumont- Vancouver, BC


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

Prior to 1970 import tariffs limited Canadian Pontiac dealers in their selection of imports. It was worthwhile to import the top USA models like the GTO or Grand Prix, where price-point wasn't the crucial issue. However, it didn't make sense to import low and midrange Pontiac models like the Tempest. Tariffs inflated the economical price of the Tempest to the level where the buyer may as well have moved up to a higher model.

67 pontiac beaumont stampede motors van front

GM franchises in Canada didn't have a sufficient population of buyers to support stand alone brand names such as Pontiac only dealers which were common in the USA. Most franchises cut the GM line into half. Either you had a Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac franchise or a Pontiac Buick GMC franchise. The Chevy low priced cars sold in sufficient volume to build Chevrolets in Canada. Not so for the Pontiacs. The duties to import US built Pontiacs negated the point of bringing them in and it was too expensive to tool up all the parts in Canada for the smaller runs Pontiac accounted for. How could Canadian dealers maintain good prices on low end Pontiac models?

The solution was to build Canadian Pontiacs in the Canadian GM plant in Oshawa, Ontario on the Chevrolet assembly line. By using Chevrolet mechanicals and body and then adding in Pontiac style noses and rearends the Canadian Pontiacs became hybrids. It was easy to install a Pontiac dashboard and alter the fabric patterns inside to create a Pontiac look. See the story in the ONE FAMILY section of the CAR STORIES to read about a 1970 Pontiac Acadian which was the Canadian Pontiac version of the Chevy II.

67 beaumont stampede motors van pass front

Mercury was the Ford equivalent of the Pontiac and in Canada; Ford built Canadian specific Mercury cars as well. See a story on a 1967 Meteor in the ALLEY FINDS section of this website. Chrysler also had a Canadian only car. The Canadian version of the Newport was called the Windsor in honor of the factory town in Canada in which it was built: Windsor, Ontario.

67 beaumont stampede motors van driver int

This 1967 Pontiac Beaumont is a typical Canadian Pontiac. Although it is very similar to the USA Chevelle, the Beaumont uses some unique body parts that don't exchange with either Chevelle or Tempest. The interior has some unique Canadian features such as seat patterns and door panels  to compliment the USA Tempest steering wheel and dash.

A GM service bulletin from 1968 emphasized to dealers that tourists visiting the USA in Canadian built Pontiacs were to have their Protect-O-Plate warranties honored at Pontiac dealerships throughout the USA. Any Chevrolet parts used were to be outsourced and billed back to GM. This bulletin was in response to feedback that USA Pontiac dealers were sending Canadian Pontiacs to Chevrolet dealers. GM evidentially wanted to preserve the illusion of a Pontiac identity for these Canadian cars built using Chevrolet mechanicals.

This Beaumont was first sold through Stampede Pontiac Buick in Calgary, Alberta. See a story of this franchise in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website filed under ALBERTA Dealers. This 4 door post Beaumont has been repainted and received a modern sound system with added aftermarket speakers in the door panels.

67 beaumont stampede motors van rear

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