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1967 FORD Galaxie 500- Newark, CA


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67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca front

The Ford Galaxie first appeared in 1959 as part of the full size Fairlane lineup. In 1962 the Fairlane name dropped down to the intermediate bodies and Galaxie became the name of all the full size Fords. Starting in 1962 the 500 name began to denote a Galaxie with plusher interior and more exterior trim. This Galaxie 500 suffered either an accident or rust. Someone went to the effort of installing a replacement driver front fender before abandoning the task of getting this car back in action.

67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca driver front

During the 1960s Galaxie slugged it out with the Chevrolet Impala for dominance as the most popular full size inexpensive family car. The Impala crushed the Galaxie with astounding sales. Impalas sold over 1 million copies of the Impala in 1965. that is more cars than the entire output of some entire car companies.

67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca side

Ford was really pushed to do something special with the Galaxie. The competition spurred them to work hard for quality and style. Ford implemented a fastback window and stacked headlights. The design was actually pretty racy looking for a family car.

67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca engine

1967 was the final year for Galaxie to use stacked headlights. 1967 marked the first time that the pointed nose appeared creating a jig saw shape up front which was evocative of what Buick was doing with their front end too. The combination of the pointed nose and stacked headlights created a hghwater mark for catchy looks on the Galaxie.

67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca interior

The remains of the interior are pretty thrashed. The driver's door is jammed shut so we can't get read the door ID tag to learn more about the history of this car. The odometer reads 19,202 miles but its anyone's guess how many times it rolled round that dial. The original AM radio is still in the dash. Below you can see the car survived pretty well. There is a dent in the rear trim on the trunk lid but the hit occurred above the bumper which is intact. This car had a vinyl roof which is long gone. The trunk floor was solid with some rust on the inner rear quarters.

67 ford galaxie 500 newark ca rear

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