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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 14 September 2012 19:19

1956 OLDSMOBILE 88 Holiday sedan- The Rondo Family



Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown


This 1956 Oldsmobile Holiday four door was first bought from a car dealership in Saskatchewan, Canada by a farmer named Mr. Rondo.


The cowl tag provides some information about the car.

STYLE 3639/ 36= Olds 88/ 39= Holiday sedan
BODY NO. 350/ this was the 350th four door built at this factory.
PAINT 3202/ 32= Green/ 02= White (for the roof)

The engine feautures the trademark Oldsmobile oil filler neck conveniently located at the front of the engine block, extending upwards more than one foot above the engine. Anyone who has owned an Olds before learns to really appreciate the convenience of the Olds oil filler neck. The valve covers on this Olds engine don't use stickers for identity, but actually have the words Oldsmobile Rocket embossed right into the metal of the valve covers.


Mr. Rondo drove the car year round. When he moved to British Columbia, the faithful Olds came with him. By the time the late 1990s came up, the car was sitting most of the time but still used now and then.


After the turn of the century, the one owner collector car was still in reasonable shape. After ten years of sitting the interior developed a bit of mildew, but the exterior survived outside all this time quite well.


The current odometer reading is 4,681. No way to know if this is 104,000 or 204,000 or more. Based on the fact that the car was in regular use until the 1990s it's probably been round that dial several times.


The driver's seat is covered by a black seat cover that has bleached out to a purple color via sun exposure. Beneath the cover, the seat material is a worn, but the seat isn't sagging. Dampness has worked away at the cloth and there are mild surface rust areas on the metal dash.


When the elder Rondo died in the Fall of 2011 the car stayed in the family. His sons inherited it, but not being car guys they aren't sure what to do with it. They elected to store it on an Abbotsford farm in the care of a dyed in the wool car nut. He is currently starting it up and driving it regularly. Once he has the title in his name he is going to proceed with restoration. For now the car is still in the original family who owned it and registered to the first owner, Mr. Rondo.

Despite looking like a typical barnyard abandoned vehicle, this car starts right up first turn of the key. The current custodian drives it every now and then to keep things running. This is critical to holding back rot and seizure. Oldsmobile engines seem to run smoother when new and to start easier when old. A good friend of mine owned a plethora of mid 1960s Oldsmobiles and gradually allowed more and more time to pass between each startup. At one point they had sat for over one year. A new battery was hooked up to each and they fired up and ran just fine. The Oldsmobile engines went through a more rigorous factory process before being installed in the cars and it shows later on down the line, even 56 years later!


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