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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 16:36

1973 FORD Mustang- Abbotsford, BC


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography copyright Owner of Mustang.

73 ford mustang abbotsford bc front

The 1973 Mustang was the tail end of a sales decline for the record setting Mustang. When first introduced as a hot looking economy car with great looks the Mustang sold incredible numbers. The extensive option list and the Shelby versions provided the possibility of performance to match the sporty looks. The majority of the Mustangs were frequently 6 cylinder or base V8 models. The real performance nuts were buying up musclecars and this eventually hurt the ponycar.

By the late 1960s the Mustang was slowing down. Competition from Camaro, Firebird, Javelin and Cougar cut into ponycar sales which were also being eroded by the musclecar scene. The redesign widened the Mustang to allow installation of the 390 optional engine but this was not nearly enough to fight the street warriors. Finally in 1968 Ford blew everyone's minds with the 428 Cobra Jet Mustang then followed that with the Mach 1 and Boss Mustangs. Suddenly the Mustang was the equal of the other musclecars in performance and image.

It was decided to make the Mustang larger so that 429 installations would work easily. When the 1971 Mustang appeared it was a pretty big car and weighed significantly more than those first 1965s. The fastback version was now named the Sportsroof and featured a radical sloped rear window. If the trends had carried on as normal based on projections when the larger Mustang was in the works it would have been in the thick of things.

The only problem now was that the musclecar era had been abruptly shut down by insurance rates, compression drop, and rising gas prices. Suddenly it was 1973 and the large Mustang body was not required to house the typically encountered 6 cylinder or 302 engines most buyers were ordering. A Ford stockholder was singled out as the 'voice' of Mustang fans who wanted to know where their little car had gone. Lee Iaccoca answered this question with the 1974 Mustang II which was actually smaller and lighter than the original 1965 and didn't even offer a V8. It was the perfect car for gas crisis times but lacked the excitement of the V8

We don't have much available information about this 1973 Mustang Sports Roof beyond the fact that it was offered for sale in Abbotsford, British Columbia in August, 2014. It was described as a one owner car.

73 ford mustang abbotsford bc interior

This 1973 Mustang has a 351 Cleveland engine, automatic transmission and in keeping with the apparent great shape seen in the photos it is described as 'all original'. It is stated that it has collector plates which infers that the car has been kept quite original. Sharp eyed readers will note that the partial license plate number shown here begins with numbers and not the collector prefix 'B'. The date stamp shows that the photos were taken 2006, so the car must have been collector plated sometime between then and now.

The mileage is listed as 65,000 original miles.

73 ford mustang abbotsford bc rear

This Mustang Sports Roof is the end of the first 'muscle' period of the Mustang's history. After this the 1974 Mustang II appeared downsized and lacking any V8 engine.


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