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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 23 October 2014 17:18

1969 PONTIAC GTO- Utica, OH


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography copyright owner of GTO

69 gto utica ohio logo

The 1969 GTO was the second year for Pontiac's redesign of the popular intermediate musclecar.

69 GTO Utica, ohio nose

This ONE OWNER 1969 GTO appeared online for sale in September, 2014 at CLASSIC CARS.COM. The original owner had the car for 44 years. No information was provided about the original owner but it seems the car has been off the road for quite some time.

The sticker on the front valance reads Baker for Newark and is likely not in reference to Newark, New Jersey but rather in reference to Mayor James M Baker of Wilmington, Delaware. There is a Newark, Delaware which would explain the reference in the slogan.

69 GTO Utica OH pass front view

This 1969 GTO was described as a ONE OWNER with 4 speed and correct original engine. The seller states that it has a Muncie 4 speed, original 'WT' code 350 HP 400 that actually runs. The car is no longer roadworthy but because it was a ONE OWNER all the original pieces are still intact.

69 GTO Utica Ohio carburetor chrome valve covers

Note the chrome valve covers in the closeup shot of the carburetor. Pontiac provided chrome dress up for their performance engines during the musclecar era.

69 gto utica ohio hood

The car is clearly in rough shape but is apparently unrestored and correct original. The body colored scoops above indicate a non functional ram air scoop.

69 GTO Utica Ohio driver side closeup

In this photo of the driver's side you can see the typical rust through behind the front wheel where leaves collect inside the vents below windshield and water is trapped in the fender and eventually works its way through to the exterior. The Rally II wheels are fairly rough and consistent with the overall condition of the car.

69 GTO Utica Ohio VIN

The full VIN of the car was already presented online so we shall decodes the full VIN as follows:


2= Pontiac Motor Division

42= GTO

37= 2 Door hardtop

9= 1969 Model year

P= Pontiac, Michigan final assembly plant

366011= Individual sequence number.

69 GTO utica ohio steering wheel interior

The red interior features the standard GTO custom steering wheel, optional console with 4 speed AM radio and optional clock. Mileage is apparently not that high because the inset rubber floor mat section of the carpet is still complete. This area usually gets torn up when a car passes the 100,000 mile marker.

69 GTO utica ohio seats

Note that even the passenger seat has rips in it. Ohio or Delaware, either way this car has seen tough weather and hard use.

69 GTO Utica Ohio driver rear

The rear of the car seems particularly rough perhaps due to more salt and debris being kicked up onto the back of the car over the years. Often the passenger side will be worse because salt and dirt accumulates in the right hand curbside area of public roads.

69 GTO utica ohio rear

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