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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 18:10

1982 CHEVROLET Corvette Collector Edition- Vintage Vettes Kansas City, MO


Writing copyright D. S. Brown, photography copyright Vintage Vettes Kansas City, MO

82 vette collector ed vintage vette kansas f

This nice 1982 Corvette Collector Edition appeared for sale in fall, 2014 at VINTAGE VETTES which is loated at 319 E. 10th Ave, Kansas City, MO. The memorabilia on the walls behind the car are part of the Vintage Vettes showroom. Vintage Vettes tells us that this is a ONE OWNER Corvette. Like all Colllectors Edition Corvettes the Exterior color is Silver-Beige and the Interior color is Tri Color. This is 1 of 6,759 Collector Editions produced.

The 1982 Corvettes were the final model in the long run using the Shark bodystyle. The Collector Edition was created to maintain some interest in the car despite much anticipation building about the new C4 modern Corvette that was in the works.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes pass side

The so called 'C3' bodystyle of the Corvette is popularly known as 'The Shark' style because it was based on the Mako Shark II showcar. The regular production Shark was introduced for the 1968 model year and received some tweaks for 1969. The 1970 model year added fender flares to the wheelwells to reduce chips in the paint due to rocks being thrown up by the wide tires. Big changes arrived in 1973 when the front nose lost the chrome bumper. The front nose was extended with a urethane bodystyle cover over a concealed 5 MPH bumper. In 1974 a concealed rear 5 MPH bumper was added. Emissions standards forced the 454 engine option to disappear at the end of the 1974 model year.

During this time car magazines speculated about mid engine Corvettes and rotary engine Corvettes. Enthusiasts lamented the holding pattern that the Corvette seemed to be frozen in. The underlying chassis used on the C3 dated back to the 1963-67 Corvette known as the C2. Many believed it was time for a thoroughly modern update.

Chevrolet disagreed. Chevy could sell as many Corvettes as they could build and enjoyed the profitability of the car. The other contributing issue was the time and money siphoned away into the the task of meeting new Federal safety and emissions standards which left the Big Three overwhelmed and unwilling to re engineer vehicles unless absolutely essential. The irony here is that US auto makers were bashed for 'built in obsolescence' practices which placed so much emphasis on the 'new model' each year while foreign manufacturers just continually refined the same designs year after year.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes dr side

1975 was a turning point for the Shark. The flexibility offered by T tops rendered the convertible superfluous causing it to be discontinued after the 1975 model year. All 1975 Corvettes used a single catalytic converter ending true dual exhaust for many years to come.

The Shark carried on for a few years with very minor refinements. At the same time the 'F body' GM ponycars remained in stasis. The 1970 1/2 Firebird and Camaro design was allowed to stay in production with only minor variation just like the Shark Corvettes. Chrysler canned the Barracuda and Challenger before the end of the 1974 model year. AMC killed the Javelin around the same time and Ford turned the Mustang into a Pinto based economy car for 1974. Suddenly the leftover Trans Ams and Shark Vettes were a 'sure thing' for GM.

In order to maintain some freshness, Chevy redesigned the Shark for the 1978 model year by adding a fastback sloped rear glass window which instantly increased interior room and visibility. Anyone who has driven an 1977 or earlier Shark will tell you it's like 'wearing' the car and inevitably describe the interior as 'cave like'. In conjunction with the new rear glass, 1978 Corvettes finally received a glove box and redesigned door panels. The 1978 was offered as a Pace Car replica and Silver Anniversary paint scheme car both of which drew attention to the updated Shark Vette.

1980 Corvettes received the final revision made to the Shark with a lower hood, integral front and rear spoilers molded into the nose and tail (instead of the add on spoilers used optionally on 1978 and 1979 Vettes). Extensive use of aluminum removed 250 pounds from the Vette despite an ever increasing list of heavy standard equipment such as power accessories, tilt and telescoping wheel, A/C etc.

Computer controlled carburetors and an overdrive 4 speed automatic aided gas mileage in the 1981 and 1982 Corvettes which otherwise remained visually the same as the 1980.

This low miles ONE OWNER Vette was priced at $24,995.00 and stated to be all original.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes VIN

VIN: 1G1AY0783C5112560 decodes as

1= USA built

G= General Motors

1= Chevrolet

A= Seat Belts

Y= Corvette

07= Collector Edition (regular Corvettes are code 87)

8= 350 cubic inch 'Crossfire' fuel injection engine

3= Check digit

C= 1982 Model year

5= Bowling Green, Kentucky final assembly plant

112560= Sequential number

82 Corvette collector ed vintage vettes cowl plate

The cowl plate seems to read:

C 04D 112560

591 59L 59U    E


The original mileage reading is 17,863 miles and it is probably accurate based on the great shape the car is in.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes speedo

Note in the image below that the original tape player is still in the dash. Frequently the original radio is replaced with a CD player or MP3 player.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes steering wheel

The driver's door panel shows minimal wear and the lower carpeted section is clean. Note the front of the carpeted lower portion of the door where Chevrolet provided a map pocket. This design was used on all the 1980-82 Corvettes and enables the owner to gain desperately needed extra storage space. The map pocket on this car is intact. These frequently become tattered by feet scuffing them or from carrying sharp objects inside. Note the Collector Edition specific multi color scheme on the door panel which mimics the multiple colors used on the exterior. The button below the door handle is the power door lock button.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes driver door panel

Note that the seat inserts also follow the graduated color pattern used on the door panels. This seat design contributes greatly to the utility of the Corvette. The bolstered bucket seats hold you in place during hard cornering. Additionally, the passenger seat folds flat with a carpeted back to create a 6 foot plus section of flat storage space from the dashboard all the way back to the edge of the rear fastback window.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes pass seat

Just like all the rest of the  Corvettes for 1982 the Collectors Edition Corvette made do with a single drivetrain consisting of one 350 cubic inch engine rated at 200 HP hooked up through an overdrive 4 speed automatic transmission. There were no optional engines or manual transmissions offered.

82 vettte collector edition vintage vettes kansas crossfire 350

The so called Cross Fire Injection system is similar to fuel injection but also resembles the 1981 computer controlled carburetor in that it uses two computer controlled injectors on top of the intake manifold instead of injecting directly into each cylinder. The system gained the nickname 'Misfire' because it was essentially a crude first stab at fuel injection and not very sophisticated and at high mileage it became trouble prone. Most reports state that it works flawlessly in low mileage cars such as this one. The advantage of the Crossfire is that much less gasoline is introduced into the crankcase and a 1982 engine can enjoy twice the lifespan of the earlier 350 engines which are otherwise identical.


82 corvette collector ed vintage vette wheel

Turbine wheels were designed to be reminiscent of the 'C2' knock off wheels. One very desirable feature provided with the Collector Corvette is the rear hatchback glass. The Collector Edition is the only Shark Corvette that came factory equipped with a functional hatchback. All other Sharks have fixed rear glass. Many companies sprung up during the Shark era to do conversions to hatchback glass systems but this was the only factory version ever offered.

82 corvette collector ed vintage vettes rear

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