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Written by Double Dragon
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 20:09

1971 CHRYSLER Newport- Richard, Watsonville, CA


Writing copyright D. S. Brown. Photography copyright Richard.

This nice ONE OWNER 1971 Chrysler Newport two door hardtop came up for sale on CRAIGSLIST in 2014.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca front

Chrysler first used the Newport name for some limited runs of cars before affixing the name to the entry level least expensive full size Chrysler offered for the 1961 model year. Newport was placed below the Chrysler New Yorker and Chrysler 300 as a 'de-contented' New Yorker. The Newport was supposed to entice buyers into the Chrysler circle via a lower cost.

The whole point of a Chrysler is that it is a top line prestige car above Dodge and Plymouth. Plymouth was where you went to get an 'entry level' car. An 'entry level' Chrysler was a bit of an oxymoron and diluted the Chrysler mystique to some degree. Broadening car lines to make them 'all things for all people' became a widespread syndrome as the 1960s unfolded. Elite car brands offered low cost entry level cars while bread and butter everyman car brands tried to offer luxury. For instance, Chevrolet broke out of their low price arena when they offered an upscale version of the Impala named Caprice. The Newport carried on through the 1960s posting decent sales figures.

In 1969 all of the full size Chrysler 'C bodies' took on elegant style with the introduction of Chrysler's 'fuselage' bodies. Plymouth Fury, Plymouth VIP, Dodge Polara, Dodge Monaco and Chrysler Newport, Chrysler New Yorker and Chrysler 300 shared this body shell. Chrysler dubbed these cars the 'fuselage cars' due to the way the 'greenhouse' glass and bottoms of doors and fenders curved inwards similarly to the way an airplane body gently formed a cigar shape.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca side

The 124 inch wheelbase, spacious interior and massive trunk create an ideal long distance cruiser. Overall length was 224" for Newports although the brochures cite slight differences between bodystyles. A few fractions here or there don't change the monstrous carrying capacity of these cars. 1972 was the final year for the loop bumper. The effect of the fuselage style was compromised for the 1973 model year when the great looking front 'loop bumper' was replaced with a new Federally mandated 5 MPH 'log' bumper. The 1973 model year was the final year for the 'fuselage' styling on the big full sized 'C' body Chryslers.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca pass front

The new 1974 Chrysler full size cars were redesigned with a lower beltline and larger greenhouse. This improved driving visibility but detracted from the stylishness of the cars. The bodies took on a more squared formal appearance as the domestic auto industry ushered in the era of padded vinyl roof, front hood ornament and boxy shapes. Finally conceding to the reality of gas prices, Chrysler ended the large C body run after the 1978 model year.

A new downsized Newport appeared for 1979 model year as an 'R' body which was essentially the same old 'B' body intermediate platform that had been in service throughout the 1970s. Even this smaller Newport proved to be too large and inefficient for the gas conscious marketplace. 1981 was the final model year for the Newport.

This 1971 ONE OWNER Newport is in fantastic condition. Original owner Richard purchased a pretty rare bodystyle of the Newport with the two door hardtop. The majority of Newports were built in four door configuration. Richard states that the body is straight and in great condition.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca 383 front view

This ONE OWNER Newport is equipped with a 383 V8, automatic transmission and air conditioning. Note the air conditioning compressor unit at the front of the engine.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca 383 side view

This Newport has power steering, power brakes, and power seats. Richard added the fuzzy dice and the steering wheel wrap otherwise the interior is stock and in great condition.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca seats

Part of the explanation for the good condition of the car is due to a lifetime in dry hot California. Minimal use has kept down wear. The Newport has logged a mere 84,000 original miles.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca speedo

The final ingredient leading to the current pristine shape of this well preserved car lies in the fact that it has always been garaged. This is particularly important in California where interiors get fried by the sun and roof, trunk and hoods suffer scorched paint. Richard states that the car is in,

"Immaculate Condition!"

Richard set the price at $8,000.00 or best offer. He is also willing to trade for a Chevy truck.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca trunk

Richard's  Newport has thus far been in his care for 33 years. Visible at the Newport rear end is single exhaust, a trailer hitch which looks to be a factory installed load leveling hitch, and original California 'blue plates'.

71 chrysler newport watsonville ca rear


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