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1965 OLDSMOBILE 4-4-2- Tucson, AZ


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The 1964 Pontiac GTO option combined a big 389 engine with the intermediate Tempest body and created an instant sensation. Suddenly the musclecar era was born and no one else was prepared.

General Motors divisions scrambled to create their own version of the GTO. The Oldsmobile division managed to cobble together a quick response by taking the already existing police package and naming it '4-4-2'. The intermediate sized Oldsmobile F-85 fell short of the GTO in the engine department because it relied on a beefed up version of the small 330 cubic inch engine used in the regular F-85 and Cutlass V8 cars. Where the 4-4-2 excelled was in ride and handling. It was more of an all around performance machine. 4-4-2 stood for 4 barrel carburetor, 4 speed manual floor shifter and 2 (dual) exhaust.

In 1965 the name was revised so that the first 4 now meant 400 cubic inch engine, the second 4 now referred to the 4 barrel carburetor and the final 2 continued to reference dual exhaust. This change came about because the 4-4-2 was now available with an automatic transmission. The big news for 1965 was the jump to a big block engine. Now the 4-4-2 was a true musclecar according to the 1960s concept of big engine/ intermediate body.

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The OOCC 1965 Oldsmobile 4-4-2 was purchased new off the car carrier at Paulin Motor Company in Tucson Arizona. See a story on Paulin in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website filed under ARIZONA. The 4-4-2 was sold on January 15, 1965 making this the first 1965 model 4-4-2 sold in Tucson.

The yellow 4-4-2 came with a Gold vinyl upholstery and complimentary light Brown dash and carpet. The VIN 338275Z107959 decodes as:

3= Oldsmobile

38= Cutlass V8

27= 2 Door Sports coupe

5= 1965 Model year

Z= Fremont, California final assembly plant

107959= Sequential production number

This 4-4-2 is a 2 door sports coupe commonly called a 'post' because of the roof post behind the driver's door. These cars are quieter on the highway because the door frames hold the windows tight in their seals and the post provides a good seal for the door as well as a more rigid structure overall. Most musclecar buyers of the post were seeking a 'stripper' car that weighs less for ultimate performance. It seems this was the intention with this 4-4-2 which came without power steering or power brakes and very few options other than the drag strip oriented 4 speed Muncie close ratio M21 with Hurst shifter. The scant options are seen below on the window sticker.

65 Oldsmobile 442 Tucscon AZ window sticker

The window sticker lists seven options, none of which add much weight to the car:

Soft Ray tinted windshield and windows ($31.20)

Outside rear view mirror ($4.51)

Sports Console ($75.32)

Two Tone Magic Mirror finish ($16.46)

Heavy Duty clutch

M21 Close ratio floor shift trans ($188.30)

4-4-2 Performance package ($156.00)

The options inflate the price of the base car from $2,643.00 to $3,114.81. Destination from Fremont, California final assembly to Tucson, Arizona was $141.25 for a final price of $3,256.06.

65 Oldsmobile 442 Tucscon AZ dash

The original owner saved his original window sticker, sales agreement, Protect-O-Plate, owners manual and all registration certificates. The 4-4-2 only accumulated 100,000 miles from 1965 to 1992. The 4-4-2 stayed in Arizona all its life and has no rust or trim damage. There are no door dings and it has never been in an accident. The 4-4-2 still has the original wheels and wheel covers.

The strong sun in Arizona may have taken its toll because in 1983 the 4-4-2 was completely stripped and repainted. The color was changed from yellow to white Imron using Polyurethane enamel. Another deviation from as delivered condition is the addition of correct factory style A/C and power steering.

65 Oldsmobile 442 Tucscon AZ 400

At the 100,000 mile mark the original engine was rebuilt with hardened valve seats, bronze valve guides and lower compression ratio pistons to enable it to run on modern pump gas. The car no longer has the original carburetor. Since the engine rebuild the 4-4-2 has only traveled 100 miles and current total mileage is 100,100 miles. Seats have been rebuilt and recovered using NOS factory pattern, color and type of material. The seat belts and padded dash are original and in excellent condition.

The 4-4-2 was last registered and driven in 1992. It has been out of the weather since then. It sounds as if the 4-4-2 was never really used much following rebuilding. The 4-4-2 needs some assembly. Currently the tachometer, seats, door panels and chrome molding need to be re-installed. The 4-4-2 came up for sale in 2016 on the Hemmings website with an asking price of  $22,500.00 negotiable

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