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Brian DaFoe Motorcade Ltd (GM), Merritt, BC (became Murray GM)

Dearborn Ford (1925), Kamloops, BC
Kamloops Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ltd), Kamloops, BC
Kamloops Ford Lincoln Ltd (1984)), Kamloops, BC
McCall Pontiac Buick, Kamloops, BC
McAuliffe and Sons Auto Ltd (AMC, later Chrysler)), Kamloops, BC

Murray Chevrolet Buick GMC, Merritt, BC 877-436-8226 (formerly Brian DaFoe Motorcade Ltd)

Rivershore Chrysler), Kamloops, BC

Smith Chevrolet Cadillac, Kamloops, BC 250-372-2551 (formerly Syd Smith Ltd)
Syd Smith (1915), Kamloops, BC (became Smith Chevrolet)
(Wheaton GM) Zimmer Wheaton GMC Buick Ltd.), Kamloops, BC


BRIAN DAFOE MOTORCADE LTD (GM), Merritt, BC (became Murray)

Brian DaFoe Motorcade Ltd was a Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile Buick dealer located at 2049 Nicola in Merritt, BC. In 2006 the dealership was bought out by Murray Auto Group.


DEARBORN FORD, Kamloops, BC (1925) 877-278-0042

dealer dearborn ford kamloops sticker

Located on 2555 East Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops, BC this dealer was established back in 1925 by Edward Gillespie. In 1955 Gordon Gamble took over the growing dealership. In 1968 Ron Bacon bought the dealership and developed it into a large successful dealership. Ron's son Michael Bacon took over in 2000.


In fall, 2014 Dearborn Ford had 15 new cars, including a wild looking new 2014 'Green Envy' Mustang GT with 6 speed manual and dual black stripes along the hood and single stripes along the rocker panels. On the other end of the spectrum they had a new White 2014 Mustang V6.



Kamloops Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ltd is located at 2525 East Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops, BC. This dealership was the final location for McAuliffe and Sons Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ltd. See the story below. In fall, 2014 Kamloops Dodge had 60 new vehicles in stock, 15 of which were cars, mainly Darts and 200s.


KAMLOOPS FORD LINCOLN LTD, Kamloops, BC (1984) 877-752-9914

dealer kamloops ford lincoln sticker

Kamloops Ford Lincoln Ltd is located at 940 Halston Avenue, Kamloops, BC. Kamloops Ford was founded in 1984 by Gary Candido. In July 2006 the dealership was purchased by a local; Steve Davidson who became Dealer Principle.

In fall, 2014 Kamloops Ford had 101 new Fords in stock, 28 of which were cars. They had 12 new Lincolns in stock, one of which was a car: a new 2014 MKS.



McCall Pontiac Buick Ltd was located at 685 Notre Dame Avenue in Kamloops, BC. McCall was located at 470 Victoria Street in the early 1970s. Around 2001, the location was taken over by Zimmer Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd. With the death of Pontiac, the dealership was renamed Zimmer Wheaton GMC Buick Ltd. See a story about a 1975 LeMans GT bought from McCall Pontiac in the ONE FAMILY section of the CAR STORIES on this website.



dealer mccauliff dodge kamloops bc logo

McAuliffe and Sons Auto Ltd was located at 2393 East Trans Canada Highway, Kamloops, BC. The dealership specialized in AMC, Jeep and Renault. A later incarnation of the dealership appeared at 2525 Trans Canada as McAuliffe Dodge Chrysler Ltd. The dealership currently at this location is called KAMLOOPS DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP LTD. See the story above.


MURRAY CHEVROLET BUICK GMC, Merritt, BC 877-436-8226 (formerly Brian DaFoe Motorcade)

Murray Chevrolet Buick GMC is located at  2049 Nicola Ave, Merritt, BC. This lot was formerly Brian DaFoe Motorcade Ltd which was bought out by Murray in 2006.

In spring, 2017 Murray had 63 new vehicles in stock, 18 of which were cars. They had one new Electric Blue 2017 Camaro 1LT for $28,005.00. This Camaro VIN number 1G1FB1RX2H0121093 has the 4 cylinder 2.0 Litre Turbo and 8 speed automatic. EPA says it manages 25.9 MPG City and 36.2 MPG on the highway but also pumps out 275 HP.


RIVERSHORE CHRYSLER, Kamloops, BC 888-797-8967


Rivershore Chrysler is located at 2477 East Trans Canada Highway. Rivershore Chrysler has an atypical business mode in that the sales force is non commission with the intended benefit being less pressure on the consumer. In fall, 2014 Rivershore had 106 new vehicles in stock, 17 of which were cars, including a new 2014 Challenger R/T Classic and a new 2014 Challenger SRT8.


SMITH CHEVROLET CADILLAC LTD, Kamloops, BC (formerly Syd Smith) 250-372-2551

dealer syd smith chev kamloops bc license frame

Smith Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd is located at 950 Notre Dame Drive, Kamloops, BC. Smith Chevrolet is a continuation of the Syd Smith Ltd General Motors franchise which traces back to summer, 1915. See the story of Syd Smith below. Long term employees bought the business from Syd's sons. The employees sons now run the business so there is a continuity of experience tracing back nearly 100 years.

In fall, 2014 the lot contained 151 new vehicles, 41 of which were cars. They had one new 2014 Corvette and 2 new 2015 Camaro SSs.


SYD SMITH LTD, Kamloops, BC (Chevy 1915/ later Chev Olds Cadillac) became Smith Chevrolet.

Syd Smith Ltd was located at Victoria at Fifth, Kamloops, BC during the 1960s and 1970s. This dealer name traces all the way back to 1915 giving the dealer name the longest continuity of all Canadian GM dealers. In summer 1915 Syd Smith's first dealership was located in Regina, Saskatchewan but not a GM dealer. By 1930 the dealership was in Gulf Lake, Saskatchewan dealing cars that would eventually be collected under the GM Canada umbrella.

The Wolf family ran the GM dealership in Kamloops, BC on 4th and Victoria. Syd Smith bought Kamloops Motors Ltd in 1937. In 1947 Syd Smith and son Max Smith relocated the business to the Victoria Street and 5th Ave Union Bus Terminal complex when the bus operations moved.

Syd Smith became an MLA, and left the business operations to sons Max and Gordon. In 1953 the dealership building was rebuilt and expanded. In 1964 the service center was expanded. Gordon eventually became president of the company which he sold to two long term employees when he retired in 1970. The two new owners Albert Muzzillo and Roger Schreiner passed on the business to their sons Michael Schreiner and Anthony Muzillo in 1990 when they retired.

The dealership was renamed in 1982 in accordance with GM policies to Smith Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd. At this time the dealership relocated out of downtown to a giant facility in the Southwest corner of Kamloops, BC. See the story above about Smith Chevrolet.

To see a story about a Corvette purchased new from Syd Smith, look up the 1980 Corvette story listed in the GAS LOGS section of this website.


ZIMMER WHEATON GMC BUICK LTD, Kamloops, BC 888-886-0066

Zimmer Wheaton is located at 685 Notre Dame Avenue in Kamloops, BC. Until about 2001, this location was the site of the McCall Pontiac Buick Ltd location. Zimmer Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd. carried on the dealership. With the death of Pontiac, the dealership was renamed Zimmer Wheaton GMC Buick Ltd. This dealer is a part of the huge Wheaton GM network of dealerships.

Wheaton GM has locations in Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George, Surrey and Victoria, BC. There are locations in Alberta as well: Camrose, Edmonton, Grand Prairie and Red Deer. There are two locations in Saskatchewan: Regina and Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is where the initial Wheaton dealership originated at the start of the 1960s.

Wheaton also owns some foreign dealerships, too. Wheaton GM also owns non GM domestic dealerships such as Prince George Motors, which is a Ford dealership.


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