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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, except for 1972 Pontiac convertible and window sticker courtesy and copyright William Nawrot and 2015 Mustang Eco-boost image copyright Ford Motor Company. Much history and research on Dale Chevrolet is provided by kind courtesy of Bill Glowacki and Harold Wehrman.

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Bergstrom Chevrolet, Milwaukee, WI/ 866-662-2650

Boucher Chevrolet, Waukesha, WI (formerly Dale Chev) 262-347-4314

Braeger Chrysler Jeep, Milwaukee, WI

Brenengen Chevrolet Buick, Sparta, WI 888-655-9556

Countryside Ford, Columbus, WI (888) 663-3039

Dale Chevrolet Company Inc, Waukesha, WI (COPO/ Yenko distributor- became Boucher)

Lou Ehlers Buick, Milwaukee, WI (195*-1965- became Rank Buick)

Foster Pontiac, Milwaukee, WI (became part of Bob Tolkan Buick GMC)

Jack Griffin Ford Inc., Waukesha, WI

Heiser Ford, Glendale, WI 414-577-1630
Holz Motors, Hales Corners, WI (1914) 414-377-4580

Humphrey Chevrolet, Milwaukee, WI (became Bob Tolkan Buick)

Kruse Motor Sales (Oldsmobile), Baraboo, WI

Kuettner Olds Inc., Waukesha, WI

Lynch Chevrolet Inc, Waukesha, WI (took over Dale Chev location)

Lynch Chevrolet of Kenosha, Kenosha, WI (262) 649-7517

Meister Motors (Ford Mercury), Columbus, WI
Quinlevan Buick Co., Milwaukee, WI (1956-81)
Rank and Son Buick-Pontiac GMC, Milwaukee, WI- formerly Lou Ehlers (1965-2006)

Richardson Pontiac, Spring Green, WI

Schwister Ford Inc, Milwaukee, WI (sponsored 1962/3 NASCAR racers)

Bob Tolkan Pontiac Buick GMC, Milwaukee, WI (see Phil Tolkan, Foster)

Phil Tolkan Pontiac Inc, Milwaukee, WI (see Bob Tolkan)
Ernie Von Schledorn (1966), Menomonee Falls, WI (1966) 800-215-9900
Union Grove Pontiac, Union Grove, WI/ drag sponsor
Jim Wangers Chevrolet, Milwaukee, WI (1971-74)

Waukesha Chrysler Plymouth Inc., Waukesha, WI

Wilde Pontiac, Waukesha, WI


BERGSTROM CHEVROLET, Milwaukee, WI/ 866-662-2650

dealer bergstrom chev milwaukee wi license

Bergstrom Chevrolet is located at 11100 Metro Blvd, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bergstrom Chevrolet is one of 25 dealerships sprinkled across Wisconsin owned by Bergstrom Automotive. Bergstrom Automotive carries 35 brands, including all of the domestic brands. Berstrom has multiple dealers in Appleton, Milwaukee, Neenah and Oshkosh. They also have dealers in Kaukauna, Green Bay and Madison.

At the start of 2013 Bergstrom Chevrolet of Milwaukee has 230 new vehicles in stock, 120 of which are cars. They have one new 2013 Corvette coupe; another 2012 coupe and a 2012 Grand Sport convertible. They have 12 new Camaros in stock. 7 are 2013 six cylinders, the other 5 are 2013 SS Camaros.

For those of you who are interested in codes, GM assigned zone #61 to Milwaukee.


BOUCHER CHEVROLET, Waukesha, WI (formerly Dale Chev) 262-347-4314

Boucher Chevrolet is located at 1421 E. Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha, Wisconsin. This dealership was formerly Dale Chevrolet which was a high performance dealership. Boucher took over the franchise in 1980.

In summer 2017 Boucher had 454 vehicles in stock, 289 of which were new. 108 of their new vehicles were actually cars which is an impressive tally these days of trucks, SUVs and minivans. They had 3 new Camaros and 3 new Corvettes.



Braeger Chrysler Jeep was located at 6133 S 27th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Todd M Reardon was the owner. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.'



dealer brenengen chev buick sparta wi logo

Brenengen Chevrolet Buick is located at 1015 S. Black River Street,  Sparta, Wisconsin.


COUNTRYSIDE FORD, Columbus, WI (888) 663-3039

Countryside Ford is located at 330 Transit Road Columbus, Wisconsin which is a newly constructed location. In spring, 2017 Countryside had 162 new vehicles in stock, 11 of which were cars. The 3 new Mustangs in stock were all GT models, one of which was a convertible.


DALE CHEVROLET CO INC, Waukesha, WI (COPO/ Yenko distributor- became Boucher)

Dale Chevrolet Company Inc was located at 811 Barstow Street during the 1940s and 1950s and White Rock Street during the early 1960s. The dealership was registered as a Domestic Business Corporation on July 24, 1945. Dale Chevrolet Co used dealer code 119 Zone 61. Zone 61 was used for the Milwaukee area. 'Con' Dale was CEO and built up the business. In the 1960s his son William R. Dale took over the performance side of things and expanded the Dale reputation during the muscle car era. Con remained on site in his office and was fully involved with the dealership during the performance era.

Dale Chevrolet's initial fame stemmed from stocking the largest selection of Corvettes in Wisconsin. At one point Dale was rumoured to be the largest Corvette dealer in USA. Dale was also a COPO/ Yenko distributor. During the musclecar mania of the mid 1960s the dealership moved to a purpose built very large location at 1543 E. Moreland Bvld, Waukesha, Wisconsin. Ads from this period stated that the dealership was located outside city limits on Highway 18.

William R. Dale was Vice President of the dealership during the 1960s. Terry Cook spoke on behalf of the dealership Feb 10, 1966 when the nwespaper reported the theft of performance parts from some cars parked in the dealership storage lot on Brookfield Ave. This aspect of the supercar era is often forgotten but a lot of 'Midnight Auto Parts' places were thriving in these days.

Dale Chevrolet Company supposedly many 'in house' 427 engine swaps. Although advertising implied that the dealership was turning out plentiful numbers of dealer big block conversion cars named 'Dale Dusters' local muscle car hobbyist and reearcher Bill Glowacki only knows of one 427 conversion. Bill recalls the lot back in the day,

"Prowling through rows of Z/28s, Chevelle SS, Corvettes and around 6-8 COPO Camaros including two ZL1s from Gibb. At least two of the Z/28s had JL8 options."

However Bill states that in all his years immersed in the muscle car hobby in the local area he only knows of one 427 conversion: a 1968 Nova SS conversion to a L72 427 engine. The Ash Gold car was repainted red.

Bill recalls 1970 as an exciting year at Dale when the dealership added a Yenko franchise and several Deuces passed through the inventory. Dale was known as one of the largest Corvette dealerships in the USA.

Dale sold some of the leftover 1969 COPO 427 Camaros that were ordered by Gibb Chevrolet. Gibb set up the COPO deal by agreeing to an order of 50 1969 427 COPO Camaros but the factory passed on development cost to the dealer which inflated the price sky high. Gibb had trouble selling these expensive Camaros and only moved 13 of them. The leftover Camaros were dispersed to other dealerships, including Dale Chevrolet.

Dale also sold some Yenko cars and two 1969 ZL1 Camaros. Aside from the exotic high end of the muscle scene Dale also packed a full house of 396 cars on site.

Bill Glowacki recalls that Dale raced a 1969 Camaro ZL1 which was #7 car from Gibb. At the end of the race season Dale sold the car with an L72 installed in it. Through persistent research Bill was able to locate the engine and car in 1981 but the asking price was out of his range. He passed the deal to Jim Price who restored the car.

Deciding to try some in house supercar work again, Dale Chevrolet created The Dale Dusters which were 427 equipped Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas.

Dale Chevrolet seems to have moved out of the 1543 Moreland Blvd location in 1975 when the location was taken over by Edward Lynch who established Lynch Chevrolet Inc at this location on June 3, 1975. Some sources suggest Dale Chevrolet went out of business Dec. 17, 1980. The franchise was taken over by Boucher Chevrolet (see story above) and as of 2017 they state that they have been in business for 'over 36 years' which tallies with the 1980 date.


LOU EHLERS BUICK, Milwaukee, WI/ Closed

Lou Ehlers began his career with a Ford dealership in Gary, Indiana named LOU EHLERS FIFTH AVENUE FORD in the 1940s. When he sold it the new owners Matt McAnery and Bill Welter they moved to 11th Avenue, Gary, Indiana under a new name, MCANERY AND WELTER FORD.

Lou Ehlers opened a Buick franchise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called LOU EHLERS BUICK which became the largest volume Buick dealer in Wisconsin and at some point in the 1950s in the entire USA. Along the way, Lou had acquired a satellite dealership at Park and Regent in nearby Madison, Wisconsin. Lou's son, Greg Ehlers started working in the Milwaukee location in 1964 at age 16.

In the mid 1960s, Lou sold both dealerships in order to move to a Cadillac dealership in California, LOU EHLERS CADILLAC. See the story on this website filed under CALIFORNIA/ LOS ANGELES.

The Madison Ehlers Buick was renamed JOHN ZIMBRICK BUICK and relocated to the suburbs in 1969.

The Milwaukee location was sold to Wally Rank who renamed it RANK AND SON BUICK. See the story in this section about this dealership.


FOSTER PONTIAC, Milwaukee, WI (became part of Bob Tolkan Buick GMC)

Foster Pontiac was located at 3636 South 26th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2006 it was bought by Bob Tolkan Buick GMC who needed to satisfy a new General Motors requirement adding Pontiac to all Buick GMC dealers.



Jack Griffin Ford Inc. was located at 1940 E. Main, Waukesha, Wisconsin during the 1960s.


HEISER FORD, Glendale, WI 414-577-1630

Heiser Ford is located at 1700 W. Silver Spring Drive, Glendale, Wisconsin. Heiser has been in the automotive business since 1917 according to their website. In fall, 2014 Heiser had 254 new Ford vehicles in stock, 126 of which were cars including 4 new Mustangs (1 GT from 2014 and 3 new 2015s).

Heiser had a pair of new 2015 Deep Impact Blue Metallic Mustangs: one GT and one of the new Ecoboost 4 cylinder ones.

The Eco boost 2015 Mustang included the Premium package which provides 18 inch machined aluminum wheels, spoilers, limited slip rear end, fog lamps, sequential turn lights, dual exhaust with bright tips, folding heated outside rear mirrors, heated and cooled leather power seats and dual zone A/C. Other good interior features were the split folding rear seat, cruise control, tilt/ telescoping steering, autodim rear view mirror, AM/FM, CD, MP3, power windows, door locks and mirrors. That whole raft of items brings the car in at $29,170.00 MSRP. The no charge options on the car were P265/35R20 summer performance tires, rear spoiler delete, front license plate mounts and an engine block heater.

dealer heiser glendale wi 2015 mustang eco boost

Optional 20 inch foundry black aluminum wheels cost $1,295.00. Destination and delivery of $825.00 took the price up to $31,290.00. This Ecoboost 4 was shipped out from Flat Rock Oct 24, 2014 and is VIN 1FA6P8TH7F5317457. The small 4 cylinder 2.3 L engine is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission. The small engine makes power with an intercooled turbo but gives EPA 22 City/ 31 Hwy.

The matching Deep Impact Blue 2015 Mustang GT has a base MSRP of $36,100.00. The addition of $5,275.00 in options (6 speed auto etc) brings it up to $42,200.00. It was shipped out Oct 2, 2014 VIN  1FA6P8CFXF5309688. The EPA City 16/ Hwy 25 is a lot less than the Ecoboost which in city driving would be fairly spirited. Give the GT enough room and it will show off the true musclecar.

Heiser had 64 new Lincolns in stock, 22 of which were cars.


HOLZ MOTORS, Hales Corners, WI, (1914)/ 414-377-4580

Holz Motors is located at 5961 S 108th Place, Hales Corners which is a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 1914 by Rudolph and Gertrude Holz, the dealership changed to Chevrolet in 1915 and has been carrying Chevy ever since. In 1962 the dealership moved across the street to its current modern location. In 1985 Holz expanded when they bought a Watertown, Wisconsin dealership selling Pontiac, Cadillac and GMC.

Rudolph had five sons and his youngest son, Jerome J. "Jerry" Holz has taken over the dealership. Jerry created a shop within the dealership called "Jerry's Pro Shop". It has scale models and even high performance crate engines for sale. Jerry is a car collector and takes a 1915 Chevy to the July 4th parade yearly. The year of the Chevrolet is significant since that is the first year that Holz Motors carried the Chevrolet franchise.

Holz Motors sells more Chevrolets annually than any other Wisconsin dealer and has kept this record running since 1986. Holz sells over 4,000 cars (new plus used) annually. At the start of 2013, Holz had a massive inventory of 613 new vehicles, 297 of which were cars. Holz has 22 of the new 2013 Camaros which is a healthy number of Camaros but not unusual.

Where things take a twist is when we look at Corvettes. Most dealerships have one or two or perhaps as many as four new Corvettes on hand. Holz not only has 11 new 2013 Corvettes, many of them are heavy hitter models. Holz has a few Grand Sports and two Z06s with the famed 7.0 L (427 c.i.) engine. Holz also has two 2013 Corvette 427s which make blatant reference to the legendary status and heritage of the Corvettes tracing right back to the C2 Vettes.


HUMPHREY CHEVROLET, Milwaukee, WI (became Bob Tolkan Buick)

Humphrey Chevrolet was located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was owned by Glenn Humphrey. In 1970 it became Bob Tolkan Buick.


KRUSE MOTOR SALES (Oldsmobile), Baraboo, WI 608-356-4919

dealer kruse motor sales olds baraboo wi

Kruse Motor Sales was  an Oldsmobile dealership located at 4th at 515 Broadway in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Frederick Kruse and his older brother William 'Dick' Kruse bought the dealership in 1949.

Ferdinand Karl Friedrich 'Frederick' was born 14 July, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. Frederick had worked in Des Moines, Iowa and in Pueblo, Colorado as an Olds rep. Frederick died 14 Mar 1960 in Baraboo.

William had owned the Dependon Motor Company in Chicago which specialized in Oldsmobiles. The current descendant Fred Kruse owns the dealership now and has kept it running as a used car dealership now that Oldsmobile has become extinct.



Kuettner Olds Inc. was located at 304 W. College Ave, Waukesha, Wisconsin during the 1960s.


LYNCH CHEVROLET OF KENOSHA, Kenosha, WI (262) 649-7517

Lynch Chevrolet of Kenosha is located at 10901 75th St, Kenosha, Wisconsin.


MEISTER MOTORS (Ford Mercury), Columbus, WI

dealer meister motors ford merc columbus wi logo

Meister Motors was a Ford Mercury dealership located in Columbus, Wisconsin.

David George Meister was born March 30, 1932 in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, to George J. Meister and Mary (Nussbaum) Meister. David graduated from Rio High School in 1950 showing a flair for sports. After his marriage to high school sweetheart, Beverly (Neumeister) Meister, he bought a gas station in Rio, Wisconsin. David later purchased Meister Motors which he ran for 40 years.

David died aged 84, Feb. 2, 2017, in Naples, Florida. His son, Kim Meister is Sales Manager at Countryside Ford in Columbus, Wisconsin.


QUINLEVAN BUICK CO., Milwaukee, WI (1956-81)/ Closed

Located at 3501 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this dealership was created from the former Packard-Milwaukee dealership run by Mr. Quinlevan. Formerly the manager, Quinlevan owned Packard- Milwaukee from Jan 19, 1948 onwards. His sons worked until Packard ended.  Sons Richard C. Quinlevan and John "Jack" Quinlevan took over the dealership in a partnership as Quinlevan Buick Co. starting in 1956. Jack achieved Buick Master Salesman status several times during his career. The brothers owned the dealership until Jack sold his half to his brother in 1976 which caused a name change to Quinlevan Buick Inc. The dealership carried on in the same location until 1981.



Wally Rank started RANK AND SON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH in the early 1960s. In the mid 1960s Wally purchased LOU EHLERS BUICK. Despite being Wisconsins' largest volume dealer, Lou Ehlers operated out of a small location that was later turned into a paint store. The dealership moved to a larger space at 4200 North Green Bay Avenue renamed RANK AND SON BUICK. Wally Rank was an antique car collector in private life and displayed his cars in local parades, notably for the circus. Willice W. Rank is the official name of the president on business papers.

The dealership expanded to include other GM brands, becoming Rank and Son Buick- Pontiac GMC. Wally Rank died of an aneurism at age 83 on May 13, 2000 and son John Rank took over the operation. Rank and Sons was sold to ANDREW CHEVROLET in 2006. Rank and Sons painted a sign in the window giving thanks for "92 Great Years", which traces the history of the location as some form of car dealership all the way back to 1914. The Better Business Bureau traces the dealership back to 1936. The franchise was relocated to 1500 W Silver Spring Drive using the former SCHLESINGER CHEVROLET lot.



Richardson Pontiac was located in Spring Green, Wisconsin during the 1960s and 1970s.


SCHWISTER FORD INC, Milwaukee, WI (sponsored 1962/3 NASCAR racers)

Schwister Ford Inc was located at 10136 W Fond Du Lac, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Owner Gene Schwister sponsored NASCAR racing cars for the 1962 and 1963 race season. After retirement to Sussex, WI Gene remained a performance car guy. He joined a club jokingly called The Losers after one of the wives told them,

"You're a bunch of losers,"

The club cars met at Gus's Drive-In in East Troy. Gene of course drove Ford hot rods. In 2015 Gene's 1955 Ford Customline Coupe Won Best Ford In A Ford (Coyote motor) at the Car Craft Summer Nats in Milwaukee.

Gene's brother Edwin H. "Ed" Schwister also worked in the dealership. He also owned Eddie's Beer Depot. 'Ed' died April 15, 2008, at the age of 94 years.


BOB TOLKAN PONTIAC BUICK GMC, Milwaukee, WI (see Phil Tolkan, Foster, Humphrey)

Bob Tolkan Pontiac Buick GMC was located at 5700 South 27th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bob Tolkan was a Buick GMC dealership established in 1970 in Milwaukee. Bob's brother, Phil owned Phil Tolkan Pontiac during the 1960s. The Tolkan brothers got their start soon after WWII when they opened a used car lot with their father Jacob Tolkan at North 12th and West Vliat Street. After the death of Jacob, Bob joined his brother Phil who had already gotten established at Heiser Ford.

Bob worked his way up through Humphrey Chevrolet eventually buying out Glenn Humphrey and establishing Bob Tolkan Buick.

In 1972 Bob Tolkin Buick GMC relocated to 27th Street.

Bob Tolkan's son, Jim became a lawyer but after 9 years of practice in 1986 he returned to the family dealership he had worked at part time during his school days. General Motors required dealers to merge Pontiac Buick and GMC. By this time Phil Tolkan Pontiac was no more, so Bob Tolkan Buick GMC acquired Foster Pontiac in 2006 to fullfill this new requirement.

Bob Tolkin worked up until March, 2007. Bob died at age 82 on Aug 11, 2007. His son Jim carried on until the economic downturn combined with debt caused by the Foster acquisition forced the closure of Bob Tolkan June 12, 2009.

At age 57, Jim Tolkan's past experience in law combined with service on various automotive associations led to his appointment as president of the Automobile Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee.


PHIL TOLKAN PONTIAC  INC, Milwaukee, WI (see Bob Tolkan)

Phil Tolkan Pontiac Inc was located at 7676 North 76th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Phil Tolman's brother owned Bob Tolkan Buick which eventually became Bob Tolkan Pontiac Buick GMC under the ownership of Bob's son, Jim Tolkan. The Tolkan brothers got their start soon after WWII when they opened a used car lot with their father Jacob Tolkan at North 12th and West Vliat Street. Phil began work at Heiser Ford and his brother Bob followed him there later. Phil Tolkan took his experience at Heiser and opened his own Pontiac dealership.

Phil Tolkan Pontiac added Isuzu to the roster in the late 1970s. On May 1, 1979 Tolkan took on a Datsun franchise and landed in the middle of an ongoing dispute between local dealers and Datsun. The dealers felt Datsun wasn't supplying sufficient quantities of cars. Adding a new dealer in a car starved territory incensed the other dealers. At this time Thomas Weil was president of Tolkan. The dealership was known as Phil Tolkan Pontiac Isuzu Nissan and carried on for several years.

An interesting car was sold through the dealership: a 1972 Pontiac LeMans convertible that the original owner states was ordered with the GTO option. The common wisdom on this matter is that there were no GTO convertibles built. The sign painted for the car show says the car was special ordered on April 8, 1972 and built at Pontiac, Michigan final assembly plant April 25, 1972.

dealer phil tolkan 72 pontiac conv at car show 82

Bill Nawrot photographed this 'unicorn' car and its window sticker back in 1982. Bill's photo of the car includes the custom sign painted for the car but the owner's name is not legible. The owner prefers to avoid publicity.

The window sticker displays all details of the car except the final VIN numbers which are edited out for owner privacy. PHS states that the car is not a real GTO but Bill Nawrot recalls the owner had an official letter from Pontiac allowing him to order a GTO convertible.

On April 16, 2015 around 3 PM Bill Nawrot finally got the story. After years of speculation about a "Phantom 1972 convertible GTO" Bill Nawrot tracked down the owner and called him. Original owner Robert prefers to maintain privacy regarding his car which he still owns. Aside from a decades ago repaint it is all original (even the tires) with only 20,000 miles. Robert's car left the factory as a 1972 LeMans Sport convertible. Robert was able to get the Pontiac Zone Office to print him the GTO Option window sticker which caused so much analysis and discussion on forums.

dealer phil tolkan 72 pontiac conv window sticker

Here is the second page of the printout of the window sticker as photographed in 1982 with damage consistent with the curve of the window where the second page of a window sticker would originally be attached to the car. The reason the window sticker itself looked like an original and not a reproduction is that it actually WAS an original window sticker. However, some of the wording of option codes was not consistent with real GTO window stickers which raised the first red flag in the Pontiac community. The PHS search confirmed that the window sticker and original order invoice are not the same. Now we know why. Robert like many guys in 1972 wanted a GTO convertible and was forced to 'build his own'. Unlike other LeMans Sport convertible owners he had connections at Pontiac and was able to get this window sticker made up just for fun.

dealer phil tolkan 72 pontiac conv window sticker p 2


ERNIE VON SCHLEDORN BUICK, Menomonee Falls, WI (1966) 800-215-9900

Ernie von Shledorn is large volume seller whose TV advertising has drawn many buyers from nearby Milwaukee, Wisconsin and from even further afield. After meeting his American wife in Frankfurt, German born Ernie came to Milwaukee in 1952. A stint as a used car salesman at Edwards Motor Co. led to a position at Lou Ehlers Buick in Shorewood, Wisconsin in 1955.

Ernie parlayed his status as number one Buick salesman in USA into his own dealership in 1959. Ernie ran this dealership at 400 E. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin until 1966 when he moved operations to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. A second Menomonee Falls dealership followed in 1978. He also opened a Ford/ Mercury location in Lomira, Wisconsin. In 2003 he built a large Automart in Menomonee Falls.

Ernie von Schledorn Buick GMC Volkswagon in Menomonee Falls is located at N 88 W 14167 Main Street with used cars and new VW, Buick and GMC. Ernie von Shledorn Ford in Lorima also has a used inventory as well as new Fords. To see a really nice 1972 Buick Skylark convertible bought new from this dealer, check out the story in the ONE OWNER section of CAR STORIES on this website.


UNION GROVE PONTIAC, Union Grove, WI/ drag sponsor

Union Grove Pontiac was located in Union Grove, Wisconsin. During the early supremacy of Pontiac in the stock drags Union Grove raced alongside other notables such as Royal Pontiac, Woudenbergand Packer Pontiac. By the mid 1960s Chrysler had the events sewn up, but in 1960 and 61 Pontiac was a major force in drag racing.


JIM WANGERS CHEVROLET INC, Milwaukee, WI (1971-74)

Jim Wangers Chevrolet Inc. was located at the North-South freeways interchange in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formerly Garfield Chevrolet, the current owner Ray Foust recieved no interest from his sons in taking over the facility and hence was willing to sell on Sep 16, 1971 when the location became Jim Wangers Chevrolet. Jim Wangers was an advertising executive who worked closely with Pontiac as a key figure in the 1960s Pontiac performance ad campaign. Jim brought in Dick Jesse from Ace Wilson's Royal Pontiac to help manage things. See the story on Royal Pontiac filed in DEALERSHIPS under MICHIGAN DETROIT.

Jim Wangers Chevrolet produced a few special cars such as the Milwaukee Classic (a stock Monte Carlo mechanically with special paint theme). A 24 hour hotline to support high performance parts inquiries blossomed into a run of 454 LS-W cars being built. 'LS-W' stands for the LS-6 454 and W stands for Wangers. Much the way other performance dealers like Baldwin Motion swapped in a monster motor, Jim Wangers Chevrolet began swapping in 454 LS-6 engines in place of the current batch of smog chocked 1973 engines. Customers had to buy the car, then return with it for conversion and then trailer it off the property as an 'off-road use' vehicle in order to circumvent rules prohibiting emissions tampering. Despite following the letter of the law (if not the intent!) Jim Wangers Chevrolet got dinged by the EPA which ended the experiment.



Waukesha Chrysler Plymouth Inc. was located at 2141 E. Moreland Blvd.,  Waukesha, Wisconsin during the 1960s.



Wilde Pontiac was located at 1603 E. Moreland, Waukesha, Wisconsin during the 1960s.


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