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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, research on the 1968 Firebirds shipped to Miller Pontiac courtesy of Brian Styles.

Bill Allen Chevrolet, Kansas City, MO (Dick Harrell COPO 427 Camaro/ Chevelles)

Barford Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO (distributor of Yenko Stingers/ 427 Camaros)

Ken Bender Buick Pontiac Inc, St Charles, MO

Galen Boyer Pontiac Cadillac-Jeep, Independence MO (sold RA IV Packing Poncho/ became Cable-Dahmer)

Community Motor Company (Chevrolet), Clarence, MO

Dave Cross Motors (Buick GMC), Lees Summit, MO 888-371-1317

Fairground Auto Plaza (Chevrolet), Rolla, MO 573-364-1002

Gary Crossley Ford Inc, Kansas City, MO 816-781-4844 (formerly Bill Stoffle Ford/ Tyson Ford)

Jim Delfosse Pontiac, Kansas City, MO/ Closed

Dixon Auto Sales Inc (Ford), Excelsior Springs, MO (1970 Mach 1 Twister Drag Demo)

Dromey Motor Company Inc (Chevrolet Buick),  Edina, MO (formerly Fessler Motor Company)

Fairground Auto Plaza (Chevrolet Buick GMC), Rolla, MO

Fessler Motor Company (Chevrolet), Edina, MO (became Dromey Motors)

Wil Fischer Oldsmobile, Springfield, MO (1965 442 drag B/S sponsor)

Francis Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO (Distributor for Dickie Harrell conversion cars)

Friendly Ford, Springfield, MO (1970 Mach 1 Twister, Roush dealer)

Galen Boyer Motors Inc (Pontiac Cadillac Jeep), Independence, MO (RA IV Packing Poncho)

Hammonds Ford Co, Crystal Springs, MO

Bill James Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO (largest volume Chev dealer of 1966)

Jerry Hays Ford, Independence, MO

Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac, Kansas City, MO 866-255-4588 (formerly Superior Buick Cadillac)

Malmo Motors (Pontiac), Sedalia, MO (Sold 1972 GTO WW5) (became W-K)

Miller Pontiac, Kansas City, MO (Sold two of the 17 built 1971 Judge convertibles)

Routszong- Malmo Motors, Sedalia, MO (Sold 1972 GTO WW5) (became W-K) (see Malmo Motors)

Bill Stoffle Ford Inc., Liberty, Missouri (became Tyson Ford) (Mach 1 Twister)

State Fair Chevrolet Buick, Sedalia, MO (assimilated into W-K)

Superior Buick Cadillac, Kansas City, MO (became Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac)

Thoroughbred Ford, Kansas City, MO 816-505-1818 (Roush dealer)

Thoroughbred Ford, Platte City, MO 816-858-3777 (Roush dealer)

Tyson Ford, Liberty, Missouri (formerly Bill Stoffle Ford Inc.)

Turner-Tyson Ford, Liberty, Missouri. (formerly Tyson Ford Ford Inc.)

W-K Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Sedalia, MO 660-826-8320 (est 1919- absorbed Malma)


BILL ALLEN CHEVROLET, Kansas City, MO (Dick Harrell COPO 427 Camaro/ Chevelles)

Bill Allen Chevrolet was located in Kansas City, Missouri. Bill Allen Chevrolet distributed some Dick Harrell 427 Camaros and Chevelles and also was instrumental in ordering COPO cars from the factory for Harrell's work. Harrell ordered cars from Bill Allen and had them shipped to his performance shop for final modification. In a Sep 25, 1967 ad they list a Yenko Super Camaro 427 for sale as a Bill Allen exclusive.

At various times Fred Gibb Chevrolet provided cars for Dick to convert and later Bill Allen Chevrolet filled this purpose. When Dickie had a racing sponsorship through Courtesy Chevrolet in Arizona he painted the Courtesy name on the side of his funnycar and may have sourced them for starting point vehicles for his work. Dickie funneled some finished cars through the various Courtesy locations in L.A., Thousand Oaks, San Diego, and San Jose. Crawford Chevrolet in Ventura, California was a non Courtesy dealer also carrying his cars.


BARFORD CHEVROLET, St. Louis, MO (distributor of Yenko Stingers/ 427 Camaros)

Barford Chevrolet was located at 8500 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, Missouri. Barford was appointed to be the official St. Louis distributor of Yenko Stingers/ 427 Camaros in July, 1967. An ad from Aug 30, 1967 announces that they have a new Yenko Super Camaro 4 speed 450 HP.



Ken Bender Buick Pontiac Inc was located at 2311 First Capitol Drive (mail to P.O. Box 306), St Charles, Missouri during the 1950s to 1970s. To see a 1969 GTO Judge heavily loaded with rare options that was bought new through Bender look in the 20 YEARS PLUS section of this website in the CAR STORIES section.


GALEN BOYER MOTORS INC (Pontiac Cadillac Jeep), Independence, MO (sold RA IV Packing Poncho/ became Cable-Dahmer)

Galen Boyer Motors Inc was a Pontiac Cadillac Jeep dealership located at 3107 S. Noland Road, Independence, Missouri. This dealer sold Royce Fowler his 1969 Pontiac GTO RA IV which became his drag car named Packing Poncho. See a story about this car in the ONE OWNER section of the CAR STORIES on this website.

The dealership has carried 12 different lines of cars over the years. In 1976 when they were known as Galen Boyer Pontiac Cadillac-Jeep they were located at 3107 South Noland Road Independence Missouri. The dealership was originally started in 1963 by Galen V Boyer and has always been based in Independence, Missouri.

Galen Boyer became Galen Boyer GMC Buick. In Aug, 2012 Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet bought the dealership and renamed it Cable-Dahmer. At the same time Cable-Dahmer bought Broome Cadillac and transferred its resources over to the former Galen Boyer location.


BROOME CADILLAC, Independence, MO (became Cable-Dahmer)

Broome Cadillac, 11911 E. U.S. 40 in Independence, has been closed and will be folded into the new Cable-Dahmer branch on Noland. The Broome dealership had been in business for more than 40 years. Flores said most of the employees in both dealerships have been retained.



Cable-Dahmer has been in the Kansas City area since 1957 when it opened as Cable Chevrolet. It become Cable-Dahmer in 1988 after merging with Dahmer Chevrolet, a car dealership that was located in the Fairmount area.



Cable-Dahmer was created by the merger of Cable Chevrolet and Dahmer Chevrolet in 1988. Cable traces back to 1957. Cable-Dahmer expanded once more in 2012 when they bought Galen Boyer Motors and Broome Cadillac.


COMMUNITY MOTOR CO (Chevrolet dealership), Clarence, MO

Community Motor Company was a Chevrolet dealership located in Clarence, Missouri during the 1950s.


DAVE CROSS MOTORS (Buick GMC), Lees Summit, MO 888-371-1317

Dave Cross Motors (Buick GMC) is located at 1101 NW Blue Parkway, Lees Summit, Missouri. Dave Cross Motors was established in 1960. The current owner Dave Cross is the second generation owner and his sons are all working in the dealership at this moment. As of winter 2014 the dealership had 201 new vehicles in stock, 74 of them Buicks and 127 are GMCs.


GARY CROSSLEY FORD, Kansas City, MO 816-781-4844 (formerly Bill Stoffle Ford/ Tyson Ford)

Gary Crossley Ford Inc is located at 8050 N Church Rd, Kansas City, Missouri.

The dealership was originally established in 1959 as Turner- Tyson Ford according to incorporation papers, but newspapers ads for Turner-Tyson Ford appear as early as 1958. The dealership was originally located at 135 & Highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri. The dealership later became Tyson Ford and then Bill Stoffle Ford Inc. See the story below on this page regarding the earlier history of the dealerships that preceded Crossley.

The current owner and dealer principle is Todd Crossley, with Ryan Crossley as vice president. In 2014 the lot contained 656 new vehicles, exactly 300 of which were cars. They had 3 new Mustang convertibles, 5 new Mustang coupes, and two new 2014 Shelby GT500s.

2014 GT500 VIN number 1ZVBP8JZ2E5228833 is a Race Red version with over the top low gloss racing stripe and the optional SVT performance package plus the SVT Track Pack, black leather Recaro interior and 6 speed manual. The MSRP is $65,200.00. It was shipped out of Flat Rock April 10, 2013 by Convoy. Showroom price is $75,200.00.

The Grabber Blue 2014 Shelby GT500 is VIN 1ZVBP8JZ1E5252430 has the same interior and basic options. Like the Race Red GT500 it has the optional Equipment Group 821A which costs $3,495.00. You get the SVT Performance Package: 5.8L 4V V8 Supercharged, Tremec 6-Speed Manual (TR6060), P265/40R19 Front & P285/35R20 Rear tires, Heated Leather Sport Bucket Seats, Shaker Audio AM/FM Stereo w/CDx1/MP3 System. The second option is the 55S SVT Track Pack which costs $2,995.00 and adds External Engine Oil Cooler, Transmission Cooler w/Pump, differential cooler with pump. The Grabber Blue Shelby was a 'Special Order' (according to the window sticker) sent by convoy from Flat Rock on Feb 13, 2014 with a MSRP of $67,690.00 which is exactly the same as the showroom price.



Dahmer Chevrolet was first established in 1974. In 1988 Dahmer merged with Cable Chevrolet from Kansas City. The new dealership is Cable-Dahmer Chevrolet.


JIM DELFOSSE PONTIAC, 9425 Holmes Kansas City. MO/ Closed

Jim Delfosse Pontiac was located at 9425 Holmes Kansas City. Missouri during the 1970s. The dealership was considered large enough to participate in a full page ad with four other Pontiac dealers in 1976.


DIXON AUTO SALES INC (Ford), Excelsior Springs, MO (1970 Mach 1 Twister Drag Demo)

Dixon Auto Sales was located in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. Incorporation papers indicate that the company was formed Dec 7, 1964 by A. H. Dixon whose business address was interestingly on 1910 West Jesse James Road!

Dixon Auto Sales Inc was the first selling dealer for a one of one modified version of an already small run of specialty cars. Ford saw sales success result from a program of dealer special Mustangs built for specific zones. Southern California zone dealers got the California Special and Colorado zone dealers had the High Country Special. In 1970 Kansas zone dealers received the Mach 1 Twister Special. 96 were built. See the story on Friendly Ford below for more details on the run of Twisters.

This particular Twister Special is VIN number 0F05R118919. The door sticker dated 10/69 reads Body 63C, Col U, Trim 3A, Axle V, Trans U, DSO 53.

Marti reports establish that it was assembled on October 29, 1969, making it one of the last four Twisters built on the final day of Twister production. The Order Type lists this as "Local Promotion." In order to be ready for the demonstration of the Twisters on Nov 7, 1969 at Kansas City International Raceway this particular Twister was converted into a 429-powered drag car. The day the Twisters were released featured appearances by Ford Drag Team, Ford's Total Performance Show, and Bob Tasca's High Performance Show. The 429 powered Twister was used for demonstrations during the dragstrip segment of the Twister Special introduction.

Modifications included twin Holley four-barrel carburetors on top of the tunnel-ram intake which sticks out of the hood, rollbars extending into the trunk. The hood and trunk lid are fiberglass, and the side glass has been replaced by Lexan. A small capacity gas tank was constructed from an original Ford tank.

Invoices record that the car first was sold to Ford Motor Company in Kansas City on October 3, 1969. On November 5, 1969 the Twister was invoiced to Dixon Auto Sales. A week after the Nov 7, 1969 Twister Special introduction at Kansas City International Raceway Dixon sold the car to Rusty Eck Ford in Wichita, Kansas.

In spring, 2011 George Munsterman of Fishkill, New York bought the car from the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Palm Beach.


DROMEY MOTOR CO INC. (Chevrolet Buick),  Edina, MO (formerly Fessler Motor Company)

Dromey Motor Company Inc was a Chevrolet Buick dealership in  Edina, Missouri. This location was formerly Fessler Motor Company until 1977. A May 20, 1985 newspaper article noted that the dealership burned to the ground taking 15 new cars along with it.


FAIRGROUND AUTO PLAZA (Chevrolet Buick GMC), Rolla, MO 573-364-1002

dealer fairground chev cuba mo logo

Fairground Auto Plaza is a Chevrolet Buick GMC dealer located at 100 Fairgrounds Rd, Rolla, Missouri. In winter, 2015 Fairgrounds had 132 new vehicles in stock, 103 Chevrolet, 11 Buicks, and 18 GMCs. 2 of the new vehicles were 2015 Camaros.


FESSLER MOTOR CO (Chevrolet) Edina, MO (became Dromey Motors)

Lawrence William Fessler was born January 31, 1912, at Wien, Missouri to Tony J. and Anna Schultz Fessler. Lawrence graduated from St. Mary’s School at Wien, Missouri. In 1936, Lawrence was parts manager at the Chevrolet Garage in Macon, Missouri. In 1941, he was general manager of the Community Motor Company (Chevrolet dealership) in Clarence, Missouri. Lawrence married Fern Whitehead on June 16, 1941, at Macon, Missouri. She died August 9, 1980. He had two kids Larry James Fessler of Hillsboro, Missouri and Carol Ann Moutrie.

From 1943 to 1945 Lawrence was in the Army during WW II. After the war Lawrence carried on with his work at Community Motor Co for a few years before setting up his own business in Edina, a community of about 1,600 population in extreme northeastern Missouri.

On August 1, 1949, Lawrence purchased the Chevrolet Dealership in Edina from R.L. Sigman. Lawrence owned Fessler Motor Company until his retirement in 1977. The dealership was sold to Earl Dromey.

On October 3, 1987, he remarried to Esther Crawford who died August 21, 1992. Lawrence died age 96, Monday, October 13, 2008, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

An OOCC reader named Tony has purchased a 1967 Corvette VIN 194377S108234 with the 427- 400 HP engine that was sold new from Fessler Motor Co. Options include power steering, power brakes, and factory A/C. Tony is attempting to gather as much information about his car as possible. He would like to know the original location of Fessler Motor Co. or any information that would help him in his quest to authenticate his car. Please email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


WIL FISCHER OLDSMOBILE, Springfield, MO (1965 442 drag B/S sponsor)

Fischer Oldsmobile was located in Springfield, Missouri. The dealer sponsored a 1965 442 drag car that competed in B/S class. The car was painted with the Olds rocket logo and stated "Springfields' Rocket Base'.


FRANCIS CHEVROLET, St. Louis, MO (Distributor for Dickie Harrell conversion cars)

Francis Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO (Distributor for Dickie Harrell conversion cars)


FRIENDLY FORD, Springfield, MO 888-695-6099 (Roush and Twister Mustangs)

Friendly Ford is located at 3241 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, Missouri. Friendly Ford was established approximately 1967 and immediately became immersed in performance vehicles.

Ford enjoyed a sales boost from the California Special Mustangs and the High Country Special Mustangs so there was a precedent of a dealer zone specific concept car from years past when Ford proposed a zone special car to the Kansas zone. The Twister Specials came about because an original plan to produce American Raceways International pace cars and replicas fell into disarray. Looking for a way to save the concept Ford fielded the high performance Mustangs and found the Kansas zone dealers amenable to taking delivery of 100 special cars.

The ARI pace cars concept was renamed the Twister. The Twisters were originally intended to be Mach 1s with 428 engines but a scarcity of the engines caused the final run of 96 to be divided evenly between 428 and 351-4 barrel engines. The run of 4 speed versus automatic was once again evenly divided for the Super Cobra Jets with 24 of each. The field was slanted a bit for the 351 cars with only 9 four speeds to 39 automatics produced.

The Twisters are easily identified because they were specially ordered and consecutively numbered for sale exclusively by Ford Kansas City sales district dealers. In addition to the Mustangs 90 Vermilion Torinos with 429s also called Twister Specials and 4 Vermilion Rancheros packing the 351 were produced. All the Twisters were built at the Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant then shipped to the Kansas City assembly plant to have the stripes and decals applied. On Nov 7, 1969 all the cars were displayed at a "Total Performance Day" held at Kansas City International Raceway.

One of the 1970 Mach 1 Twisters Friendly Ford sold back in the day recently came up for auction at Mecum. The Mecum auction Twister Special was built with the 428 CI super cobra jet engine, C6 automatic transmission, power front disc brakes, AM radio and tinted glass, factory drag-pack option with 3:91 traction-lok rear axle, Magnum 500 wheels mounting Firestone wide oval tires. All the Twister Specials were painted Grabber Orange with a black "Twister" logo on the rear quarter panel.

The Mecum auction Twister was built October 17, 1969 and sold to Friendly Ford, Inc. in Springfiled, Missouri as documented with a Marti Report. All of the Twisters were delivered to Kansas City International Raceway on Nov 7, 1969 so we must presume that the first sale date fell after this point. An early title from 1993 indicates that the Twister had rolled a mere 8,667 miles at that time. At the time of sale at Mecum in 2013 the mileage had only reached 9,365 miles. It is believed that only 16 of the 428 cars have survived which combined with low miles and pristine condition explains the selling price of $107,500.00.

Continuing the musclecar tradition the current batch of Mustangs on the lot include Roush vehicles. In winter 2014 their lot contained 230 new vehicles, 82 of which are cars. 4 of these are Mustangs, with a V6 and two GTs and a King Kong Ingot Silver Metallic 2014 Shelby GT500 VIN 1ZVBP8JZ8E5252473. The Shelby has $10,500.00 in optional equipment including the over the top racing stripe in black, 3.31 limited slip axle, SVT track package taking the MSRP to $66,095.00. It was shipped out by convoy from Flat Rock on Aug 2, 2013. It actually manages a 15 City/ 24 Hwy EPA MPG rating despite packing an astounding amount of power from its 5.8 liter 4V DOHC Supercharged engine running through a 6 speed manual.



Hammonds Ford Company was located in Crystal Springs, Missouri during the 1960s.


JERRY HAYS FORD CO. , Independence, MO

Jerry Hays Ford Co was located at 1870 South Noland Rd, Independence, Missouri during the 1960s. The Ford dealer code # was 53A008.


HENDRICK BUICK GMC CADILLAC, Kansas City, MO 866-255-4588 (formerly Superior Buick Cadillac)

Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac is located 1150 West 104th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. The Hendrick Auto Group has been steadily buying up the Superior Auto Group locations with this location purchased Oct 9, 2012. The future plans will have this location remain a Cadillac stand alone dealership while the GMC Buick franchise will be relocated to 1200 West 104th Street which is currently Hendrick's new Lexus location. The Lexus dealership will be moved to a new building being constructed in 2013. In winter of 2014 the dealership had 96 new Buicks, 199 new Cadillacs and 114 new GMC vehicles in stock.


BILL JAMES CHEVROLET, St. Louis, MO (largest volume Chev dealer of 1966)

Bill James Chevrolet was located at 1771 South Grand, St. Louis, Missouri. In an ad from Aug 28, 1967 they state that official records prove they were the largest volume new and used Chev dealer of 1966.


DAVID MALMO MOTORS LTD (Pontiac), Sedalia, MO (Sold 1972 GTO WW5)

Malmo Motors was a Pontiac dealership located in Sedalia, Missouri. Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s the dealership was known as Routszong- Malmo Motors. In Fall, 1971 customer Robert Boone ordered a 1972 GTO with the potent WW5 package which transformed it into one of the ultimate GTOs.

The 1972 W62 GTO option no longer had its own model number but had reverted back to option status on the LeMans. The GTO package provided a 400-4 barrel, dual exhaust with side splitters, 3 speed heavy duty manual floor shift, G70 x 14 Wide Oval tires, Endura front bumper, hood with scoops, front fender air extractors, firm shock absorbers, front and rear stabilizer bar, and GTO identification.

The WW5 Package upgraded the GTO to the 455 HO engine, Unitized ignition, Ram Air system, choice of TH 400 transmission or M22 4 speed, and Safe-T-Track differential. The special Y99 handling package included variable ratio power steering, front and rear 1 1/8" sway bars, power front disc brakes and 15 inch wheels with Goodyear G60 x 15 inch Polyglass GT tires. Inside the WW5 gave you the Formula steering wheel and Rally gauge cluster with tachometer and custom carpets. On the outside of the car the dual body colored racing mirrors and roof drip scalp molding was added.

Robert's Shadow Gold GTO was ordered with automatic TH400, Honeycomb wheels and A/C with soft ray glass and a 3.07 axle ratio. Inside extras included deluxe buckets, console, radio w rear speaker, mats, glove box lamp, and pedal trim. Outside dual horns and wheel opening and hood rear edge molding was added.

After a collision first owner Robert sold the car in 1977. In 1994, yearning to get the car back he bought it from the second owner and restored it. Lloyd Coulson bought it in 2005 and sold it to Mike Marx in order to purchase a Sundance Orange 455 HO. Mike found himself in a similar position of needing to sell to get another car in 2008 and sold it.

The ultimate engine available from Pontiac in 1971 and 1972 was 455 HO but very few made it into the intermediates. In 1972 only 747 H.O. engines were installed into intermediate Pontiacs. 102 found their way into Lemans cars (21 of which were GTs) and 645 ended up in GTOs. Of the GTOs only 290 of those 455 H.O.s were installed as part of the WW5 package. The majority of 455 HO GTOs were ordered as a separate engine option.

Malmo Motors later revised the name to David Malmo Motors. The dealership closed in 1999 and the location was taken over by W-K Chevrolet Buick which assimilated the Malmo Pontiac Cadillac lineup into its roster.David Malmo Mitsubishi carried on for awhile longer at 4901 S Limit before closing.


MILLER PONTIAC, Kansas City, MO (Sold two of the 17 built 1971 Judge convertibles)

Miller Pontiac Co. was located at 4200 Main St, Kansas City, MO car dealership # 313-318. At the start of the 1960s Earl Miller was half owner and general manager. His brother Harris M. Miller owned the other half of the business which was purchased in 1961. Prior to establishing Miller Pontiac Co, Harris M. Miller had owned an Oldsmobile dealership in Manhattan, Kansas which he sold in 1960 to build funds for Miller Pontiac.

The son of one of the owners was named Sam and is mentioned in a post reminiscing about the 1970s. Harris was living in Shawnee Mission, Kansas in 1978 which places him only 12 miles out of city center and he was still marginally involved in the Pontiac dealership. Harris was branching out into other investments while Earl was mainly interested in the Pontiac dealership. Harris was also receiving a nominal fee as director of Harris Miller Oldsmobile. In 1976 the leading Pontiac dealers took out an ad. Earl Miller Pontiac was listed first

Miller Pontiac sold one of the 8 built 1968 Firebird RAII Convertibles. The Miller Firebird was a triple black 4-speed car. PHS documented this Firebird invoiced on June 3, 1968 and sent to Zone 13, Dealer 318. The VIN on this rare Firebird is 23679U164250. This isn't the last time that Miller brought in a top engine option convertible Pontiac. Miller is also known for their penchant for convertible Judges, too.

Of the rare and highly collectible 17 1971 Judge convertibles built, two of them were sold through Miller Pontiac. The Judge enjoyed top status and the convertible was an elite model of the GTO. The GTO had suffered a drastic reduction in sales for 1971 due to the usual reasons cited for the collapse of the musclecar market. With Judge production hovering around 10% of total GTO production, there wouldn't have been very many built if the option had been offered for the full year. However, a two month strike halted GM production right at the beginning of the model year. Before many cars could be built following the strike, the Judge option was cancelled February 11, 1971. Rarest of the handful of Judges built are the convertibles with only 17 built.

Rarity combined with a very desirable body style and one of Pontiac's best engines, the "round port" 455 H.O. has escalated the price of these cars to Mopar levels. Miller Pontiac sold a Cameo White and a Tropical Lime Judge convertible.

Of the three Cameo White with white top and interior Judges two are accounted for. The book MILLION DOLLAR MUSCLE CARS has a few pictures of one of them. VIN number 242671P131352 was shipped out Feb 27, 1971 to Miller Pontiac, which is the only PHS documented car shipped out after the option was cancelled.

The triple white car (it even had white seatbelts) was ordered for the wife of one of the dealers at Miller Pontiac. This suggests that perhaps the Tropical Lime Judge was ordered for the wife of the other partner in the business! It would explain the order of two copies of the endangered species Judge Convertible. Court documents state that Harris M. Miller's wife was named Phyllis. Perhaps this was her car.

The Cameo White car had A/C, automatic, power windows, power door locks, console, Honeycomb wheels, Formula steering wheel, hood tachometer and electric seatback. A solenoid triggers when the door is open and releases the seat back lock. It also has rear headphone jacks for the AM/FM stereo.

The Oct, 1998 issue of HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC profiled the early history of the car. A friend of Dr. Mike Green discovered it in 1988 parked in Ventura, California. It was rusty with 58,000 miles on the odometer. Mike Green bought it and drove it for two years before embarking on a full restoration. The car had been in an accident and a poor repair job required frame work. It was also owned by Bill Wiemann in Arizona. Bill is famous for his Hemi Mopar collection.

Miller also took delivery of one of the two built Tropical Lime Judge convertibles. The Miller Tropical Lime car has a black top, but unlike the other one which has a black interior, the Miller Judge has a white interior. The Millers apparently liked white interiors! The Miller Tropical Lime Judge is VIN 242671P101929 and was shipped Sep 20, 1970. It was ordered with an automatic and A/C. The Tropical Lime GTO was in Kansas for 20 years. Photos of it currently show a pretty thrashed looking car. Now owned by Alan Reed. The JUDGE REGISTRY lists this VIN as a NORDIC SILVER car although the photos seem to show an original paint car.


ROUTSZONG- MALMO MOTORS, Sedalia, MO (Sold 1972 GTO WW5) (became W-K) (see Malmo Motors)

Routszong- Malmo Motors was a Pontiac dealership located in Sedalia, Missouri. The dealership later became known as plain old Malmo Motors and later David Malmo Motors.  See the story above under David Malmo about a 1972 GTO WW5 sold through this dealership.


STATE FAIR CHEVROLET BUICK, Sedalia, MO (assimilated into W-K)

State Fair Chevrolet Buick was located at 3310 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, Missouri. W-K Chevrolet tok over the location in 1999. See the story on W-K Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac further down this page.


BILL STOFFLE FORD, INCLiberty, Missouri (formerly Tyson Ford) (Mach 1 Twister 351)

Bill Stoffle Ford Inc. was located at 135 & Highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri.  was initially established in 1959. After a stint as Bill Stoffle for the dealership changed names to became Tyson Ford Inc. Tyson Ford merged forces to become Turner-Tyson Ford, Inc.

Back when the dealership was still Bill Stoffle Ford they sold one of the 96 dealer special Mustang Twisters built in 1970 specifically for the Kansas zone dealers. See the story on Friendly Ford for more explanation of this special musclecar.

The Bill Stoffle Twister was one of the 48 built with the all new 351 Cleveland 4 barrel engine. The other 48 received the 428 Cobra Jet which was originally intended for installation in the entire run of 96 Twisters. When this car came up for auction at Mecum in April, 2013 they stated that this car is believed to be last one of the 351s: number 48 of the 48 Twisters with the 351. Of all the known Twisters to have survived, 52 are known to exist and only 18 with 351 engine. The car was fully restored and owned by the same family for over 10 years.

The VIN on the Twister is 0F05M118871 which decodes as

0= 1970 model year

F= Built at Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant.

05= Mustang Mach 1 sportsroof

M= 351 Cleveland 4 barrel engine

118871= the 18,871st Ford in the production schedule.

The Marti report indicates that the order was received Sep 30, 1969. The car was scheduled for build Oct 11 and actually built Oct 13, 1969 at the Dearborn, Michigan assembly plant. The car was released Nov 3, 1969 but this date likely refers to release from the Kansas City assembly plant where the Twister stripes and sticker were applied.

The door sticker dated 10/69 tells more about the car.

63C= Mustang Mach 1 sportsroof

U= Grabber Orange paint

3A= Black Clarion Knit/ Corinthian vinyl bucket seat

S= 3.50 Traction Lok axle ratio

X= FMX Cruise-O-Matic transmission

53= Kansas City ordering district.

Aside from the Twister Special option the Mach 1 has FMX Select-O-Matic transmission, optional 3.50 axle ratio, Traction-Lok differential, F70x14 belted tires with raised white letters, Trim rings- hubcaps, black hood stripe, shaker hood scoop, power disc front brakes, AM radio, tinted glass complete,

The car was sold May 18, 1969 but is invoiced to both Bill Stoffle Ford and Tyson Ford. It is assumed that the dealership name changeover was in the process at this time since it was sold to the two different named dealers on the same day.

The dealership is now still going strong as Gary Crossley Ford Inc. See the story above on this page.


SUPERIOR BUICK CADILLAC, Kansas City, MO (became Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac)

Superior Buick Cadillac was located at 1150 West 104th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. On Oct 9, 2012 the dealership was purchased by the Hendrick Auto Group and expanded to include GMC.


THOROUGHBRED FORD, Kansas City, MO 816-505-1818 (Roush dealer)

Thoroughbred Ford has two locations. The main dealer is located at 8501 N Boardwalk Ave, Kansas City, Missouri where I-29 meets Barry Road. Thoroughbred Ford is an authorized Roush dealer and has two Rousch Mustangs in stock.


THOROUGHBRED FORD, Platte City, MO 816-858-3777 (Roush dealer)

Thoroughbred Ford's second location is located at 1901 Prairie View Road, Platte City, Missouri. This location is also an authorized Roush dealer.


TYSON FORD, INC., Liberty, Missouri (formerly Turner-Tyson Ford) (Mach 1 Twister 351)

Tyson Ford Inc. was located at 135 & Highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri. Tyson Ford was formerly known as Turner-Tyson Ford during the 1950s. The Tyson dealership was apparently in the process of being bought and renamed to the Bill Stoffle Ford Inc dealership in May of 1969. A 1970 Mustang Mach 1 Twister Special was sold May 18, 1969 invoiced to both Bill Stoffle Ford and Tyson Ford. It is assumed that the dealership name changeover was in the process at this time since it was sold to the two different named dealers on the same day. See the story on Bill Stoffle Ford for more details about this special car.


TURNER-TYSON FORD, INC., Liberty, Missouri (formerly Tyson Ford)

Turner-Tyson Ford was located at 135 & Highway 152 in Liberty, Missouri during the 1950s and later became simply Tyson Ford Inc.


W-K CHEVROLET BUICK GMC CADILLAC, Sedalia, MO 660-826-8320 (est 1919- absorbed Malma)

W-K Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac is located at 3310 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, Missouri. W-K stands for the initials of the two founding members of the business back in 1919: Walter C Weymuth and Joseph A Kreisel. The business was run as W-K Garage and sold Chevrolets as an associate dealer to the franchised Sedalia Chevrolet dealership owned by E. W. Thompson. Walter's son, Walt V D Weymuth and his wife Mary took over the dealership following the death of the original partners.

In 1949 Chevrolet granted the business a direct Chevy franchise. In 1988 Walt's son, Ken took over the dealership as 3rd generation owner. In 1999 Ken and wife Kim took over the former location of State Fair Chevrolet Buick. In 2004 David Malmo Pontiac Cadillac was closed and the assets bought by Ken and Kim and moved to the Broadway location. The location was renovated in 2012. Ken's son Kyle is current dealer now making him a 4th generation dealer.

In summer, 2014 the dealership had 213 new vehicles in stock, 13 of which were Cadillac, 41 Buicks, 107 Chevrolets, 2 of which were 2014 Camaros (an LT and an SS), and one Torch Red 2014 Stingray convertible.

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