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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown except for photo of 2010 Camaro digital MPG readout copyright Hansel Ford, Santa Rosa, California.

Burton & White Motors, Inc. (Ford), Sacramento, CA

Capitol Chevrolet Co, Sacramento, CA/

Carmean Dodge, Shingle Springs, CA/ Closed

Downtown Ford Sales, Sacramento, CA

John Drew Chevrolet, Sacramento, CA

E. J. Graf Ford Sales Inc, Winters, CA

Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Elk Grove, CA/ 877-648-5630

Elk Grove Ford, Elk Grove, CA 888-450-8331

Elm Ford Inc., Woodland, CA (530) 662-2817 (formerly Elm Ford Mercury)

Fairfield Pontiac Buick GMC, Fairfield, CA/ became Vacaville GMC Buick

Ford Fairfield, Fairfield, CA/ 877-399-5027

Folsom Chevrolet, Folsom, CA 866-563-1501

Folsom Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, Folsom, CA (888) 571-7793

Good Chevrolet, Sacramento, CA

Haidlen Ford Inc, Oakdale, CA/ 888-872-2729

Harrold Ford (aka Ellsworth Harrold Co.), Sacramento, CA 916-922-1535

Hoblit Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, Woodland, CA 530-662-4667

Journey Ford Lincoln, Novato, CA (2011)/ 877-317-3290 (formerly Novato Ford)

Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac, Sacramento, CA 916-270-2073

Levand Auto Center, Tracy, CA/ Closed

Liberty Motors Dodge Chrysler, Grass Valley, CA

Magnussen's Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Auburn, CA/ 877-334-9786

Maita Chevrolet, Elk Grove, CA 877-835-0729

McAuley Ford, Merced Closed/ Patterson, CA- 888-679-1696

Mitchell Chrysler Plymouth Inc. Lodi, CA

Mother Lode Motors (Chrysler), Sonora, CA

Napa Ford Lincoln, Napa, CA/ 707-255-2580 (formerly Napa Ford Linc Merc Saleen)

Novato Ford Lincoln Mercury, Novato, CA/ became Journey Ford

Sanborn Chevrolet, Lodi, CA 209-334-5000

Suburban Ford, Sacramento, CA

Wm. A. Sutton, Co. (Dodge), Sacramento, CA

Vacaville GMC Buick, Vacaville, CA (2003)/ 866-593-1568 (formerly Fairfield Pontiac Buick GMC)

Vogel Chevrolet Co, Sacramento, CA

Dick Wareing Co (Ford), Sacramento, CA

Weaver Auto and Truck Center (Chrysler), Grass Valley, CA


BURTON & WHITE MOTORS INC (Ford), Sacramento, CA

Burton & White Motors, Inc. was a Ford dealership in the 1950s located at 1300 - I Street, Sacramento, California.



Capitol Chevrolet Co was located at 1300 K Street, Sacramento, California. In 1953 they entered a bid with the city to provide cars.


CARMEAN DODGE (2006- 2008), Shingle Springs, CA

dealer carmean dodge shingle springs ca

Carmean Dodge was located at 4401 Wild Chapparel Drive, Shingle Springs, California. Owner Larry Carmean was general manager at Magnusson Dodge in Auburn, California. He left to create his own dealerships, El Dorado Hills Dodge and Carmean Dodge which opened in 2006 and closed July 25, 2008 in the face of wide scale customer complaints.



Downtown Ford Sales was located at 13TH & Rye Streets, Sacramento, California during the 1960s. Downtown Ford was Ford dealer code # 72C201.



John Drew Chevrolet was located at 2201 Broadway, Sacramento, California. Drew moved here at the start of the 1970s when Harrold Ford moved out.



E. J. Graf Ford Sales Inc was located in Winters, California during the 1960s. Graf's Ford dealer code # was 72C532.


ELK GROVE DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP, Elk Grove, CA/ 877-648-5630

dealer elk grove chryslercalifornia license frame

Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep is located at 8575 Laguna Drive, Elk Grove, California which is a southern suburb of Sacramento. Elk Grove Dodge Chrysler Jeep is owned by the Lasher Family whose car dealership history traces back to the mid 1950s and now own multiple dealerships in the Sacramento area. The Lasher family began with Elk Grove Volkswagen which was established in 1955 and gradually acquired more VW dealerships, eventually branching out into other brands.

Mark and Scott Lasher are the dealer principals of Elk Grove Dodge. Lasher used to own a Chevrolet Buick location which was closed during the GM purge of dealerships in 2009. The Lasher Auto Group owns Subaru, VW, Isuzu, Acura and Audi dealerships.

Elk Grove Dodge has 45 new Chryslers on the lot, 184 new Dodges, 99 new Jeeps, and 104 new RAMs.

Out of the Dodges, 25 are new 2013 Dodge Challengers. The majority are SXTs with heavy discounts taking the price down to $21,277.00 from MSRP of $26,790.00. There are quite a few R/Ts which start at $30,000.00 MSRP but no discounts. They have one new 2013 Challenger SRT8 which is Granite Crystal Metallic with a MSRP of $47,245.00. VIN is 2C3CDYCJ0DH569747. The 6.4 L (it has 392 Hemi badges) with engine oil cooler is running through a six speed Tremec manual and 3.92 anti-spin axle.


ELK GROVE FORD, Elk Grove, CA 888-450-8331

dealer elk grove ford ca logo

Elk Grove Ford, Elk Grove is located at 9546 Auto Center Drive, California. Matt Wood is the dealer principle and Cale Wood is general sales manager. In winter, 2015 Elk Grove Ford had 330 new vehicles in stock, 16 of which were Mustangs all of which were Ecoboosts except for 3 new GT convertibles.


ELM FORD INC., Woodland, CA (530) 662-2817 (formerly Elm Ford Mercury)

dealer elm ford woodland ca

Elm Ford Inc. is located at 346 Main Street, Woodland, California. In Winter 2014 Elm had 58 new vehicles in stock including 11 cars (all Taurus, Focus and Fusions- no Mustangs).


FAIRFIELD PONTIAC BUICK GMC, Fairfield, CA/ became Vacaville GMC Buick

Fairfield Pontiac Buick GMC was located on Interstate 80 in Fairfield, California. August, 2003 new owner Eleanor Felbaum relocated the dealer to Vacaville, hence the renaming to Vacaville GMC Buick.


FORD FAIRFIELD, Fairfield, CA/ 877-399-5027

dealer ford fairfield ca license frame

Ford Fairfield is located at 3050 Auto Mall Ct, Fairfield, California. This is a modern state of the art dealership opened 2011. They have 497 new vehicles on the lot. Mainly 2013s, there are some 2012s and 2014s and amazingly, eight 2011 new cars present. One is a new 2011 Race Red Mustang V6 Premium coupe VIN 1ZVBP8AM9B5148364 which somehow slipped through the cracks and is offered for $28,685.00 which is the exact MSRP. Options were the $995.00 code 202A (V6 Pony Package, rear spoiler, front floor mats Mustang logo, painted side mirror), $995.00 six speed automatic plus $850.00 destination. Considering it was shipped out by rail Sep 30, 2010 this car has been sitting idle for quite some time and a deal could probably be worked out.

Fairfield has 22 new 2013 Mustangs including one in the new 'Gotta Have It Green' color. They also have three new 2013 Boss 302s. The black Boss VIN 1ZVBP8CU8D5246348 has the Laguna Seca option. The window sticker has a MSRP of $59,465.00 and says that it was originally shipped by rail July 20, 2012 to Boggus Ford Lincoln in McCallen, Texas. The manufacturer door sticker quotes a GVWR of 4100 lbs which is 120 lbs less than the regular Boss 302s. The explanation comes in two parts. An X frame in place of the rear seat in the Laguna lowers curb weight and the lower maximum load of 364 lbs for two passengers plus luggage drops the maximum load the car can carry. The sticker specifies 32 PSI front and rear for the massive summer performance tires while the 'regular' Boss recommends 35 PSI.

Fairfield has two new 2013 Schoolbus Yellow 302s available. VIN 1ZVBP8CU1D5280129 was built Dec, 2012 and shipped out Dec 10, 2012. The manufacturer's door sticker indicates GVWR 4,420 lbs which is more than the Laguna Seca with its cross brace in place of a back seat. Maximum load is 664 pounds for luggage plus four passengers leaving a vehicle weight of 3,556 pounds. With the Recaro seats/ Helical option, Boss car cover the MSRP is $45,465.00.

The second Schoolbus Yellow 2013 Boss 302 VIN 1ZVBP8CU2D5206217 was built March, 2012 and shipped by rail March 16, 2012. The picture of the window sticker appears to indicate that it was first shipped to an L.A. dealer- the picture is too small to know for certain. It has 87 miles on the odometer and an inventory sticker for Fairfield dated Oct, 2012. The MSRP is a frugal $44,990.00 which was accomplished by not ordering the Boss car cover. The only option is the Recaro seats/ Helical diff.

Fairfield is also selling a used 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302, VIN 1ZVBP8CU7C5270459. It has 11,871 miles on it. The door sticker shows build date Dec, 2011 although the window sticker says it was shipped out Nov 29, 2011. The door stickers are usually correct plus or minus one month. The door sticker states that the GVWR and tire pressure is the same as the new 2013 Boss 302. The used price at $37,994.00 is pretty reasonable for a car that has had one owner of 8 months. The MSRP when new was $43,575.00 (options were the Recaro seats and the car cover). Carfax indicates built and shipped Dec 12, 2011 with a large gap between this and the date it was part of dealer inventory March 5, 2012 with 1 mile on the odometer. It was registered to first owner in Benicia, CA March 24, 2012 until Dec 10, 2012.


FOLSOM CHEVROLET, Folsom, CA 866-563-1501

Folsom Chevrolet is located at 12655 Auto Mall Circle, Folsom, California. Marshal Crossan is president and Larry Crossnan is general manager. In winter, 2014 Folsom had 283 new vehicles in stock, 101 of which were cars. Folsom had 16 new 2014 Camaros, 2 new 2014 Corvette Stingrays and 1 new 2014 Chevrolet SS.



dealer folsom lake chrysler ca license frame

The business name of Folsom Lake Chrysler Jeep traces back to a dealership located at 12530 Automall Circle, Folsom, California. The business was incorporated as PEOPLE'S CHRYSLER JEEP INC. The dealership was owned by Gary A Hamner. This dealership was listed for closure in 2009 during Chrysler Corporate bankruptcy.

The dealership name rose again as Folsom Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM now located at 12545 Folsom Blvd and appears to be doing fine. In winter, 2016 Folsom had 344 new vehicles in stock, 104 of which were cars. 14 of the cars were new Dodge Challengers.

2 of the new 2016 Challengers were R/T Scat Pack cars. One was Torred and the other was Plum.

Incredibly, 3 of the new Challengers were 6.2 L Supercharged Hellcats! The Pitch Black 2016 Hellcat VIN 2C3CDZC9XGH157481 is an 8 speed automatic selling for $68,185.00. The Redline Red 2016 Hellcat was VIN 2C3CDZC9XGH130619 is also an 8 speed automatic. This one lists for  $74,555.00. Folsom also had a 3rd 2016 Hellcat in transit which was Plum Crazy Pearlcoat VIN 2C3CDZC92GH193049 and is an 8 speed automatic listed for $70,180.00.



Good Chevrolet was located at 2201 Broadway, Sacramento, California after Drew Chevrolet moved out in the mid 1970s.


HAIDLEN FORD INC, Oakdale, CA/ 888-872-2729

Haidlen Ford Inc is located at 1355 East F Street in Oakdale, California. They have been at the same location as far back as the 1960s when they were known as Haidlen Ford Mercury. The dealership is currently under the general managership of Erich Haidlen. In a refreshing switch from the modern trend towards a few token cars on a lot replete with trucks, SUVs and crossovers, Haidlen has 20 new cars on their new car lot vs 30 of the other types of vehicles. They have a Deep Impact Blue new 2014 Shelby  GT500 VIN 1ZVBP8JZ8E5271931 for $67,690.00. The remainder of the cars are Fusions, Focus, Taurus, Fiesta


HARROLD FORD (aka ELLSWORTH HARROLD CO.), Sacramento, CA 916-922-1535 (1911)

Harrold Ford is located at 1535 Howe Ave, Sacramento, California.

Ellsworth Harrold Co. was a Ford dealership established in 1911 and is still family owned today. Harrold's website states that they are one of the oldest Ford dealers in the world. The dealership was located at 2201 Broadway at Y Street starting in 1931 along what became a fairly large auto row on Broadway. In the 1958 a second display showroom opened at 2217 Broadway. The dealership was owned by Ellsworth Harrold who was still signing his name in the warranty books in the 1960s. The dealer code was 7862F. The dealer name was shortened to Harrold Ford in the late 1960s. When Harrold Ford left 2201 Broadway Drew Chevrolet took over the space.

In winter, 2014 the Harrold lot at Howe contained 167 new vehicles, 7 of which were new 2014 Mustangs, 3 of which were GT models.



dealer hoblit chrysler woodland ca license frame

Hoblit Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is located at 333 Main St, Woodland, California. The dealership was established in 1949 and the current president Chad Hoblit is a 4th generation owner. In spring, 2015 Hoblit had 350 new vehicles in stock, 46 of which were Dodge. Of the Dodge inventory, 5 were new Challengers and 9 were new Chargers.


JOURNEY FORD LINCOLN, Novato, CA/ 877-317-3290 (formerly Novato Ford)

Journey Ford Lincoln opened in 2011 in the old Novato Ford Lincoln location at 6995 Redwood Highway 101, Novato, California. At the start of 2013 they had five new 2013 Mustang V6s and one new 2014 Mustang V6. They had one new 2013 GT, two 2013 GT converts and one new 2014 GT convert.

They also have a new Black 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca, VIN 1ZVBP8CU5D5275628 with a base price of $42,200.00 plus the Equipment Group option 501A ($6,995.00), the Boss car cover ($475.00) and delivery ($795.00) taking MSRP to $50,465.00. The window sticker is marked 'Special Order' and shows that the Boss was shipped out by rail Nov 1, 2012.

They have a new Performance White with Blue Stripes 2013 Shelby GT500, VIN 1ZVBP8JZ7D5271840. It has a black leather Recaro interior with blue striping. Aside from the Recaro option and electronics, it has the SVT options taking final MSRP up to $67,090.00. Journey has it listed at $72,090.00. It was shipped out by rail Oct 22, 2012.


KUNI CHEVROLET CADILLAC, Sacramento, CA 916-270-2073 (see Kuni Cadillac, Beaverton, OR)

Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac is located at 2449 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, California. This dealership was established in the 1981 (according to the Better Business Bureau) as part of the expansion of the Kuni Autogroup luxury dealerships which started with Kuni Cadillac in Beaverton, Oregon (see OREGON/ PORTLAND Area Dealers for the story).

In fall, 2014 Kuni had 221 new Chevrolet vehicles in stock, 112 of which were cars including 10 new Camaros. 6 of the new Camaros were 2014 models and 4 were new 2015 Camaros, including one Black ZL1 with an MSRP OF $62,885.00. This 6 speed auto equipped ZL1 has the 6.2 L supercharged engine. The VIN indicates a pretty early production model 2G1FM1EP2F9800199. Kuni also had 3 new 2015 Corvettes, 1 of which was in transit.

In fall, 2014 Kuni had 94 new Cadillacs in stock, 79 of which were cars.



Postcard images copyright Dodge 1967. Below is a postcard created by Dodge advertising. Individual dealers could place their stamp on the back. Getting this from your local dealer in the mail was certain to catch your attention. If the 1967 Charger didn't do the trick, the cute girl would.


The backside of the card allowed space for a salesman to write a note to a prospective customer. You can see the difference in the ink where the dealer has placed his information on the bottom of the card using a stamp.


To see more dealer postcards, read the 1972 GTO story in the ONE OWNER section of this website and Kole Pontiac filed under ILLINOIS OAK LAWN in this DEALERSHIPS section.



Liberty Motors Dodge Chrysler was located at 600 Freeman Lane, Grass Valley, California. The owner was Gary K Alcombrack. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.



Magnussen's Dodge Chrysler Jeep is located east of Sacramento at 1901 Grass Valley, Auburn, California. They have 147 vehicles on the lot. In a sign of the times, only one new 2013 Challenger sits on the lot. At least it is an SRT8 with the 6.4 L/ 392 Hemi. This Bright White (Radar Red and Slate Gray interior) Challenger is VIN 2C3CDYCJ9DH605810.


MAITA CHEVROLET, Elk Grove, CA 877-835-0729

dealer maita chevrolet elk grove ca license frame

Maita Chevrolet is located at 9650 Auto Center Dr, , Elk Grove, California. In winter, 2015 Maita had 148 new vehicles in stock, including 2 new Corvettes and 26 new Camaros. Maita also had 1 new 2015 Summit White Camaro Z28 VIN 2G1FZ1EE2F9700460. The MSRP $76,545.00 is subject to Loyalty Bonus Cash of $4,000.00 and a $250.00 rebate but then the dealer has added on something called Dealer Market Adjustment of $9,995.00 taking the total up to $85,260.00. The fine print explaining the price hike suggests dealer equipment may be added to the vehicle or it may be subject to a prior sale agreement so we don't know the story behind the price hike. The window sticker shows 2 options: grey outdoor vehicle cover and single zone A/C.


MCAULEY FORD, Merced, CA closed/ Patterson, CA open: 888-679-1696

dealer mcauley ford merced ca license frame

McAuley Ford was located at 744 West Main Street, Merced, California. McAuley later became a combination Ford/ Mitsubishi dealership before closing.

The McAuley location in Patterson was established in 1994. McAuley in Patterson is still thriving at 250 North El Circulo Avenue. They have 45 new vehicles on site. They have two new 2013 Mustang V6s and one new 2014 Mustang V6.


MITCHELL CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INC, Lodi, CA (formerly Mitchell & Koenig)

Mitchell Chrysler Plymouth Inc. was located at 525 W Lockeford St, Lodi, California. The dealership originated as Mitchell & Koenig Chrysler Plymouth. Mitchell Chrysler-Plymouth, Inc. was incorporated on Thursday 10th October 1968. See the story below for the earlier history of the dealership.



Mitchell & Koenig Chrysler Plymouth was located at 525 W Lockeford St Lodi California. The dealership was established by Boyd Mitchell. Boyd's twin sons Grant and Woodrow Mitchell eventually took over the family business.

Grant Mitchell was born on November 6, 1917, in Wing, North Dakota. The family moved to Lodi in 1920. In 1941, Grant graduated from UC Berkley with a degree in Forestry. During WWII, Grant was an Army Air Corps weather forecaster stationed at McClellan Air Field. He married Angelica Fanos, also from Lodi in 1944 and were married 68 years until her death.

Grant and his twin brother, Woodrow worked for Mitchell & Koenig for the majority of their careers. The last statement of the company was filed on July 9, 1973.

He and Angie moved to Almond Avenue Residence Club in Orangevale and he died March 12, 2015, at the age of 97. His wife, Angelica, preceded him in death in 2012.


MOTHER LODE MOTORS (Chrysler), Sonora, CA

Mother Lode Motors was a Chrysler dealer owned by Karen Flake located at 13411 Mono Way, Sonora, CA. In 2009 the dealership was listed for closure by Chrysler during their bankruptcy dealership purge.


NAPA FORD LINCOLN, Napa, CA/ 707-255-2580

dealer napa ford lincoln merc napa ca license

Previously known as Napa Ford Lincoln Mercury Saleen, the death of Mercury and de emphasis on performance left the dealership with two brands. Napa Ford Lincoln is located at 300 Soscol Avenue, Napa, California. Napa has 84 new vehicles on site. They have two 2013 Mustangs, one V6 and a GT. The big news is a new 2013 Black Shelby GT500 coupe VIN 1ZVBP8JZ5D5280097. The Supercharged 5.8 L DOHC engine feeds a six speed manual, channeled through the optional SVT Track Package. The MSRP is $69,085.00 and it was shipped out Dec 11, 2012 with SPECIAL ORDER written on the window sticker.

The used section includes a Carfax report for the vehicles being sold at Napa. For instance, a 2005 Redfire Metallic Mustang Premium 4.0 L V6 5 speed auto coupe with VIN 1ZVFT80N455174902 comes up on Carfax as a one owner 30,917 mile car. Carfax says it was built and shipped Feb 25, 2005 and first registered in Napa, CA March 25, 2005. On Feb 11, 2011 it showed 25,362 miles during emissions testing. Jan 24, 2013 it was sold to Napa Ford. Carfax points out that over 7 yrs 9 months ownership, the average annual mileage of 3,941 miles is well below the average 15,000 miles industry average. The $14,499.00 price starts to look very good once you analyze the history of the car.

A 2005 Mustang GT Deluxe 4.6 (281 c.i.) automatic on the lot also looked pretty good. It's Torch Red with VIN number 1ZVFT82H855134555, also a one owner with no accidents. Built and shipped Dec 10, 2004 it was bought in Napa with 72 miles on Feb 6, 2005. Emissions inspection Jan 18, 2011 showed 33,397 miles. Nov 29, 2012 it was put up for sale with 40,011 miles. Price: $18,899.00.

They had another 2005 GT on the lot for the same price but it was a two owner car with 50,493 miles. For an extra $100.00 you could buy the Performance White 2005 convertible with 52,318 miles which was owned by someone from Sonoma, CA.


NOVATO FORD LINCOLN MERCURY, Novato, CA/ Closed- became Journey Ford Lincoln.

dealer novato ford linc merc novato ca license

Novato Ford Lincoln Mercury was located at 6995 Redwood Highway 101, Novato, California. The dealership survived the death of Mercury to become Novato Ford Lincoln, but folded in 2011. Novato was taken over by Journey Ford Lincoln.


SANBORN CHEVROLET, Lodi, CA 209-334-5000

dealer sanborn chev lodi ca lic frame

Sanborn Chevrolet is located at 1210 S. Cherokee Lane, Lodi, California. Sanborn was established in 1971.

In winter, 2015 Sanborn had 105 new vehicles in stock, 34 of which were cars. Of the 7 new 2015 Camaros in stock, 2 were SS models.



Suburban Ford was  located at 4625 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA. Suburban's Ford dealer code # was 72C205.


WILLIAM A. SUTTON CO (Dodge), Sacramento, CA

Wm. A. Sutton, Co. was a Dodge dealer in the 1950s located at 1415 Broadway, Sacramento, California.


VACAVILLE GMC BUICK, Vacaville, CA (2003)/ 866-593-1568

dealer vacaville pontiac buick gmc ca licence frame

Vacaville GMC Buick is located at 350 Orange Drive, Vacaville, California. The dealership relocated from Fairfield, California to the Vacaville location in August, 2003. Previously known as Vacaville Pontiac Buick GMC, and before that Fairfield Pontiac Buick GMC Inc. The owner and president is Eleanor Felbaum. She bought Fairfield Pontiac Buick GMC in 2000. Her husband Larry Felbaum is General Sales Manager.

Vacaville has 54 new vehicles on site, 11 of which are cars. They have 2013 Buick Regals, Veranos and LaCrosses.

There are 48 used vehicles on the lot, of which 22 are cars. There are some Cadillac CTSs, an STS and an older 1997 Eldorado with 61,193 miles being blown out for $7,988.00.

They have a used 2011 Inferno Orange Camaro 1LT automatic VIN 2G1FB1ED6B9118576 with 25,951 miles going out for $24,988.00. It is an RS and has a power sunroof and Boston sound system.

Vacaville had a 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP convertible VIN 1G2MG35X08Y113999 painted 'Magnetic Carbon Flash Metallic'. It looks grey to me. The little car has a Turbo ECOTEC Variable Valve Timing DOHC 2.0 L four cylinder with aluminum block. With 260 HP and 260 ft/lbs of torque running through a five speed manual you can keep the revs in the right space and get some performance out of this car. Combined with minimal weight it should be quick enough, but the downside is that it only provides 19 City MPG/ 28 Hwy MPG. It has 18" polished aluminum wheels with P245/45R-18-96W performance tires and a 3.73 axle ratio so economy was never the point anyways. To maximize room, it has a tire sealer kit, no spare. They are selling for $17,988.00.



Vogel Chevrolet Company was located at 1616 I Street in Sacramento, California. In 1959 Vogel built a glass fronted showroom addition to the warehouse type building they used in the 1940s.


DICK WAREING CO. (Ford), Sacramento, CA

Dick Wareing Co was a Ford dealer located at 1217 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, California during the 1960s. The Ford dealer code was # 72C203.



Weaver Auto and Truck Center was a Chrysler dealer located at 400 Idaho Maryland Rd, Grass Valley, California. The owner was Thomas H Weaver at the time it was listed for closure in 2009 by Chrysler due to the corporate bankruptcy restructuring.


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