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RHODE ISLAND Dealers- Tasca Ford
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Fournier Ford Inc (1971-1994) East Providence, RI (former and future Tasca Ford location)

Paul Masse Chevrolet, East Providence, RI (supporter of Corvette Club of RI) (401) 441-6384

Norwood Chevrolet, Waldwick, RI (Performance Dealership)

Scuncio Chevrolet Inc, Wakefield, RI (Performance dealership- later moved to Greenville, RI)
Tasca Ford (19**-71/ 1994 to present) East Providence, RI


FOURNIER FORD INC, East Providence, RI/ (1971-1994)

Fournier Ford came into existence when Bob Tasca sold his Tasca Ford performance dealership in the wake of the musclecar demise and Ford Motor Company pulling out of all racing sponsorship. Tasca ran a Lincoln Mercury dealership while Fournier Ford carried on with Fords in the old Tasca location. In 1994 Fournier shut down. Bob Tasca seized the opportunity to buy back the dealership and revive the old musclecar days once more.


PAUL MASSE CHEVROLET, East Providence, RI (supporter of Corvette Club of RI) (401) 441-6384

Paul Masse Chevrolet is located at Route 44 on 1111 Taunton Ave, East Providence, Rhode Island. Masse also has a Buick GMC dealership in Woonsocket, Paul Masse Chevrolet South in Wakefield, and Paul Masse Buick GMC South in South Kingston. The Chevrolet dealership is a long time supporter of The Corvette Club of Rhode Island which is reflected by the healthy inventory of new Corvette Stingrays in stock in winter, 2014. Of the 14 new Corvettes, 6 of them were Z51s. Masse also had 9 new 2013 Corvettes in stock, including big guns like the ZR1 and 427.

Of the 346 new vehicles in stock, 190 were cars. Aside from the large Corvette inventory, Masse had 29 new Camaros mainly 2014 stock, but there were a few 2013s as well. Masse had 4 of the new 2014 Chevrolet SS in stock.


NORWOOD CHEVROLET, Waldwick, RI (Performance Dealership)

Norwood Chevrolet was located at 13338 Post Rd, Waldwick, Rhode Island. The performance manager was Dick Pinto. Mel Perry also worked at Norwood Chev and he was also affiliated with the Motion Speed Shop.

Norwood also sponsored Ralph Ridgeway in a Camaro drag racer.


SCUNCIO CHEVROLET INC, Wakefield, RI (Performance dealer- later moved to Greenville, RI)

Scuncio Chevrolet Inc was originally located in Wakefield, Rhode Island before relocating to 446 Putnam Pike (Route 44), Greenville, Rhode Island in the early 1970s.

Performance manager Bob Johnson raced several cars under Scuncio sponsorship including a 1968 Z/28, a 1969 Camaro convertible, and a 1969 station wagon. One of Johnson's Camaros was named the 'Strip Teaser'.

Scuncio was known for selling many Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelle SS cars. The dealership also sold the top supercars such as a ZL1 Camaro and several COPO 427 Chevelle SSs and Camaros. Scuncio also distributed Yenko Duece Novas and Yenko Vegas.

Scuncio did their own V8 Vega conversion that received magazine coverage in an article entitled 'Radical Cheek'. The 1973 Scuncio Vega had a 370 HP 350 LT1 engine with headers, high rise manifold, dual Holley carburetors, 4 speed and new front suspension.


TASCA FORD, East Providence, RI 800-788-2114/ 800-737-0435

TASCA MOD SHOP 888-729-7778

dealer tasca ford rhode isle metal plate

Tasca Ford was located at 777 Taunton Avenue, East Providence, Rhode Island. In the 1960s they billed themselves as "The world's second largest Ford dealer."

Tasca Ford fielded a racing team and famously ran one of the Thunderbolts which were drag racing oriented factory created cars. Tasca Ford also pressed the Ford decision makers to improve on their existing muscle cars much the way Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge was inciting Chrysler corporation to up the ante in their muscle car offerings. Bob Tasca, Sr is credited with creating the first Cobra Jet. He couldn't sit back and watch the 390 Mustangs get beaten on the streets.

Bill Lawton was a major driver during the 1960s for Tasca Ford. Tasca sponsored Lawton and tuner John Healey in Super Stock, Factory Experimental, and Funny Cars. Lawton won the 1965 NHRA Winternationals Factory Experimental class in the 'Mystery 8'. After making 8 seconds, the 'Mystery 7' was unveiled. Tasca. After the musclecar boom died and Henry Ford brought down the boom, Tasca withdrew from all racing activity. Bill Lawton raced funny cars without the Tasca sponsorship.

Bob Tasca sold the dealership in 1971 and opened a Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Seekonk, MA. The Tasca Ford dealership was renamed Fournier Ford. In 1994, Tasca bought back his old Ford dealership, renamed it Tasca and got back down to performance action.

The performance tradition is still alive at Tasca Ford. The dealer has an entire business devoted to hot cars called Tasca Mod Shop. This facility has a unique position of being an authorized Shelby Mod Shop. They have revived the Super Snake name and concept.

Tasca also races a new version of the famed Cobra Jet. Carl Tasca, Sr is following in the footsteps of Bob Tasca, Sr who invented the Cobra Jet back in 1968. Carl has run a 2008 and a 2010 Cobra Jet which are 7 second cars. Tasca has an associate sponsorship for John Force. Tasca also raced a TA/FC with Carl named the 'Mystery 5' which carries on the tradition of the old Bill Lawton funny cars from the 1960s.

The Tasca Ford dealership has expanded to include many other makes and now has two locations. Tasca Automotive Group Cranston is located at 1300 Pontiac Ave, Cranston, Rhode Island. Tasca Automotive Group Seekonk is located at 200 Fall River Ave, Seekonk, MA.


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