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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown except photos of 1966 GTO and Sands license frame in the Sands Pontiac story and the Fraser Chevrolet logo which are copyright and courtesy of Dick Duppenthaler.

Ball Oldsmobile Cadillac GMC, Bellingham, WA (became Dewey Griffith)

Bellingham Chrysler Center, Bellingham, WA (became Rairdon's)

Blade Chevrolet, Mt Vernon, WA 360-424-3231

Don Boyer Chevrolet-Pontiac Inc, Oak Harbor, WA (became Frontier Chevrolet)

Chambers Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham, WA/ 877-425-8535 (part of LITHIA MOTORS)

Diehl Motor Co (Ford- 1908), Bellingham, WA/ 360-392-7000

Fountain Motor Co (Rambler -Jeep), Bellingham, WA

Fraser Chevrolet Co., Bellingham, WA (1957- 60/ took over Nelson Motor co lot)

Frontier Chevrolet, Oak Harbor, WA (formerly Don Boyer Chevrolet-Pontiac Inc)

Frontier Ford, Anacortes, WA 866-855-4132 (Rousch and Steve Saleen Mustangs)

Gearhart Ford Sales Co., Mount Vernon, WA

Dewey Griffin Buick GMC, Bellingham, WA/ 360-734-8700

Dewey Griffin Oldsmobile, Bellingham, WA

Gubrod Motor Co (Chrysler Plymouth), Mount Vernon, WA

Hinton Chevrolet Buick, Lynden, WA 866-552-7141 (formerly Hinton Chev Olds Co)

Jeffcott Motor Co (Dodge), Ferndale, WA

Roger Jobs Motors Inc (Jeep), Bellingham, WA

KarMart Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, Burlington, WA 888-876-9571

L&L Dodge Inc, Bellingham, WA (1963- corner lot of former Frazer Chev Co)

Lynden Rambler, Lynden, WA

Mt. Baker Motors (Buick), Bellingham, WA

Nelson Motor Co, Bellingham, WA (1955 took over Wallace Chev Co location)

Oak Harbor Motors (Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM), Oak Harbor, WA (844) 796-3614

Pioneer Ford Inc, Lynden, WA (became Imports and Classics)

Rairdon's Chrysler, Bellingham, WA/ 888-526-0461 (formerly Bellingham Chrysler Center)

Sample's Chrysler Plymouth Inc, Bellingham, WA

Sands Pontiac, Bellingham, WA

Skagit Auto Center Inc, Burlington, WA
Skagit Ford, Burlington, WA 800-735-7154 (formerly Skagit River Ford Lincoln)
Skagit Lincoln Mercury, Burlington, WA
Jerry Smith Chevrolet, Anacortes, WA 360-610-4128

Wallace Chevrolet Co, Bellingham, WA (1935-55 took over Smith Motor Co lot)

Wilson Motors (Lincoln Mercury), Bellingham, WA


BALL OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC GMC, Bellingham, WA (became Dewey Griffith)

Ball Oldsmobile Cadillac GMC was located at Grand and Central in Bellingham, Washington in the 1960s. In 1967 Dewey Griffith bought the franchise.


BELLINGHAM CHRYSLER CENTER, Bellingham, WA (became Rairdon's

dealer bellingham chrysler auto center license

Bellingham Chrysler Center was located at 1615 Iowa Street, Bellingham, Washington. It seems that it traces back to Bellingham Chrysler Auto Center which was in existence in the 1980s as attested to by the expiry date on this license plate.

dealer bellingham chrysler center lice plate

Bellingham Chrysler Center was taken over by Rairdon's Chrysler which is still in existence today. See the story below.


BLADE CHEVROLET, Mt Vernon, WA 360-424-3231

dealer blade chev license frame

Blade Chevrolet is located at 1100 Freeway Dr,, Mt Vernon, Washington. The Blade Chevy dealership traces its roots back to 1913 when it was established by Carl Blade. Carl Blade is the grandfather of Walt Blade and great-grandfather of current owners Mike and Scott Blade. Blade also sells Recreational Vehicles.

dealer blade chev mt vernon lot

Out front of the dealership sits an Arctic White 2015 Corvette Stingray Z51 1LT Coupe VIN 1G1YH2D78F5117554 equipped with 6.2 L and an automatic transmission.

In Spring, 2015 Blade had 180 new vehicles in stock, 40 of which were cars. Of the 8 Camaros in stock, 1 was an SS and 1 was a 2015 Red Hot Camaro Z-28 (VIN 2G1FZ1EE0F9701090) with 7.0 L and standard shift. The Z-28 window sticker adds up as follows: Destination Charge $995.00 + Optional Single-zone manual air conditioning $1,150.00 + Gas guzzler tax $1,700.00 = MSRP* $76,150.00.


DON BOYER CHEVROLET- PONTIAC INC, Oak Harbor, WA (became Frontier Chevrolet)

Don Boyer Chevrolet-Pontiac Inc was located at 1281 West Pioneer, Oak Harbor, Washington. The dealer was zone 42 dealer # 050. The dealership was established by Don Boyer in the 1960s.

Oak Harbor Mayor Jim Slowik was general manager of Boyer Chevrolet in the 1980s. He likens Boyer Chevrolet to a city institution. He states,

“We had a brisk business back then. Don was a mentor to me and a great example of how to serve your community. He gave to the community and the community gave back to Don,” he said.

In 1982, Don Boyer Chevrolet/Pontiac was named Time Magazine Dealer of the Year by the Washington State Auto Dealers Association.

Gary Funk purchased the dealership in 1996 and renamed it Frontier Chevrolet. His partner in the business Rick Rennebohm stayed until 2012 when his share of the company was bought out by Gary. Sadly, Frontier Chevrolet was shut down in 2013 when GM purged itself of 1,100 dealerships. See the story below about Frontier Chevrolet.



dealer chambers chev bellingham license frame

Chambers Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham was located at 3891 Northwest Ave Bellingham, Washington. The dealership was sold and became part of the Lithia Motors auto group. See the story on Lithia Chrysler in Ashland, Oregon for more information. In 2013 the dealership was renovated and renamed  Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham.


CHEVROLET CADILLAC OF BELLINGHAM, Bellingham, WA/ 877-590-3630 (formerly Chambers)

dealer bellingham chev cad license frame

Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham is located at 3891 Northwest Ave Bellingham, Washington. This lot was the former location of Chambers Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham.

dealer bellingham chev cad building

On July 28, 2014 Dewey Griffin sold it's GM franchise off to Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham which was renamed Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Bellingham.

Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham had new vehicles in stock in winter, 2015. The 2015 Cadillac ATS below is a fairly small and sporty car. Its refreshing to see a 2 door car nowadays. By emulating the European performance 4 door sedan concept for so long the domestic manufacturers gradually wiped out their specialty 2 door models. For years Cadillac and Lincoln fought it out for dominance of the personal car market with the Eldorado and the Mark series. Now Lincoln has no 2 door models and the closest Cadillac builds to an Eldorado is the El Mirage show car of 2013.  This is certainly no Eldorado but it is a 2 door luxury car. Instead of using the existing Delta FWD platform (Chevy Cruze, Buick Verano) for the ATS, Cadillac came up with a new platform they named Alpha for the ATS and CTS. Now the Alpha platform will be the basis for the new 2016 Camaro.

15 cadillac ATS black bellingham chev cad

This Jet Black 2015 Cadillac ATS coupe is VIN 1G6AH1RX3F0112046. It has a 2.0L Inline 4 cylinder Turbo Direct Injection DOHC engine with Variable Valve Timing that manages to pump put 272 HP @ 5500 RPM and 295 lb-ft of torque @ 3000-4600 RPM and includes dual stainless steel bright tip exhausts.

All Wheel Drive channels through a 6-speed automatic transmission with tap-shift control and a 3.27 axle ratio. The car has keyless ignition with push button start, ZF premium rack-and-pinion electric steering, sport suspension. The tires are all season run flat P225/40R18 front and P255/35R18 rear on 18" x 8" painted aluminum wheels.

MSRP is $48,045.00 which is reduced by a discount of $2,191.00 for a final price of $45,854.00.


DIEHL MOTOR CO (Ford- 1908), Bellingham, WA/ 360-392-7000

dealer deihl ford bellingham wa license frame

Diehl Motor Company is a Ford dealership that traces all the way back to 1908. Hugh Diehl opened one of the first Ford franchises in Washington State on Prospect Street at Flora in Bellingham, Washington. The location later hosted city hall and now houses the ARCO Exhibit Hall of the Whatcom Museum of History and Art.


Diehl Ford moved to Cornwall and Champion Street in 1914. Champion Street is still a major artery running through the downtown area with many well maintained majestic old buildings. This location was rebuilt after a fire in 1948.

Robert Diehl, the son of Hugh Diehl became President of the dealership in 1951. In 1970, Diehl Ford moved to a new building at James Street. This location was renovated and expanded over the years and can be seen in the photo above taken when you first exit Interstate 5.

Bob Diehl, the son of Robert Diehl became President in 1980. Bob's son Mike, the great grandson of company founder Hugh is now also in the family business. Diehl Ford is the third oldest Ford dealership in the world.


FOUNTAIN MOTOR CO (Rambler-Jeep), Bellingham, WA

Fountain Motor Co was a Jeep and Rambler dealership located at Broadway and Girard Street, Bellingham, Washington during the 1960s.


FRASER CHEVROLET CO., Bellingham, WA (1957- 60/ took over Nelson Motor co lot)

dealer fraser chevrolet bellingham wa logo

Fraser Chevrolet Co was located at N Forest and E Champion, Bellingham, Washington during the 1960s. Fraser Chevrolet Co., Bellingham, WA (1957- 60/ took over Nelson Motor co lot). In 1960 Wilson Motors took over the Fraser location. Owner Rick Wilson moved the dealer from 315 E Champion to 1100 Iowa St in 2008. By this time the dealer was a Toyota franchise. Wilson also has a Nissan franchise at 1516 Iowa St.


FRONTIER CHEVROLET, Oak Harbor, WA (formerly Don Boyer Chevrolet-Pontiac Inc)

Frontier Chevrolet was located at 1281 West Pioneer, Oak Harbor, Washington. Frontier was a continuation of the franchise established in the 1960s by Don Boyer as Don Boyer Chevrolet and later known as Don Boyer Chevrolet-Pontiac Inc.

Gary Funk purchased Don Boyer Chev in 1996 and renamed it Frontier Chevrolet. His partner in the business Rick Rennebohm stayed until 2012 when his share of the company was bought out by Gary. Sadly, Frontier Chevrolet was shut down in 2013 when GM gave notice that it was purging itself of 1,100 dealerships in 2014. Gary Funk was 57 at the time and not ready to retire.

Frontier Chevrolet was shut down by GM in August, 2013. Frontier Chevrolet owner Gary Funk vacated the lot on Pioneer Way in early September, 2013. GM made Funk an offer to purchase the business.

“We had one of a couple options. One was to spend several million on a new facility or to take the monetary offer and move on with life,” Funk said.

After his deal with GM, Funk purchased a new dealership at the existing Whidbey Island Volkswagen franchise just north of town. He kept the GM service department open. Funk was personally hard hit by the necessity to cut his employee roster from 37 to 20.

In 2011 two of the three new car dealers in downtown Oak Harbor were quickly dispatched. Ford left in 2012. GM pulled the plug on Frontier in 2013 leaving only one new car dealership standing: Oak Harbor Motors (Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep) Oak Harbor Motors owners Mike and Cathy Horrobin put out a public statement of their intention to remain.

In 2013 Oak Harbor Mayor Jim Slowik sent a letter to GM attempting to thwart the plan to pull the only GM outlet on Whidbey Island. The Mayor evaluated the situation based on the Ford loss in 2012,

“When the Ford dealership left last year, we lost about 20 percent of that industry which had a major impact on local sales tax revenues."

Gary Funk had hoped his son would take over the 75 year dealership.


FRONTIER FORD, Anacortes, WA 866-855-4132 (Rousch and Steve Saleen Mustangs)

dealer frontier ford license frame anacortes wa

Frontier Ford is located at 12610 Thompson Road at State Highway 20, Anacortes, Washington. Frontier Ford was established in 1965 and has a selection of Rousch and Steve Saleen Mustangs.

dealer-frontier-ford-lanacortes wa mustangs

This nice used Race Red 2014 Mustang 3.7 L V6 Premium with automatic transmission (VIN number 1ZVBP8EM8E5236336) is showing 26,551 miles and is being blown out for $20,730.00. Sitting beside it is a 2014 Mustang GT Premium convertible with white exterior and Charcoal Black interior VIN 1ZVBP8FF5E5307525. It has 6,068 miles and an automatic transmission hooked up to the potent 5.0 L engine. Price is $33,849.00. Carfax tells us it was manufactured April 22, 2014 and first purchased by a Canadian buyer who registered it in Richmond, BC May 17, 2014. At 5,821 miles the car was offered for sale at Frontier Ford in Washington.

14 mustang frontier ford int

The race red Mustang has a pretty new looking interior

14 mustang frontier ford side

In spring, 2015 Frontier Ford had 111 new vehicles in stock, 10 of which were Mustangs Most of the new Mustangs were the 2015 Ecoboosts, but there were some 2015 V6 and GTs as well. The new unsold 2015 Mustangs were being blown out at discount prices.

Frontier Ford had a used Boss 302 painted an uncommon color: Gotta Have It Green. This shade is a throwback to the 1960s era of neon bright colors. The used 2013 Mustang Boss 302 with 12,174 miles was being blown out for $42,350.00. It has a Charcoal Black interior. VIN is 1ZVBP8CU6D5234957. Carfax tells us this Boss was built and shipped out June 25, 2015 and first registered in Nelson, BC July 28, 2012. The first owner relocated to Chilliwack, BC on Jan 11, 2014. On April 25, 2015 a new owner was reported in Surrey, BC. 3 days later it was offered for sale at Frontier Ford.



Gearhart Ford Sales Co was located at 1345 Auto Blvd, Mount Vernon, Washington during the 1960s.  Dealer # 74J533


DEWEY GRIFFIN BUICK GMC, Bellingham, WA/ 360-734-8700 ('Smother's Brothers 442 drag race sponsor)

dealer Dewey Griffin Buick GMC Bellingham, Wa lic frame

Dewey Griffin Buick GMC was located at 1800 Iowa Street in Bellingham, Washington, just off Interstate 5. Originally a GM dealer, the Subaru franchise was added in later years. When it came time to decide which franchise to retain in 2014 the dealership became an exclusive Subaru dealership.

Dewey W. Griffin was born February 1, 1926 and by the early 1960s had a used car lot at 8th and Virginia in downtown Seattle, Washington. Dick Balch got his start working with Dewey as did Roy Robinson. Dick Meyer's first job was working for Dewey on his used car lot. Eventually Dick bought the Dewey Griffith franchise 3 decades later. His son, Alan now manages the business.

Around 1964 or 1965 Dewey moved to Lynwood and ran a used car lot there. Dewey was always well dressed with a tie. He was a gregarious friendly guy who loved Cadillacs. Right from the beginning with his used car lot Dewey only drove Cadillacs. Dewey was good friends with Nick Carras who owned Holiday Olds but was building a Cadillac agency. Dewey's connections with Nick led to him being able to finally realize his dream of owning a Cadillac franchise. Dewey bought Ball Oldsmobile Cadillac GMC in 1967. The Ball lot was located at the intersection of Grand and Central in Bellingham, Washington. Dewey carried on at that location until 1978.

Drag racer Pete Kost had an Olds 442 racing car under sponsorship of Holiday Oldsmobile dealership owner Nick Carras. Pete was a mechanic at Holiday Olds. Pete's racing partner Orv Roupe (who owned Precision Engine Specialists) prepared the engine. John Dudder set up the suspension. 

The team spent a few years learning the secrets of making an Oldsmobile run and eventually became very competitive and starting to win races again in the late 1960s.

When Nick Carras began building a Cadillac dealership in the mid 1960s the racing team competed under sponsorship of Dewey-Griffin. During this time period the team was picked to represent the Smother's Brothers racing team for 1969- 1970.

Nick Carras still owned the race cars but because he had switched to solely running a Cadillac agency he became a 'silent partner' not lettered on the car. After Dewey Griffin ceased sponsorship of the Pete Kost 442 the official owner and sponsor of the cars became Bill Lillas of Lillas Oldsmobile which was formerly Holiday Oldsmobile. Bill became overextended on credit and was forced into bankruptcy. Pete Kost continued to race Oldsmobiles under his own name.

Dewey moved his dealership to 1800 Iowa Street in 1978. At the time he was the sole dealership in a wilderness. Now this area has built up into a dealer row.

Dewey W. Griffith died June 9, 1981. His son tried running the dealership for a few years but it didn't work out for him.

In 1988 Dick Meyer bought the dealership. When he had to construct new buildings Subaru and GM both required him to have separate spaces for each companies product. He was forced to choose one or the other and sold his GM franchise and reduced down to Subaru.
On July 28, 2014 Dewey Griffin sold it's GM franchise off to Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham which was renamed Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Bellingham.


On July 28, 2014 Dewey Griffin sold it's GM franchise off to Chevrolet Cadillac of Bellingham which was renamed Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac of Bellingham.  After this sale Dewey Griffin became a Subaru exclusive dealer.


GUBROD MOTOR CO (Chrysler Plymouth), Mount Vernon, WA

dealer gubrud chrysler mount vernon license frame

Gubrod Motor Co was a Chrysler dealership located at 725 South 1st Street Ste A, Mount Vernon, Washington. The dealership traces back to Verne Arnold Gubrod. Verne was born Jan 1, 1909 in Crosby, North Dakota and began his career in automative related business starting in Ambrose, North Dakota in 1929. In Fargo, ND he married Mildred Swindeck April 4, 1934. He moved to Anacortes, WA and worked for the Ford dealer before coming to Mount Vernon and working as a tech and service manager for 3 successive Ford dealers.

In 1951 Verne began his own repair business. When he got into used car sales he formed a corporation July 2, 1962 with his son, Jack Gubrud. The lot was on Riverside Drive. They soon acquired the local Chrysler Plymouth dealership. Verne retired in 1966. Verne died Oct 7, 1989.

Luanne Burkhart was the last president of the company when it was dissolved in 2000. The location is now housing a property management company.


HINTON CHEVROLET BUICK, Lynden, WA 866-552-7141 (formerly Hinton Chev Olds Co)

dealer hinton GM license frame lynden wa

Hinton Chevrolet Buick is located at 8139 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden, Washington. The dealership was established in 1947 and was formerly known as Hinton Chev Olds Company. Hinton is still family owned.

In fall, 2014 Hinton had 36 new vehicles in stock, 15 of which are cars including 1 new 2014 Crystal Red Tintcoat Camaro 2LT 3.6 L.


JEFFCOTT MOTOR CO (Dodge), Ferndale, WA

Jeffcott Motor Co was a Dodge dealership located in Ferndale, Washington in the 1960s.


ROGER JOBS MOTORS INC (Jeep), Bellingham, WA

Roger Jobs Motors Inc was doing business as Roger Jobs Jeep at 2200 Iowa Street, Bellingham, Washington. The owner was Roger O Jobs. In 2009 Chrysler listed this dealer for closure during the corporate bankruptcy.


KARMART CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM, Burlington, WA 888-876-9571

dealer karmart chrysler burlington wa

KarMart Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is located at 660 Auto Blvd, Burlington, Washington. KarMart was established in the 1980s and states that they are a family owned business. In spring, 2015 KarMart had 205 new vehicles in stock, 47 of which were cars. They had 3 new 2015 Dodge Challengers. 1 SXT, 2 R/Ts including one in Redline Red.


L&L DODGE INC, Bellingham, WA (1963- corner lot of former Frazer Chev Co)

L&L Dodge Inc was located at 217 E Magnolia, Bellingham, Washington in 1963. This address is the corner lot beside the former Frazer Chevrolet Company.



Lynden Rambler was located at 1903 Front Street, Lynden, Washington during the 1960s. In the mid 1960s they expanded and carried the Datsun lineup.


MT. BAKER MOTORS (Buick), Bellingham, WA

Mt. Baker Motors was a Buick dealership located at 119 Grand, Bellingham, Washington in the 1960s.


NELSON MOTOR CO, Bellingham, WA (1955 took over Wallace Chev Co location)

Nelson Motor Co, Bellingham, WA (1955 took over Wallace Chev Co location)


OAK HARBOR MOTORS (Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM), Oak Harbor, WA (844) 796-3614

dealer Oak Harbor Motors wa license frame

Oak Harbor Motors is a Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership located at 75 SE Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, Washington. In spring, 2015 Oak Harbor had 84 new vehicles in stock, 18 of which were Dodge. Among that 18 were 1 new Charger and 2 new Challengers.

One was a new Pitch Black 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Plus Shaker Coupe with the 5.7 L engine that manages to get 15 MPG city and 23 MPG Highway. VIN 2C3CDZBT3FH843650. The R/T Plus Shaker Package 22S costs an extra $ 8,800.00 and gets you Dark Brushed II Interior Accents, Shaker Hood, Shaker Intake, Shaker Graphics, "Shaker" Underhood Decal, Leather High Performance Seats w/ Shaker Logo, Rear Black Spoiler, Satin Black Fuel Filler Door, Gloss Black Grille, "Shaker" Dash Plaque, Shaker Premium Floor Mats, Challenger Script Badge on Grille, Dodge Performance Pages, Dual Rear Exhaust with Bright Tips, ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera, 20-Inch Satin Aluminum Wheels w/Black Pockets with 245/45ZR20 3-Season Performance Tires, Super Track Pak, Performance Steering, Performance Suspension, High Performance Brakes, Performance Steering Wheel, 6-Speed Manual TREMEC Transmission, Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle.

This one has a credit for a Shaker Stripe Delete $ -500.00, Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV which is $ 695.00, GPS Navigation, HD Radio, SiriusXM Traffic(TM) / 5-Year Traffic Service, SiriusXM Travel Link(TM) / 5-Year Subscription.

245/45ZR20 All Season Performance Tires 99590B are substituted for the usual tires. Destination adds $ 995.00 taking the total MSRP to $ 39,985.00.

They also had a new Torred 2015 Challenger R/T Scat Pak with the bigger 6.4 L engine hooked to the Tremec 6 speed which barely loses any efficiency for the extra power (14 MPG City/ 23 MPG Hwy). VIN: 2C3CDZFJ6FH820789. The 23Y Scat Pak package. You do pay up front for extra power with an MSRP of $48,180.00.


PIONEER FORD INC, Lynden, WA (became Imports and Classics)

dealer pioneer ford lyndon wa license frame

Pioneer Ford Inc is located at 8038 Guide Meridian Rd, Lynden, Washington.

dealer pioneer ford lyndon wa building

This location became Imports and Classics.


RAIRDON'S CHRYSLER, Bellingham, WA/ 888-526-0461 (formerly Bellingham Chrysler Center)

The Bellingham location of Rairdon's Chrysler at 1615 Iowa Street is just one of four Rairdon's Chrysler/ Dodge/ Ram/ Jeep outlets in Washington State. Rairdon's has Chrysler dealers at 12828 NE 124th Street in Kirkland, 16413 West Main Street SE in Monroe, and 16610 Point Blvd in Smokey Point, Washington. Rairdon's also own a Nissan dealer at 713 35th Street NE in Auburn, Washington. Rairdon's also has a Hyundai dealership at 1801 Iowa Street beside their Dodge dealership in Bellingham.

Below is a shot of the Dodge/ Chrysler dealership with a Hemi Challenger parked amidst a row of Jeeps.


The eye-catching Header Orange Challenger R/T with Dark Slate Gray interior has the base 5.7 Hemi which is smaller and cheaper than the Hemi in the SRT8, but it still packs a punch.


The Challenger R/T Hemi with high impact color, stripes and shiny chrome mags makes it feel like we're in a time machine. It's just like going to a dealer lot back in 1970 again. The 17 digit VIN 2C3CDYBT0CH141436 breaks down into groups. The first three digits describe the country of origin and manufacturer- '2' means Canada. The fourth to eighth positions tell you the model and equipment. Ninth digit is a check digit. Tenth digit 'C' means 2012 model year. Eleventh digit 'H' indicates the build factory in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The rest is the factory sequential number 141,436. The window sticker tells us that the engine was built in Mexico and the transmission in Germany.


Base price on a Challenger R/T is $29,995.00. This Challenger R/T has a 5.7 (345 cubic inches) Hemi delivering 372 HP and 400 ft lbs of torque. The five speed auto sport mode adds $995.00 with paddle shifters, remote start, antilock brakes and 3.06 axle. The $1,800.00 28J Customer Preferred Package provides leather trimmed bucket seats, heated seats, upgraded sound system, temp and compass gauge, tire pressure monitoring display, universal garage door opener, security alarm, power heated foldaway rear view mirrors. Other options are $695.00 for power sunroof, $200.00 for black hood to fender stripe, $995.00 for 20 inch chrome wheels, 245 45YR 20 all season tires. Adding on the $825.00 destination charge brings the final total to $35,505.00.


A few years later Rairdon's had yet another Header Orange Challenger R/T on the lot. This time it was a 2014 model and it had white stripes instead of black.

14 challenger RT rairdons front nose

Note the white striping below the Hemi badge. Often you see black R/T stripes on the Header Orange cars.

14 challenger RT rairdons Hemi logo

The VIN for this 2014 Challenger R/T is 2C3CDYBT1EH301956. It has a Hemi 5.7 L shifted through a 6 speed manual Tremec transmission. 11,876 miles.

14 challenger RT rairdons driver side

In winter, 2015 Rairdon's had 161 new vehicles in stock, 30 of which were cars. Of the 33 new Dodge vehicles, 4 were Challengers and 4 were Chargers. The Challengers cover the full gamut from new 2015 SXT, R/T, R/T Scatpack all the way up to Hellcat.

The Pitch Black new 2015 Challenger R/T VIN# 2C3CDZFJXFH718220 comes with the optional Scat Pack Appearance Package which adds 20" x 9.0" forged Black painted aluminum wheels, Black Fuel Filler Door, Black Grille with Bezel, Cloth Bucket Seats with Logo, High Intensity Discharge Headlamps, and Scat Pack Bumblebee Stripe. The Mexican built 6.4 L has a high compression ratio of 10.90:1 and produces 485 HP @ 6,000 RPM and 475 ft-lbs @ 4,200 RPM which runs through a USA built 8 speed Torqueflite automatic. Somehow it manages EPA ratings of 15 City MPG and 25 Hwy MPG. The final assembly plant was in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

The GVWR rating is a whopping 5,300 lbs. This is a big car: wheelbase is 116.0" which equals an old intermediate from the 1970s. The body width of 75.7" is close to an old full size vehicle. Overall length is a manageable 197.7" due to less overhang than old cars. Front hiproom is 55.3". Price is $47,360.00.

The new Phantom Black 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat is VIN # 2C3CDZC92FH809301 and puts out an astounding amount of power from a USA built 6.2 L engine running a moderate compression ratio of 9.50:1 because of the supercharger. It manages 707 HP @ 6,000 RPM and 650 ft-lbs @ 4,000 RPM which cranks through an 8 speed Torqueflite automatic. Incredibly it gets 13 City MPG and 22 MPG Hwy. Wheels are 20" with big Pirelli 275/40YR20.0 front and rear tires. GVWR is even more than an R/T at 5,450 lbs. Sticker price is $64,375.00.



Sample's Chrysler Plymouth Inc was located at 1205 Commercial, Bellingham, Washington during the 1960s.



dealer sands pontiac bellingham license frame

Sands Pontiac was located on Grand, Bellingham, Washington until 1965 at which point it relocated to 400 West Holly Street, Bellingham where it remained for many years. The owner Clinton R. Sands was born May 18, 1926 and served in the army during WWII. Clint died Nov 15, 1989.

66 GTO F Sands Pont Bellingham Duppenthaler

An OOCC reader named Dick purchased this 1966 Pontiac GTO new off the showroom floor of Sands Pontiac at the Holly Street location. The paint, Copper Blaze Poly, was a special option color which cost $85.00 extra over the standard colors. The car was pretty unique looking and Dick hopes that someone remembers this car during the years after he sold it.

66 GTO side Sands Pont Bellingham Duppenthaler

Dick would really like to find this car again. Anyone who remembers it is invited to drop a line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SKAGIT AUTO CENTER INC (Chysler), Burlington, WA

Skagit Auto Center Inc was originally the site of Skagit Lincoln Mercury. Skagit Auto Center was incorporated Oct 9, 1995. The dealership was located at 640 Auto Blvd, Burlington, Washington. The owner was Donald O Tapley. The Chrysler franchise was listed for closure in 2009 when Chrysler was undergoing bankruptcy dealership purges.


SKAGIT FORD, Burlington, WA 800-735-7154


dealer skagit ford burlington wa license frame

Skagit Ford is located at 680 Auto Blvd, Burlington, Washington. This location was formerly known as Skagit River Ford Lincoln.

dealer skagit ford burlington wa lot

In winter, 2015 Skagit Ford had 89 new vehicles in stock, including 1 new 2015 Mustang Eco boost and a 2015 Mustang V6.

This 2015 Tuxedo Black Lincoln MKZ shown below on the Skagit lot is a hybrid with a small 2.0 L inline 4 cylinder engine running through a continuously variable transmission. It manages an EPA rating of 41 MPG City and 39 MPG Highway.

15 MKZ skagit ford front

The MKZ is VIN 3LN6L2LUXFR604641 and was shipped from Hermosillo final assembly on Sep 3, 2014. The base $35,190.00 car has $7,585.00 worth of options (power moonroof $1,200.00 + floormats $75.00 + 19" polished aluminum wheels $750.00 + aluminum trim $195.00 + THX Audio $995.00 + California Emissions N. C. ). Destination and delivery of $895.00 brings the total to $43,670.00.

15 MKZ skagit ford rear



Skagit Lincoln Mercury was located at 640 Auto Blvd, Burlington, Washington. This site became the Skagit Auto Center Inc which was a Chrysler dealership. Next door to this Skagit Ford Lincoln later opened up at 680 Auto Blvd.


JERRY SMITH CHEVROLET, Anacortes, WA 360-610-4128

dealer jerry smith chev anacortes wa

Jerry Smith Chevrolet is located at 12484 Reservation Rd, Anacortes, Washington. In spring, 2015 Jerry Smith had 65 new vehicles in stock, 27 of which were cars. Smith had 3 new 2015 Camaros 1 new 2015 Corvette Stingray that were in predelivery process.


WALLACE CHEVROLET CO, Bellingham, WA (1935-1955- Nelson Motor Co moved in)

Wallace Chevrolet Co was located at 1401 N State Street in Bellingham, Washington. As a corner lot the alternate address was 217 E Magnolia. The location was formerly occupied by Smith Motor Company from 1932 to 1934. Wallace Chev Co took over in 1935 and later expanded to include 1415 N State in 1947. In 1955 Nelson Motor Company moved into the location for a year until it was taken over by Fraser Chevrolet Co. 1957 to 1960.


WILSON MOTORS (Lincoln Mercury), Bellingham, WA

Wilson Motors was a Lincoln Mercury dealer located at Flora and Unity, Bellingham, Washington in the 1960s. Wilson Motors currently has several foreign franchises such as Nissan and Toyota.

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