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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown; EAGLE FORD advertisements copyright Province Newspaper 1966. Photography of 1971 Mach 1 courtesy and copyright Allen Busch.

George Black Motors Ltd (Mercury) , Burnaby, BC - Closed
Brentwood Dodge Ltd, Burnaby, BC (became Carter)
Brentwood Dodge- DeSoto Ltd, Burnaby, BC (1960- became Carter)
Carter Dodge Chrysler Ltd, Burnaby, BC (formerly Brentwood)
Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd, Burnaby, BC

Cedarvale AMC, Burnaby, BC (became Coquilam Chrysler Ply/ Deer Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep)
Coastal Ford Sales, Burnaby, BC (see also Vancouver, BC) 604-294-6525
Courtesy Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Burnaby, BC(1968- 199*)- Closed
Deer Lake Plymouth Chrysler, Burnaby, BC- Closed
Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Burnaby, BC(1959-1968 became Courtesy Chev)
Eagle Ford (formerly Eagle Motors Limited, Burnaby, BC- 1948-1985) Closed
Eagle Motors Limited, Burnaby, BC (see Eagle Ford)
Jim Pattison Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Burnaby, BC (199*-2007) Closed

Riddell Wiltse Motors Ltd (AMC/ Fiat), Burnaby, BC- Closed

The city of Burnaby, British Columbia was incorporated September 22, 1892. After WWII Burnaby's open land was developed into housing and drive-in theatres and of course, car dealerships. Because the dealerships were purpose built on plenty of land, the lots were large and sprawling. The border between Vancouver and Burnaby along Boundary features a long dealer row, but dealerships also popped up along East Hastings and Kingsway.



George Black Motors Ltd was a Mercury dealer located at 4388 Lougheed Highway in North Burnaby in the 1960s and 1970s. A racer and hot-rodder named Carl Tjorhom built a 1957 Thunderbird 427 "The Black Bird". Carl raced this car from 1962 until 1971. His high profile in the custom and racing world led Ford to select Carl when opening the first Ford company approved Dealer High Performance Division in 1965. The dealership selected for this lucrative niche market was George Black Motors Ltd. In 1966 Carl was running a 1966 Cyclone 427 on drag strips in British Columbia and Washington.


BRENTWOOD DODGE LTD, Burnaby, BC (became Carter Dodge Chrysler Ltd)

Brentwood Dodge Ltd was located at 4650 Lougheed Highway. Brentwood Dodge Ltd was originally established Jan 26, 1960 as Brentwood Dodge- DeSoto Ltd. To read about a 1971 Dodge Polara Custom purchased new from Brentwood see the ONE OWNER stories in the CAR STORIES section of this website.

Carter Dodge Chrysler was incorporated Jun 4, 1987, taking over the Brentwood Dodge location.


CARTER DODGE CHRYSLER LTD, Burnaby, BC (1960) / 888-460-8356

Carter Dodge Chrysler LTD is located at 4650 Lougheed Highway which is right next door to their long standing Carter Pontiac Buick Location. Carter Dodge Chrysler was incorporated Jun 4, 1987, taking over Brentwood Dodge Ltd which had its beginning Jan 26, 1960 as Brentwood Dodge- DeSoto Ltd.

dealer carter dodge burnaby bc

In fall 2014, Carter had 191 new vehicles in stock, mainly trucks and vans. The majority of the cars were Fiats (72). Carter had 2 new Dodge Darts, too.

Musclecars are a niche market, but occasionally Carter receives a request for one. A customer in winter, 2015 ordered a Dodge Challenger Hellcat for example.

2014 dodge challenger rallye redline carter front

In winter, 2015 Carter had this nice 2014 Challenger Rallye Redline on the lot. Red stripes run the length of the car over hood and rear deck.

2014 dodge challenger rallye redline carter side

The front and rear tires are P245/45YR20 blackwalls. There are redline accents on the wheels which conjure up memories of the 1960s redline tires. Hot Wheels toymaker kept redlines in the general consciousness long after red stripe tires were off the market.

2014 dodge challenger rallye redline carter wheel

The VIN is 2C3CDYAG6EH262060. The 2 prefix tells us this was built in Canada. The hot looking Challenger has a 3.6 L V6 Cylinder Engine that delivers 305 HP @ 6350 RPM and Net Torque of 268 Lbs Ft @ 4800 along with reasonable Fuel Economy of 18 City and 27 Highway MPG.

2014 dodge challenger rallye redline carter rear

Carter also had this used Black 2014 Mustang GT Convertible VIN 1ZVBP8FFXE5307505 on the lot. It seems likely it was traded in on a Challenger. The 5.0 L engine is mated to a 6 speed automatic transmission in a grey interior. Asking price is $36,849.00 with 8,498 km.

2014 mustang gt convertible carter dodge burnaby bc


CARTER GM, Burnaby, BC (1963) / 877-714-8220


dealer carter pont buick burnaby invoice 1990

The address copied above is from a 1990 invoice for a Cadillac. Howard Distributors Division appears on some other invoices from this era of Carter.

Carter dealerships have occupied various locations in Coquitlam and Vancouver. Carter Pontiac Buick Ltd. has been at 4550 Lougheed Hwy for decades now. The demise of Pontiac forced a name change to Carter GM.

In fall, 2014 Carter had 303 new vehicles in stock, 71 of which were cars including a new 2014 black Camaro V6 automatic LT convertible, and 2 new 2015 Camaro V6s and a new 2015 Corvette Stingray. Carter states that they are the largest volume dealer of GM cars in British Columbia as of 2014.

dealer carter chev burnaby bc 2015 camaros

In winter, 2015 Carter had these 2 hot looking Camaros on the lot. The Bright Yellow 2015 Camaro 2LS has a black interior and 3.6 L V6 hooked up to a 6 speed automatic transmission. The Black 2015 Camaro also has a black interior and the same drivetrain as the Bright Yellow one.

dealer carter chv burnaby bc 2015 brt yellow camaro


CEDARVALE AMC, Burnaby, BC (became Coquilam Chrysler Ply/ Deer Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep)

Cedarvale AMC was located at 5965 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC during the 1970s. This lot later was taken over by Coquilam Chrysler Plymouth and Deer Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep.


COASTAL FORD SALES, Burnaby, BC 604-294-6525 (also see Coastal Ford Sales Ltd, Vancouver)

dealer coastal ford logo

Coastal Ford has locations in Vancouver, BC, Burnaby, BC and Squamish, BC.

dealer coastal ford bny vanc license frame

Coastal Ford in Vancouver, BC is located at 530 Evans Avenue. Coastal Ford in Burnaby is located at 5750 Lougheed Highway. The Vancouver and Burnaby locations list their inventory together. In spring, 2014 the Vancouver and Burnaby locations of Coastal had 364 new vehicles in stock. The breakdown is 123 new trucks, 106 new cars, 101 new SUVs, 26 new crossovers, 8 new hybrids. Of the new cars, 16 were new 2014 Mustangs.

In winter, 2015 Coastal had a fleet of Mustangs in stock. The VIN on this used white 2013 Mustang V6 Premium Convertible is 1ZVBP8EM3D5211942.

2013 mustang conv v6 coastal ford burnaby

The white Mustang has a 3.7 L V6 hooked through a 6 speed automatic transmission. With 40,893 km the price is $25,595.00.

2013 mustang v6 conv coastal ford burnaby rear

The VIN on the used 2014 Black Mustang GT convertible is 1ZVBP8EF8E5312167. The 5.0 L 32 valve DOHC Multi Port Fuel Injection engine is combined with a 6 speed automatic.

2014 mustang gt conv coastal ford burnaby ft

The black convertible is showing only 17,325 km which explains the asking price of $37,595.00.

2014 mustang gt conv coastal ford burnaby rear



dealer courtesy chev olds burnaby bc logo

Courtesy Chevrolet Oldsmobile was located at 5400 Kingsway Avenue, Burnaby, BC. Courtesy took over the former Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile location in 1968. Dueck retained many satellite branches and is thriving to this day. See the Dueck Story under BC/ VANCOUVER- Dueck in this DEALERSHIPS section.

Courtesy Chev Olds was taken over by the Pattison Auto Group in the 1990s and remained in business right up to the GM bankruptcy and subsequent purging of dealerships.


DEER LAKE PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER/ Closed. (formerly Cedarvale AMC)

dealer deer lake chrysler logo burnaby bc

Deer Lake Chrysler as seen in the logo above expanded and shuffled the franchise lineup as time went on to include Jeep as seen on this later license frame below.

dealer deer lake chrysler burnaby license frame

Deer Lake Plymouth Chrysler was located at 5965 Kingsway in Burnaby, BC. This lot formerly housed Cedarvale AMC. Coquilam Chrysler Plymouth was also at this location prior to Deer Lake Chrysler Dodge Jeep. During Chrysler's 'reinvention' of themselves, the dealership was renamed Daimler-Chrysler Inc- Deer Lake Chrysler Jeep.

Metrotown Mitsubishi is now located at the former location of this dealership.



Dueck Burnaby Chevrolet Oldsmobile was established in 1959 by the Dueck Group. See a story on Dueck filed under BC/VANCOUVER- Dueck in the DEALERSHIPS section of this website. Dueck sold out and the dealership was renamed Courtesy Chevrolet Oldsmobile. See the story above.


EAGLE FORD, Burnaby, BC (196*-1985) / Closed.

EAGLE MOTORS LIMITED, Burnaby, BC (1948-196*) / Closed.

dealer-eagle-ford-province-66 top


Eagle Ford was located at 4161 East Hastings in the Burnaby Heights shopping district. The dealership was established in 1948 by Frank McCracken under the name Eagle Motors Limited using dealer code # B7 044.

In 1950 a showroom renovation prompted McCracken to custom order a large neon 'Eagle Motors' sign for the dealership. The eagle in full flight design mimicked the chrome badges mounted on cars sold by the dealership.

dealer eagle ford 65 mustang owner manual cover

This 1965 Ford Mustang owner's manual was originally warranteed to Eagle Motors.

dealer eagle ford 65 mustang owner manual warranty

It looks like it may have been a dealer trade because of all the white out on the page! Note however that Eagle Motors is registered as being within the city of Vancouver, BC and not Burnaby, BC as it was in the 1967 newspaper advertisement at the top of this story.

dealer eagle ford 65 mustang owner manual specs

For those readers who wonder about the specs of Mustangs imported into Canada this page gives a comprehensive list.

dealer eagle bny 73 mach 1 fr

An interesting episode in the dealership history began October, 1970, when Eagle Motors took delivery of a bright Red 1971 Mach I Mustang 429 Cobra Jet VIN 1F05J124331. This eye catching Cobra Jet was one of 14 Cobra Jet Mustangs equipped with power windows. Aside from the Mach I package this Mustang had Sports interior, Convenience package and Side stripes. This was a car that you could spot a mile away.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 paper

Dealers will often order a wild looking heavily optioned specialty 'dream car' knowing that the showroom draw of such a car will translate into higher sales of regular bread and butter vehicles.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 paper 2

The 1971 Mustang must have really done its job well because it was not registered to a member of the public until March 1st, 1973. By this time the new downsized "Little Jewel" Mustang II had been unveiled to Ford Dealers.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 dash

For three years this Mach 1 was a display item at the dealership. Plenty of tire kickers sat behind the wheel fantasizing about 'what if' while the sounds of the salesman's voice faded away.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 int

The first owner of the Mach 1 kept the car for nearly six years, right through the first gas crisis and deep into the second one. Often the first gas crisis provoked a purge of musclecars from first owners. The monster 429 engine in this Mach 1 would certainly have provided the rationale for offloading, but the first owner hung tough until the second crisis. At the time doomsayers predicted a total end to oil by the turn of the century which panicked plenty of people. Note how cheap gas was when this car was delivered. The invoice above charged $2.79 for 7 gallons of gas to be added to the car for delivery. That is a mere 39.9 cents a gallon in Oct, 1970.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 429

The car passed through eight more owners in the lower mainland, before being purchased and taken to Alberta in 1989 for some TLC. Very few restoration parts were available for a 1971 Mustang at this time making restoration virtually impossible. The Mach 1 was fixed up and parts replaced as needed. In 1996 Allen Busch spotted the Mach 1 at a classic car auction and became owner number ten.

Allen tells us,

"I have owned and loved this car since. I have always been on the lookout for information regarding Eagle Motors to help complete the history of this car, especially since the car remained the property of Eagle Motors for so long before being sold."

It is certain that some of our readers out there remember this Mach 1 from its long standing stint as the Eagle Motors showroom display car. We would love to hear any information you might be able to offer about the extended display tenure of the Mach 1.

dealer eagle bny 71 mach 1 rear

After buying the Mach 1 Allen kept it in heated storage in Alberta. It was driven to and from car shows within Alberta until the spring of 2013. After 24 years the Mach 1 returned 'home’ to B.C. when Allen moved to Vancouver Island. And for those of you who are aching to know; yes, Allen made a detour to drive the Mach 1 through Burnaby on his way to Vancouver Island!

Unfortunately a tour of Burnaby will not take you past Eagle Motors anymore. As dealer principle Frank McCracken got on in years he decided to sell the dealership. Eagle Motors was purchased by Keith Henderson. The business went bankrupt in 1985 and closed. After the dealership closed the block where it formerly stood became Carleton Square (the dealer lot was at East Hastings and Carleton Street).

The 'Eagle' neon sign was purchased by the city in 2012. Burnaby and the Heights Merchant Association have shown initiative in saving and restoring old neon signs, most notably Helen's children's wear store 'girl on the swing' neon which can still be seen along Hastings. A private automobilia collector saved the 'Eagle' back in the 1980s and sold it to the city.

This ad below appeared in the Province in 1967 with four Ford dealers teaming up from different areas.




dealer jim pattison auto group license frame

Jim Pattison bought out the Courtesy Chev Olds location at 5400 Kingsway (see the Courtesy Chev Olds story above) in the 1990s and was forced to close the franchise when GM began cutting dealership in 2007. Pattison retained the location and began selling Suzuki motorcycles instead. As of 2014 the lot was empty and for lease.



dealer riddell wiltse amc logo burnaby bc

Riddell Wiltse was an AMC/ Fiat dealership located at 5965 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia. The location now hosts Metrotown Mitsubishi.

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