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Bitterman Chevrolet, Montclair, NJ (formerly Lindsley Chevrolet)

Briggs Chevrolet, South Amboy, NJ/ Closed- drag sponsor

Carole Chevrolet, Montclair, NJ (formerly Bitterman Chevrolet)

Clairidge Lincoln-Mercury, Montclair, NJ

DeCozen Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge, Verona, NJ (formerly in Montclair, NJ)

DeCozen Chrysler-Plymouth, Montclair NJ (became Montclair Motor Car Company)

DCH Montclair (Lincoln-Mercury- Jaguar), Montclair NJ

Ditschman Ford, Flemington, NJ 888-564-8242

Dockery Sullivan Lincoln Mercury, Montclair, NJ (became Montclair Dodge)
East Brunswick Buick Pontiac & GMC, East Brunswick, NJ

Echelon Ford, Stratford, NJ 856-627-8400

Fisher Cadillac, Montclair, NJ

Gold Coast Cadillac, Oakhurst, NJ 877-288-1920 (largest Cadillac dealer in the world)

Robert Kayser Ford, Montclair, NJ
Kerbeck Corvette, Atlantic City, NJ/ 877-537-2325/ largest Volume Corvette dealer since 1994
Laffin Chevrolet, South River, NJ

Lindsley Chevrolet Inc, Montclair, NJ (became Bitterman Chevrolet)

Lubik Oldsmobile, Bordentown, NJ (performance dealers)

Malouf Auto Group (Chev Buick Cadillac GMC Ford Lincoln), North Brunswick, NJ (888) 786-1735

Montclair Dodge, Montclair, NJ (formerly Dockery Sullivan Lincoln Mercury)

Montclair-Bloomfield Ford, Montclair, NJ

Troy Spencer Buick, Carneys Point, NJ (1969-2000/ GS collector dealer)

Union Pontiac GMC Buick, Union, NJ (1968) (became Union GMC Buick)/ 908-364-4148


BITTERMAN CHEVROLET, Montclair, NJ (formerly Lindsley Chevrolet)

Bitterman Chevrolet was located at 12- 14 Elm Street, Montclair, New Jersey during the 1960s. This dealership lot formerly housed Lindsley Chevrolet tracing back at least to the 1940s. In the mid 1970s Carole Chevrolet took over the location.

To read the story of a 1968 Chevelle SS 396 bought new from Bitterman packing the rare 375 HP option see the ONE OWNER section of the CAR STORIES on this website.


BRIGGS CHEVROLET, South Amboy, New Jersey/ Closed- Drag car sponsor

Briggs Chevrolet was located on Main Street at Broadway in South Amboy, New Jersey. Established by Bill and Lillian Briggs in the 1940s. By the time the 1960s rolled around the president and owner of Briggs was Danny Zack. The dealership offered dyno tuning and aftermarket performance parts installed in house. High performance manager Jim Donahue sold many pumped up musclecars during the heyday of performance. Briggs also offered a comprehensive parts counter. Aside from selling domestic musclecars such as Corvettes, SS and Z28 Camaros, Heavy Chevys, Chevelle SS, Nova Rallys, and Vega GTs the dealership carried foreign sports cars. Briggs carried a wide selection of Ferrari and the Honda 600-Z line.

Briggs Chevrolet sponsored Ray Allen's 1970 SS/EA Convertible Chevelle SS 454 LS6 automatic. The Chevelle was dark blue with white stripes and top and outfitted with Cragar S/S mags. TRUPPI-KLING COMPETITION in Piscataway, New Jersey prepared the car. The shop was owned by Ralph Truppi and Tommy Kling. The LS6 won the Super Stock championship in Dallas, Texas in the last weekend of Oct, 1970 setting a new Super Stock record of 11.50. Ray Allen managed to buy the car later and began a restoration. The restored racer with only 61 miles on the odometer attracted more attention 36 years later when it sold in Barrett-Jackson auction Jan, 2006 for $1.2 million in Scottsdale, Arizona. 3 years later in RM's Los Angeles auction held at the Peterson Museum, the car sold for $264,000.00.

Briggs also sponsored the 'Jungle Jim' Camaro.

Briggs also sponsored John Greenwood who won the SCCA “A” Production Class title at the 1970 American Road Race of Champions. The Briggs-Greenwood Corvette GT was painted with eye catching patriotic stars and stripes. The Briggs-Greenwood team raced at Daytona and Sebring. Greenwood entered the Corvette in 24 Hours of LeMans, France in 1972. Drivers John Greenwood and television star Dick Smothers were disapointed by DNF at 53 laps, ranking 42nd.

Briggs also got in on the fun of the Cannonball Run entering a van with massive quantities of fuel on board. The plan was to drive nonstop but the fuel ran out before the roads did.


CAROLE CHEVROLET, Montclair, NJ (formerly Bitterman Chevrolet)

Carole Chevrolet was located at 12- 14 Elm Street, Montclair, New Jersey during the 1970s. this location was formerly known as Bitterman Chevrolet. After closure the building was vacant for a decade before being redeveloped by Jim Wells of Tadeco Inc. (Chathum, NJ) into a condominium complex named Arbor Gate, completed in June, 1989.



Clairidge Lincoln-Mercury was located on Israel Crane Way, Montclair, New Jersey. When John's Automotive took over this building they gave their address as 4 Lackawanna Plaza.


DCH MONTCLAIR (Lincoln-Mercury- Jaguar), Montclair NJ

DCH Montclair was a luxury car dealership selling Lincoln-Mercury Jaguar located at 654 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair NJ.


DECOZEN CHRYSLER--JEEP-DODGE, Verona, NJ (formerly in Montclair, NJ)

DeCozen Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge is located at 225 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ. The dealership was formerly located in Montclair, NJ and moved in 2007.

In fall, 2014 DeCozen had 246 new vehicles in stock, 59 of which were cars including 3 new Challenger SXTs one of which was a new 2015 model.


DECOZEN CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH, Montclair NJ (became Montclair Motor Car Company)

DeCozen Chrysler-Plymouth, was located at 665 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair NJ. When athe Chrysler dealership was moved to Verona, this location became Montclair Motor Car Company. The new showroom displays exotic cars, but also ncludes the Dodge Viper.


DITSCHMAN FORD, Flemington, NJ 888-564-8242

Ditschman Ford is located at 215 US 202 at US 31 in Flemington, New Jersey. In fall of 2013 the dealership had 278 new vehicles in stock, 3 of which were new 2014 Mustang GTs.


DOCKERY SULLIVAN LINCOLN MERCURY, Montclair, NJ (became Montclair Dodge)

Dockery Sullivan Lincoln Mercury was located at 10 Elm Street, Montclair, New Jersey tracing as far back as the 1940s. The location later housed Montclair Dodge which lasted until the 1980s.



East Brunswick Buick Pontiac & GMC Truck was located at 1120 State Route 18, East Brunswick, New Jersey.


ECHELON FORD, Stratford, NJ 856-627-8400

dealer echelon ford stratford, NJ logo

Echelon Ford is located at 4 S White Horse Pike, Stratford, New Jersey. In winter, 2015 Echelon had 313 new vehicles in stock, 13 of which were Mustangs. The new 2015 Mustangs on the lot break down as 2 Ecoboosts, 3 V6s and the rest are GTs. Included amongst the GTs was a new Wimbledon White 2015 Mustang GTPremium 50 Years Limited Edition VIN 1FA6P8RF2F5501890. This 50 Year edition was shipped out by convoy Jan 23, 2015 from Flat Rock final assembly with the optional 12 inch sound system, 6 speed manual shift and little else which keeps the MSRP down at $46,995.00. The 5.0 engine (302) manages 15 City MPG and 25 Hwy MPG according to the new EPA rating system.



Fisher Cadillac was located at 1 Greenwood Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey.


GOLD COAST CADILLAC, Oakhurst, NJ 877-288-1920 (largest Cadillac dealer in the world)

Gold Coast Cadillac is located at 2123 Highway 35, Oakhurst, NJ. The Gold Coast website states that they have been the largest Cadillac dealer in the world for over 10 years.

In fall, 2014 Gold Coast had 380 new vehicles in stock.



Robert Kayser Ford was located at 369 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ


KERBECK CORVETTE, Atlantic City, NJ/ 877-537-2325/ largest Volume Corvette dealer since 1994

Kerbeck Corvette is located at 430 N Albany Ave, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kerbeck has been the largest Volume Corvette dealer since 1994 with no signs of losing its number one position as it approaches two decades at the top. Prior to Kerbeck's supremacy, Harry Mann Chevrolet in Los Angeles, California held the title of largest volume Corvette dealer. Nearby Clippinger Chevrolet had one of the highest volume Corvette salesmen on the premises.

Kerbeck Corvette achieved this sales success partly because the owners of Kerbeck are Corvette fans. In fact, the Kerbecks are car guys in general, and sports/ musclecar guys in particular. They have a collection of special cars. The jewel of the collection is the original 1953 Motorama Experimental Prototype Pre-Production Waldorf-Astoria Show Car which is considered the earliest existing Corvette. Aside from high water mark Corvettes, the collection includes Bel Airs, Impalas, Chevelle SS, Olds 442 convertible and a 1964 GTO Tri-Power.


LAFFIN CHEVROLET, South River, NJ/ Closed.

dealer laffin chev new jersey plate

Laffin Chevrolet was located at 7 Main Street, South River, New Jersey. Established just before the great depression, the dealership was just short of 80 years in business as a family owned and operated dealership when they closed up at the start of 2009. The dealership flourished through four generations of family ownership ending with Raymond Laffin at the helm and son Scott Laffin as general sales manager. Many employees that were there for decades.

The slogan was "Stop cryin'- try Laffin." Economic downturn stagnated new and used car sales which forced the closure. Scott Laffin estimated total sales to be 40,000 new and 20,000 used cars over the years of operation.


LINDSLEY CHEVROLET INC, Montclair, NJ (became Bitterman Chevrolet)

Lindsley Chevrolet Inc was located at 12- 14 Elm Street ,Montclair, New Jersey tracing back at least until the 1940s. This dealership later became Bitterman Chevrolet in the 1960s.


LUBIK OLDSMOBILE, Bordentown, NJ (sponsored 442 drag cars)

Lubik Oldsmobile was located on Highway 130, Bordentown, New Jersey. Lubik sponsored a hardtop 442 as well as a convertible 442 drag car.


MALOUF AUTO GROUP (Chev Buick Cadillac GMC Ford Linc), North Brunswick, NJ (888) 786-1735

Malouf Auto Group has volume dealerships for Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Ford, and Lincoln sprinkled along US Highway 1, North Brunswick, New Jersey.


MONTCLAIR DODGE, Montclair, NJ (formerly Dockery Sullivan Lincoln Mercury)

Montclair Dodge was located at 10 Elm Street, Montclair, New Jersey. This lot formerly housed Dockery Sullivan Lincoln Mercury.



Montclair-Bloomfield Ford was located at 15 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, New Jersey from 1954 until 2007.


TROY SPENCER BUICK, Carneys Point, NJ (1969-2000/ GS collector dealer)

Troy Spencer was a car salesman for Van Chevrolet in New Castle, Delware. He established his own used car business in Carney Point, NJ in 1965. Troy Spencer Buick was established in 1969 when he was 37 years old. The Buick franchise was located at 263 Shell Rd, Carneys Point, New Jersey which was the location of his used car business. Sons Jeff Spencer and Gary Spencer grew up in the dealership. Troy retired when Gary was 23 and became dealer principle in 1978. He was the youngest Buick dealer in USA. Jeff Spencer became a salesman in the dealership in 1977.

In 2000 the Buick franchise was sold to a Pontiac dealership. For a time the location was listed as Buick Authorized Service which seems to have been an interim pattern before moving. Jersey Motors South took over the location which today seems to be vacant.

Gary Spencer came full circle by repeating his father Troy's original 1965 pattern of stocking low mileage good condition used cars. Today Troy Spencer and Sons Inc. is a used car dealer located at 119 N. Dupont Hwy Dover, Delaware. Gary Spencer, Sr is the owner and Gary Spencer, Jr is the general manager. Jeff Spencer's Buick collection was profiled in AUTOMOBILE magazine Aug, 2012. Jeff had a 1965 Skylark GS, 1969 GS400 Stage 1 convertible, 1970 GS455 Stage 1 and a rare 1971 GSX.


UNION PONTIAC GMC BUICK (1968)/ (became Union GMC Buick), Union, NJ/ 908-364-4148

dealer union pontiac gmc buick union new jersey plate

Union Pontiac GMC Buick became Union GMC Buick after the death of Pontiac. Union Buick GMC is located at 2301 US Highway 22 West, Union, New Jersey. Their website says that they have been a family owned and operated operation since 1968. The family also owns 86th Street Chevrolet in Brooklyn, New York. Union has 78 new vehicles on site, 43 of which are cars. They have four 2013 new Buick Regal GS cars on the lot. The GS has a 2.0 L 4 cylinder Turbo, six speed auto and 3.33 axle on 19 inch wheels giving you 18 City MPG/ 29 Hwy MPG and decent performance. The Regal GS ranges in price from high $37,770.00 to $38,765.00.

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