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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, except photographs of 1975 Ford Chicago assembly body drop, Wixom Thunderbird, Chicago storage lot and Flat Rock Mustang banner courtesy of William Nawrot.

Final assembly plants are listed, but not parts or engine plants like Tonawanda, Windsor, Cleveland, Romeo, St. Catherine's etc.

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A= Lakewood, Georgia aka Atlanta, Georgia
B= Baltimore, Maryland
C= Southgate, California// London, Ontario, Canada (now uses 5)
D= Doraville, Georgia
E= Linden, New Jersey
F= Flint, Michigan// Fairfax, Kansas (prior to 1987 used X)
G= Framingham, Massachusetts// Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico
H= Flint, Michigan (also used F)
J= Janesville, Wisconsin// Lansing Delta Township (after 2006)
K= Leeds, Missouri aka Kansas City, Missouri
L= Van Nuys aka Los Angeles, California// Elizabeth, South Australia
M= Lansing, Michigan// St. Eustache, Quebec, Canada// Toluco, Mexico
N= Norwood, Ohio
O= Oakland, California
P= Pontiac, Michigan (nearby truck plant used 'V')
R= Arlington, Texas
S= St. Louis, Missouri// Spring Hill, Tennessee (also uses Z)
T= Tarrytown, New York
U= Detroit/ Hamtramck, Michigan (also used 9)
V= Pontiac, Michigan truck plant (nearby car plant used P)
W= Willow Run aka Ypsilanti Township, Michigan
X= Fairfax, Kansas (after 1987 used F)
Y= Wilmington, Delaware
Z= Fremont, California// Fort Wayne, Roanoke, Indiana (1986 and up truck plant)// Spring Hill, Tennessee (also uses S)//
0= Lansing Grand River, Michigan (after 2001)
1= Oshawa, Ontario, Canada// Wentzville, Missouri
2= Moraine, Ohio// Ste. Therese, Ontario, Canada
4= Lake Orion, Michigan aka Orion Township, Michigan// Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
5= Bowling Green, Kentucky// London, Ontario, Canada (previously used 'C')
6= Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada// Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7= Lordstown, Ohio
8= Shreveport, Louisiana
9= Detroit/ Hamtramck, Michigan (also used U)

ARLINGTON, TEXAS- Open in 1954. Last plant to build the old B body full size cars. Uses an "R" in the VIN.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA- (see Lakewood, Georgia)

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND- (1935-2005) Chevrolet production plant. All four divisions produced in 1964. On March 31, 1984 the last car was produced. The plant only produced trucks and vans near the end. It used a 'B' in the VIN.

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY- (1981-) Corvette assembly moved here from St. Louis. The Cadillac XLR which shares the Corvette platform was assembled here, too. Uses a "5" in the VIN.

factory detroit hamtramck cadillac sticker

DETROIT/ HAMTRAMCK, MI- Detroit Assembly aka 'Detroit Cadillac' built Cadillacs from 1921 until Dec 23, 1987 when Cadillac assemblies moved to Arlington, Texas. Towards the end, Detroit Cadillac built Olds and Chev full size cars, too. Used a "9" in the VIN. Current factory here builds the Volt. Uses a "U" in the VIN.

DORAVILLE, GEORGIA- (1947-2008) Built the Venture and Silhouette. "D" in the VIN.

ELIZABETH, SOUTH AUSTRALIA- (1960-) Holden (a GM subsidiary) centralized assembly in Elizabeth by the end of the 1990s. The Pontiac G8 and the revival GTO were built here. Uses an "L" in the VIN.

FAIRFAX, KANSAS- (1947-87) Site of a plant that used an "X" in the VIN until closed and operations transferred to an adjacent new building. 1971-3 Buicks built here=  X seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual). A second plant opened here in 1987 building the new Chevy Malibu and Buick LaCrosse. The second plant uses an "F" in the VIN.

FLINT, MICHIGAN- (1904-1999) This city traces a history with GM back to an early Buick assembly plant in 1904. GM originally had its headquarters in Flint. HQ moved in the 1920s, but Buick HQ stayed in Flint. Buick cars were assembled in Flint continuously from 1904 until the smaller assembly plants were closed and brought together in 1985 as "Buick City", a giant facility with modern robots. "Buick City" closed in June 29, 1999 and Buick HQ relocated to Detroit. Chevrolet plants also operated here but were gradually phased out. 1971-3 Buicks built here= H seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual). A Chevy truck plant still operates here in the plant that used to build the Corvair using an "F" in the VIN.

FORT WAYNE/ ROANOKE, INDIANA- (1986-) A truck assembly plant using a "Z" in the VIN.

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS- (1948-89) A "B-O-P" (Buick Olds Pontiac) plant intentionally built away from suburbs to allow future expansion. Added Chevrolet in 1959. In 1968 built Chevelle and LeMans, added Cutlass and Skylark 1970. In 1971 It got the GTO. Closed Aug 1, 1989. Used a "G" in the VIN. 1971-3 Buicks built here= G seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual)

FREMONT, CA- (1960-82) Built all four divisions starting in 1962. Built the 442. Closed in 1982 with the dubious honor of the lowest build quality of all GM factories. The plant was restarted as a Toyota/ GM merger called NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc) in 1984. GM dropped out in 2009 partly due to the death of Pontiac Motor Division (the Vibe was built here). Toyota dropped out on April Fools' Day, 2010. Tesla Motors opened up on Oct 27, 2010 in this factory. Back when it was a GM plant 1971-3 Buicks built here= Z seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual)

INGERSOL, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1988-) Built the Canadian only Pontiac Firefly as well as other small cars. Also built Suzukis. Currently builds Equinox. Uses a "6" in the VIN.

JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN- (1919-2008) An existing plant that was switched to Chevrolet car production in 1923. Later built Chev pickups and SUVs. Used a "J" in the VIN.


LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN- Opened in 1983 and won awards for the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, now producing the Chevrolet Sonic and Buick Verano. Uses a '4' in the VIN

LAKEWOOD, GEORGIA- (1927- 1990) Near Atlanta, Georgia this factory built all four divisions and trucks, too. The last car produced here was a 1990 Caprice Classic. Used an "A" in the VIN.

LANSING, MICHIGAN- (1901-2005) Original site of early Oldsmobile production. In 1935 a vacant plant was set up as a Oldsmobile Buick Cadillac factory. The last Oldsmobile was built here. This first factory used an "M" in the VIN. The plant closed down and a year later Lansing Delta Township plant opened nearby in 2006 building trucks. The new factory uses a "J" in the VIN. Lansing Grand River assembly opened in 2001 and builds Cadillacs. Uses a "0" in the VIN.

LEEDS, MISSOURI- (1929-1988) Built A and J bodies until closure April 15, 1988. Used a "K" in the VIN which refers to Kansas City, Missouri which is the name commonly used to describe this assembly plant during the 1960s.

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY- (1937- 2005) Built Pontiac, Olds, Buicks. Later built the Olds Toronado and its twin Cadillac Eldorado. Truck and SUV plant from 1991 until 2005 when it closed. Used an "E" in the VIN.

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1950-2005) Assembly plant that made buses, diesels and used a "C" in the VIN. Buses were built in St. Eustache after 1974. Factories operating in London now are using a "5" in the VIN.

LORDSTOWN, OHIO- (1965-) Assembly plant that built full size Chevrolets. The first gen Firebird was built here 1967-9. According to a GM plant summary, the Firebird was removed from this assembly line March 15, 1969 and switched to Norwood April 14, 1969. Lordstown built the Vega, vans and small GMs from all four divisions. Uses a "7" in the VIN. Since 2010 Lordstown has been building the Chevy Cruze. In 2013 the Parma, Ohio assembly plant near Cleveland will also build the Cruze.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- (see Van Nuys, California)

MORAINE, OHIO- (1951- 2008) Initially an appliance plant, switched to trucks and buses later. Used a "2" in the VIN.

NORWOOD, OHIO- (1923-87) Built a full range of Chevrolets. Built the first and second generation Camaro/ Firebird. Took over the Firebird April 14, 1969 after it was taken off the Lordstown assembly line March 15, 1969 (from GM plant summary sheet). Later built the Buick Apollo. The Nova was taken off this plant following a long strike. The Nova was a high volume seller and GM didn't want to risk another strike on this popular series. Aug 26, 1987 saw the last car roll off the line (a Camaro). Used an "N" in the VIN.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA- (1916-1963) Oakland Assembly was phased out when the Fremont, California plant was opened in 1960. By 1962 all four divisions were being produced at the new Fremont location rendering this factory unnecessary. Used an 'O' in the VIN code.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA- (1979-2006) Built the Nova and its clones, then the follow-up "N" body which replaced the "X" bodies. Used a "6" in the VIN.

ORION TOWNSHIP. MICHIGAN- (1983-) Built the Malibu. Used a "4" in the VIN.

OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1953-) Built Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick since the 1950s. During the 1960s, the Canadian built Pontiac "A bodies" were unique to this factory combining Chevrolet mechanicals with Pontiac visuals. Used a "1" in the VIN. Trucks were built next door in Oshawa Truck assembly from 1964 until 2008. Cars delivered to Calgary, Alberta at the time of the Olympic Winter Games have this sticker in the back passenger window.

factory sticker gm calgary 88 olympics

PARMA, OHIO aka CLEVELAND, OHIO- This factory built cars in the 1960s and was being updated as of 2012 to build the new Chevy Cruze which was currently being built in Lordstown, Ohio.

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN- (1927-88) Main Pontiac assembly plant until the main B body line shut down in 1980 and Fiero began in 1983. Started building Cutlass Supreme and Regal in 1985 on the old B body Pontiac line. In 1987 Monte Carlo and Grand Prix were added. Ceased production of Fiero in Aug 16, 1988 and closed down. Used a "P" in the VIN. The nearby bus and truck plant opened in 1972 and later built pickups until closed 2009. The truck plant used VIN "V".

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1963- 93) Opened in 1952 as a components production factory. In 1963 became an assembly plant producing GM and Chevy vans. Used a "4" in the VIN. After 1993, vans were built in Flint for 3 years and then Wentzville.

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA- (1981-) Currently builds trucks. Uses an "8" in the VIN.

SILAO, GUANAJUATO, MEXICO- (1994-) Chevrolet and Cadillac. Uses a "G" in the VIN.

SOUTHGATE, CALIFORNIA- (1936-82) Located in a Los Angeles suburb building Pontiac, Olds and Buick. In 1964 the A bodies became intermediates and were no longer produced here. To fill the gap, Chevrolet full size cars were built here from 1964 onwards. Compacts were briefly built here in the mid 1970s but slow sales spurred a return to building full size cars. In 1979 only Chevrolet was built here which created space to build Cadillacs, too. In 1982 it closed after building small Caddys and Chevs which weren't selling. 1971-3 Buicks built here= C seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual).

SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE- (1990-) Built Ion and Vue. Uses S and Z in VIN.

ST. EUSTACHE, QUEBEC, CANDADA- (1974-87) Took over diesel bus manufacture from London factory. Used an "M" in the VIN.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI- The pilot run of Corvette was built at Flint and then assembly was shifted to St. Louis which became famous for building the Corvette. The success of the Vette spurred the move to a modern plant in Bowling Green and the closure of this factory in 1980. Nearby St. Louis truck assembly held on until 1987 and used an "S" in the VIN.

STE. THERESE, QUEBEC, CANADA- (1966-2002) Assembly plant in suburbs of Montreal, QC that built the Grand Prix and Cutlass Supreme in the 1980s. Built the Camaro and Firebird from 1992 until the F body was cancelled in 2002. Used VIN "2". GM promised Canada they would get the Camaro/ Firebird again if it was revived. Pontiac was killed in the meantime, but the Camaro returned and Oshawa, Ontario builds it.

TARRYTOWN, NEW YORK- (1914-96) Assembly plant in North Tarrytown, New York (now named Sleepy Hollow, NY) established prior to 1900. It was taken over by Chevrolet in 1914 and later became a GM plant when Chevrolet was joined General Motors. This plant built B bodies and then later Chev, Pontiac and Olds minivans. VIN used a "T".


TOLUCO, MEXICO- (1994-2008) Built Chevy trucks. Used an "M" in the VIN.

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA aka LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- (1947-92) Chevrolet assembly plant built Nova, Corvair and Camaro, Impala and Caprice. They also built a Pontiac: the Firebird. St. Therese, Quebec, Canada took over Camaro/ Firebird assembly in 1992 causing closure of Van Nuys. Used an "L" in the VIN.

WENTZVILLE, MISSOURI- (1983-) built full sized vans and later full sized cars. Uses a "1" in the VIN.

WILLOW RUN/ YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN- (1959-92) Assembly plant located near Willow Run components plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Originally a WWII military plane plant on Henry Ford's land. The government leased Willow Run to the Kaiser-Frazer auto company in 1945. Kaiser-Frazer converted to auto production lines and eventually bought the building. In 1953 Kaiser bought Willys-Overland and incorporated Kaiser production into the Toledo, Ohio Wilys plant.

GM bought the plant to replace the Livonia, Michigan Hydra-Matic transmissions plant that burnt in a fire. GM built a new assembly plant in 1958 for the upcoming Corvair making Willow Run the “home” assembly plant for Corvair. GM began building Corvairs here in 1959. Other compacts built here were Chevy II, Nova and the X body clones such as the 1974 Pontiac GTO. In its final years it built full size Chevrolet and Chev, Olds and Buick wagons. Used a "W" in the VIN. Auto production ended July 1993. Transmission and powertrain ended production in December 2010 as GM lost the building as part of their government bailout plan. The building is up for sale. Preservationist groups are trying to save the bomber building, but developers want to tear down the entire factory.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE- (1947- 2004) Assembly plant for Pontiac, Olds and Buick. Built Caprice and Impala. Closed June 17, 2004 when it was building the sporty two door convertible Pontiac Solstice. The Fisker company wants to manufacture the electric "Karma" vehicle at this factory after retooling. 1971-3 Buicks built here= Y seventh place VIN (71-3 Buick Chassis manual).

GM cars built prior to 1981 use the seventh VIN digit to refer to the assembly plant. Different VIN codes will be assigned to the same factory depending on various factors. For instance, Flint is listed as F when building Chevrolets and H when building Buicks.




A= Atlanta aka Hapeville, Georgia  
B= Oakville, Ontario   
C= Chester, Pennsylvania// Ontario Truck- Oakville, Ontario, Canada   
D= Avon Lake, Ohio  
E= Edgewater, New Jersey// Mahwah, New Jersey// Kentucky Truck Jefferson County, Kentucky   
F= Dearborn, Michigan   
G= Chicago, Illinois 
H= Lorain, Ohio// Windsor aka Walkerville, Ontario, Canada  
J= Los Angeles, California// IMMSA aka Monterrey, Mexico   
K= Kansas City aka Claycomo, Missouri  
L= Michigan Truck aka Wayne, Michigan (also used W)
M= Cuautitlan-izcalli, Mexico
N= Norfolk, Virginia  
P= Twin Cities aka St. Paul, Minnesota  
R= San Jose, California// Hermosillo, Mexico 
S= Somerville, Massachusetts// Allen Park, Michigan
T= Edison aka Metuchen, New Jersey  
U= Louisville, Kentucky 
V= Blue Diamond Truck plant aka Escobedo General, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
W= Wayne, Michigan (also used L)
X= St. Thomas aka Talbotville, Ontario, Canada
Y= Wixom, Michigan
Z= St. Louis aka Hazelwood, Missouri   
0= Detroit Empowerment Zone aka Detroit, Michigan 
5= AAI aka Flat Rock, Michigan


ATLANTA, GEORGIA- Actually located in Hapeville, Georgia this plant built cars and closed 2006. Used an "A" in the VIN. Above is one of the built with pride stickers applied to the glass of a completed Ford that came out of this factory. For those of you who like decoding stuff, you can pinpoint the era this sticker was in use via the glass code which reads as follows: F (circled) CARLITE R (circled), SUN-X A52 DOT -75FM- M67 8A F.

AVON LAKE, OHIO- Was an existing truck plant when Ford took over operations in 1974. Currently builds the Econoline and uses a VIN of "D".

CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA- (1921-1961) Used a "C" in the VIN.

factory ford chicago il window sticker

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS- Produced Torinos and Thunderbirds. Currently produces Taurus, Lincoln MKS and Ford Explorer. Uses a "G" in the VIN.

factory ford chicago 75 body drop

Below is a shot of newly completed cars in the Chicago holding lot. Note the protective covers over the front and rear bumpers.

factory chicago il storage lot

CUAUTITLAN-IZCALLI, MEXICO- (1964-) Opened November 4, 1964. Currently produces Fiesta. Uses an "M" in the VIN.

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN- Currently only producing trucks. Mercury Cougars were first built here and in San Jose back in 1967. VIN code 'F'.

EDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY- (1929-55) Used an "E" in the VIN, replaced by Mahwah.

EDISON/ METUCHEN, NEW JERSEY- (1948-2004) Built Mustang and Pinto, used VIN "T".

ESCOBEDO GENERAL, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO- Blue Diamond Truck plant. Uses a "V" in the VIN.


FLAT ROCK, MICHIGAN (1987)- The building was originally Michigan Casting plant, then closed in 1981. Mazda bought the casting plant and converted it into an assembly plant in 1987. When Ford bought 50% of the plant April 15, 1992 it was renamed Automotive Alliance International. The plant built Mercury Cougar and Ford Probe alongside Mazdas. In 2005 when the new Mustang came out, AAI became known for building the current Mustang. It also built the Mazda 6 until 2012. After the last 6 made it down the line, AAI switched to 100% Ford management while retaining 50/50 ownership with Mazda. The assembly plant and was renamed Flat Rock Assembly plant Sep 10, 2012. It uses a "5" in the VIN. According to Ford, the building occupies 400 acres employing 1685 hourly workers (UAW local 3000) and 140 salaried employees. In 2013 the plant was slated to expand from building the Mustang, to including the Ford Fusion on the line which will entail hiring 1,200 new workers. A huge banner put up along the side of the factory sums up the pride the factory takes in the popularity of the Mustang.

factory flat rock mustang banner

HERMOSILLO, SONORA, MEXICO- (1986) This factory called Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly was opened as a joint venture between Mazda and Ford. The factory has 1,500 employees and can build a car in just 20.78 hours. Despite the speediness of assembly, the plant won the Silver Plant Quality Award for high quality in manufacturing in 2010. Uses an 'R' in the VIN.

factory ford final assembly kansas union sticker

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI- (1913-57 moved) Built Ford trucks and used a "KC" VIN. Replaced by Claycomo, Missouri plant which currently uses a "K" VIN and assembles Ford, Mercury and Mazda.

LORAIN, OHIO- (-2005) Truck plant moved to Avon Lake. Used an "H" in the VIN.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- (1957-80) Located in Pico Rivera, California it built full size Ford, Mercury and Thunderbirds. Used a "J" in the VIN.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY- There is a car and a truck assembly plant in Kentucky. The car plant builds Ford and Lincoln and uses a "U" in the VIN. The Ford truck plant uses an "E" in the VIN.

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY- (1955-80) Replaced the Edgewater, New Jersey plant. Built Ford and Mercury, VIN letter "E" which originally corresponded with "Edgewater".

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA- (-2007) Assembled trucks, used an "N" in VIN.

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA- Opened 1953. Currently builds Ford and Lincoln cars. Uses a "B" in the VIN in the 2000s. Ontario Truck Plant also located nearby and used a "C" for Canada in VIN. Known for building the Lightning trucks. Closed 2007.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA- (1955-84) Built Mustangs, Shelbys (after Carrol Shelby's company was no longer used) and Capris. Used an "R" in the VIN.

SOMERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS- (1926-58) Built cars, including the Edsel. Used an "S" in the VIN.

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI- (-2006)- Located in Hazelwood, Missouri. Built SUVs. Used a "Z" in the VIN.

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA- Opened in 1924. Building Fords and Mazdas when closed 2011. Used "P" in the VIN.

ST THOMAS, ONTARIO- (1967-2011) Actually located in Talbotville, Ontario. Built full sized Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln. Used an "X" in the VIN. This plant took over the job of building the high quality Lincolns when the specialty Lincoln factory in Wixom, Michigan was shut down in 2007.

WAYNE, MICHIGAN- Car plant currently building Ford Focus and Lincoln version of same. Uses an "L" or a "W" in the VIN depending on which of the two plants at this location did the assembly. In 2011 the Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) was upgraded with help from a government program called Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program. The plant is now an environmentally friendly workplace with capability to manufacture Hybrids and electric vehicles side by side with regular gas cars. It was the first US plant to use the 'three-wet paint' process of painting cars which saves energy by baking the car only once instead of baking the primer, base and clear separately. As of 2012 there were 4,000 employees at this plant.

WINDSOR/ WALKERVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1904-53) Used an "H" in the VIN.

WIXOM, MICHIGAN- (1957-2007) Used a "Y" in the VIN. This purpose built specialty factory was opened April 15, 1957 as a replacement for the Lincoln Motor Company Plant at 6200 West Warren Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Wixom began building the super prestigious 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II.

Wixom was state of the art and maintained high quality which reached incredible heights with the 1961-9 Lincoln Continentals. All Lincoln cars were built here except the Lincoln Versailles which was built 1977-1980 on the line with the Granada and Monarch in Wayne, Michigan. In April, 2006 Wixom stopped building the Lincoln LS. The Town Cars lasted another year until May, 2007.

Lincoln trucks and SUVs were built elsewhere. Wixom is well known for building the Thunderbird (starting with the 4 seat version of 1958) which shared components with the Lincoln Mark series. Every Thunderbird from 1958 through 2005 was built here. The revival of the Ford GT was built here, too.

Despite 50 years of operation producing 6,648,806 high quality cars and winning awards the SUV craze killed this factory. Diminished demand for cars forced the factory to lose profitability. The last car produced was a white chocolate Lincoln Town Car finished at 12:55 PM, May 31, 2007.

Below is Bill Nawrot's shot of a Thunderbird built in the Wixom plant parked at the entrance.

factory wixom tbird




B= St. Louis, Missouri
C= Jefferson North aka Detroit, Michigan
D= Belvidere, Illinois 
E= Diamond Star Motors (now MMC), Normal, Illinois
F= Newark, Delaware
G= Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico
H= Bramalea aka Brampton, Ontario, Canada
J= St. Louis (North) aka Fenton, Missouri
K= Pillette Road aka Windsor, Ontario, Canada
L= Toledo, Ohio #1
M= Lago Alberto aka Mexico City, Mexico
N= Sterling Heights, Michigan
P= Toledo, Ohio #2
R= Windsor, Ontario, Canada
S= Dodge City aka Warren, Michigan
T= Toluca, Mexico
V= Conner Assembly aka Detroit, Michigan

BELVIDERE, ILLINOIS (1965-) As of May 7, 2012 this plant started building the Fiat based revival car, the 2013 Dodge Dart. Also builds Jeep products after Chrysler bought out Jeep. Uses a "D" in the VIN.

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1986-) Builds the revived muscle cars such as the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger. Uses an "H" in the VIN. Originally built by AMC for the Eagle when Chrysler bought AMC it began building Chryslers as well, eventualy becoming a Chrysler plant.

CONNOR ASSEMBLY- (see Detroit, Michigan)

DETROIT, MICHIGAN/ CONNOR AVENUE ASSEMBLY- (1966-) Famed for building the Vipers and actually uses a "V" in the VIN! Also built the Prowler.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN/ JEFFERSON NORTH ASSEMBLY- (1991-) This factory used the numeral "3" in the VIN during the start of the 1960s when it was building cars. Now builds trucks and Jeeps. Uses a "C" in the VIN.

DIAMOND STAR MOTORS ASSEMBLY- (1988-1995) A joint venture between Mitsubishi and Chrysler eventually the factory was solely owned by the Japanese automaker and renamed Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing. Initially the factory produced the Eclipse, Talon and Laser. Used an "E" in the VIN.

FENTON, MISSOURI/ ST. LOUIS ASSEMBLY (1959-2009) Built trucks with a "J" in the VIN.


HAMTRAMCK, MICHIGAN- (1914-1980) This was the original Dodge factory. It built most of the classic 1960s Mopar muscle machines and the great new E body Challengers and Barracudas of the 1970s. Used a "B" in the VIN.

LAGO ALBERTO aka MEXICO CITY, MEXICO- Built trucks, production shifted to the Saltilo factory in 2002. Used an "M" in the VIN.

NEWARK, DELAWARE- (1951-2008) This factory built trucks, and the Aspen which was the disastrous follow-up to the incredibly popular Dart. The problems with the Aspen were traced to a hurried development program. The flaws weren't related to the assembly, but design. The end result of diminished production hurt the factory anyways. Used an "F" in the VIN.

SALTILLO, COAHUILA, MEXICO- (1995-) Builds trucks. Uses a "G" in the VIN.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI- see Fenton, Missouri

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN- (1953-) Builds the baby brother to the Chrysler 300 (Brampton) called the Chrysler 200. Also builds Dodge Avenger. Uses an "N" in the VIN.

TOLEDO, OHIO/ TOLEDO NORTH ASSEMBLY- (1997-) Builds Jeeps and uses a "W" in the VIN.

TOLEDO, OHIO/ TOLEDO SUPPLIER PARK- (1942-) Builds Jeeps and uses an "L" in the VIN.

TOLUCA, MEXICO (1978-) Built the Journey, PT Cruiser and now builds some Fiats. Uses a "T" in the VIN.

WARREN, MICHIGAN- (1938-) Builds trucks- uses an "S" in the VIN.

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA- (1928-) Maxwell brand Canadian cars were built here starting in 1916. Following a merger of various companies resulting in Chrysler the factory carried on as a Chrysler final assembly plant. Built Valiant, now builds vans. Uses an "R" in the VIN.

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA/ PILLETTE ROAD PLANT (1975-2003) This was a truck plant that used a "K" in the VIN.



1- BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA (Dec, 1960-1994) This factory replaced the operations formerly located in the Toronto plant. The plant was in use as a Rambler factory and later when AMC bought up Jeep they built Jeeps here, too. When it was closed down the building was converted into a warehouse.

2- BRAMALEA ASSEMBLY/ BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA (1986) AMC built this plant and it later became a Chrysler plant following the merger of AMC and Chrysler. The plant is now building Dodge Challengers.

3- DETRIOT, MICHIGAN (1927)- Kelvinator built refridgerators here until the AMC merger in 1954. It was world headquarters for AMC from 1954 until 1987. It is now a testing and engineering facility for Chrysler.

4- KENOSHA, WISCONSIN (1897-1988)- This factory was most associated with the AMC brand, frequently referred to as the 'home' of AMC. In Feb, 1987 Chrysler cars were built here by calling back to work AMC employoees who had been previiously laid off.

5- TILBURY, ONTARIO, CANADA/- This factory produced Hudson cars and continued in operation following the merger with Nash-Kelvinator under the new AMC name.

6- TOLEDO, OHIO ()- Became a Toledo North Assembly still in use by Chrysler. AMC was building Jeeps there at the time of the Chrysler merger.

7- TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA (1946-July, 1957) This factory was formerly a Ford plant located on East Danforth Avenue in Toronto. Nash bought the plant in 1946 and assembled Nash and Hudson vehicles there following the merger of Nash-Kelvinator with Hudson Motors under the AMC name. AMC closed this plant and transferred assembly to Bramptom, Ontario. This plant is known for producing some of the Rambler Rebel V8s.



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