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Arrowhead Cadillac, Glendale, AZ 877-668-5551 (formerly Lund Cadillac)

AutoNation Chevrolet, Mesa, AZ  (866) 440-8075 (formerly Brown & Brown)

Berge Ford, Mesa, AZ 888-454-0153 (sold two 1969 Talladegas)

Big 2 Oldsmobile Toyota, Mesa, AZ (sponsor 442 Red Baron drag cars)

Brown Chevrolet Co, Chandler, AZ

Brown & Brown Chevrolet, Mesa, AZ (became AutoNation Chev)

Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet, Mesa, AZ (became Brown & Brown Chev)

Camelback Ford Lincoln Mercury, Phoenix, AZ (2001)/ 866-588-7133

Canyon Ford Inc, Phoenix, AZ (1969 RPO Talladega)

Chapman Dodge Chysler Jeep RAM, Scottsdale, AZ/ 480-424-3559
Chapman Lincoln Mercury, Phoenix, AZ/ (Camelback Ford)

Childress Buick Co., Phoenix, AZ
Mel Clayton Ford, Phoenix, AZ/ (bought by Van Tuyl Auto Group 2008)
Consolidated Motors, Phoenix, AZ (became Read Mullen Ford)
Coulter Oldsmobile/ Cadillac, Phoenix, AZ/ 602-714-3112 (formerly Snow and Tufts)
Courtesy Chevrolet, Phoenix, AZ (1955)/ 888-267-5511 (displayed Yenko cars)

Darner Motor Sales Inc (Chrysler Jeep), Mesa, AZ

Desert Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly Kachina Cadillac/ became Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac)

Earnhardt Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ/ 866.493.0543

Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly Desert Cadillac)

Earnhardt Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, Gilbert, AZ/ 888-294-0643
Earnhardt Ford, Chandler, AZ/ 888-210-0170
Earnhardt GMC Buick, Mesa, AZ/ 888-580-6692

A. E. England Motor Co (Hudson), Phoenix, AZ (see A. E. England Pontiac, Los Angeles)

Fiesta Lincoln Mercury, Mesa, AZ 480-428-3237

Freeway Chevrolet‎ Chandler, AZ (480) 735-0399

Dan Grubb Ford 7501 W Mcdowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ/ 866-869-3333

Jones Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Wickenburg, AZ

Jones Ford Mercury, Wickenburg, AZ

Kachina Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ (became Desert Cadillac)

Legends Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ (became Earnhardt Cadillac)

Liberty Buick, Peoria, AZ (1949)/ 602-714-3118
Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM, Phoenix, Arizona/ 866-723-2189
Lund Cadillac, Phoenix, AZ/ 888-713-8102

Mecham Pontiac. Glendale AZ (1954-88/ "Macho T/A")

Midway Buick, Phoenix, AZ/ (formerly Midway Pontiac Buick GMC) became Midway Nissan
Midway Chevrolet, Phoenix, AZ (part of Midway Auto Team franchise)

Money Oldsmobile, Phoenix, AZ (Racing sponsor)

Paradise Ford, Scottsdale, AZ (Shelby dealer1964-67/ became Bill Watkins Ford)

Randall Rambler and Jeep, Mesa, AZ (Racing sponsor/ Gremlin 401)

Read Mullan Ford, Phoenix, AZ/ (became Mel Clayton Ford)
Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Phoenix, AZ/ 623-247-4444
Phoenix AMC-Jeep-Renault, Phoenix, AZ/
Pioneer Ford, Goodyear, AZ (consolidated with Dan Grubb Ford/ became Rodeo Ford)
Rodeo Ford, Goodyear, AZ (formerly Pioneer Ford) 888-451-3558
Showcase Pontiac, Phoenix, AZ/
Snow and Tufts Oldsmobile, Phoenix, AZ/ (became Coulter Olds)

Town & Country Chrysler Plymouth,

Bill Watkins Ford, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly Paradise/ Shelby dealer and 1969 RPO Talladega)

Westward Pontiac, Phoenix, AZ

Woudenberg Pontiac, Mesa, AZ/ drag sponsor


ARROWHEAD CADILLAC, Glendale, AZ 877-668-5551 (formerly Lund Cadillac)

Arrowhead Cadillac is located at 8310 West Bell Road, Glendale, Arizona. This is a new purpose built facility opened in April, 2013. At the same time the new location was opened the existing name of the dealership Lund Cadillac was changed to Arrowhead Cadillac. See the story on Lund Cadillac for more history.

In winter, 2015 Arrowhead Cadillac had 197 new vehicles in stock.


AUTONATION CHEVROLET, Mesa, AZ  (866) 440-8075

AutoNation Chevrolet is located at 145 E Main Street, Mesa, Arizona. In winter, 2014 the lot contained 384 new vehicles, 147 of which were cars. They had 3 new 2014 Corvette Stingrays, 2 of which were top dog Jet Black convertible Z51 3LT models, VIN #s 1G1YM3D70E5117399 and 1G1YM3D76E5107136. They had 35 Camaros, and a new 2014 Phantom Black Chev SS.


BERGE FORD, Mesa, AZ 888-454-0153 (sold two 1969 Talladegas)

Berge Ford is located at 460 E Auto Center Dr, Mesa, Arizona. The dealership was established in 1944 by C. M. Berge. In the 1960s the dealership was located at 206 East Main Street, Mesa, Arizona. The Ford dealer code # was 75A005.

This dealer sold two of the special 1969 Ford Talladegas, both of them Maroon. The cars were the 73rd built (VIN 9A46Q189772) and the 74th built (VIN 9A46Q189773). Ford frequently sent these cars to performance oriented dealerships. Since Berge received 2 of them it suggests that they had a performance image in the 1960s.

As of winter 2014 Berge had 457 new vehicles in stock, 147 of which were cars. Berge had 21 new 2014 Mustangs in stock, 3 of which were convertibles (1 GT). Of the 18 coupes, 4 were GTs.


BIG 2 OLDSMOBILE TOYOTA, Mesa, AZ (sponsor of 442 Red Baron drag cars)

Big 2 Oldsmobile Toyota was located on Main Street, Mesa, Arizona during the 1960s and later relocated to 470 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, Arizona. The dealership was founded by Lon Hoeye in the 1930s. Hoeye was also a partner in the Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet dealership.

In 1967 the dealership campaigned a 1967 Oldsmobile 442 named Red Baron in drag racing. The car featured a cartoon of Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip on the front fenders to tie in with the long running story in the comic strip about Snoopy battling The Red Baron. Snoopy is running in fear from the 'Olds Rocket' logo come to life like a missile coming to hunt him down. Big 2 continued to campaign various model years of the 442 under the Red Baron name. Bill Cox did well for Big 2 as a driver.

Lon's son Chris Hoeye now runs the dealership which has gone through some changes. With the death of Oldsmobile the dealership took on Scion as the 'second' of the 'Big 2' brands.



Brown Chevrolet Co was located in Chandler, Arizona as far back as the 1940s.


BROWN & BROWN CHEVROLET, Mesa, AZ (became AutoNation Chev)

Brown & Brown Chevrolet was Chevrolet is located at 145 E Main Street, Mesa, Arizona. The business traces back to 1937 and was incorporated May 1, 1956. Matthew Brown was the dealer principle. During the 1960s the dealership was known as Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet. After many years as Brown & Brown the location became AutoNation Chevrolet.


BROWN & HOEYE CHEVROLET, Mesa, AZ (became Brown & Brown Chev/ purported source of the first Dana 427 Camaro)

Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet was located at 145 E Main Street, Mesa, Arizona during the 1960s.The business traces back to 1937 and was incorporated May 1, 1956. Matthew Brown was the dealer principle. The dealership was later known as Brown & Brown Chevrolet. See the story above. Hoeye was also owned the Big 2 Oldsmobile Toyota dealership.

Brown & Hoeye Chevrolet was the subject of a HOT ROD story which states that the source of the first Dana Chevrolet 1967 Camaro conversion to a 427 engine came through this dealership. The car was apparently a gold car repainted black and used on the drag strip to generate interest in the Dana conversions. There is no paperwork to verify the history.


CAMELBACK FORD LINCOLN, Phoenix, AZ (2001)/ 866-588-7133

Camelback Ford Lincoln is located at 1330 East Camelback Road on a 5 acre lot. Camelback Ford Lincoln opened July, 2008. At the start of 2013 Camelback had 69 new Lincoln vehicles in stock. They have 332 new Ford vehicles in stock with 28 Mustangs. The website mentions a Mustang Supercenter with Shelby and Roush but the listings are mainly V6s and a good selection of GTs.


CANYON FORD INC, Phoenix, AZ (1969 RPO Talladega)

Canyon Ford Inc was located in Phoenix, Arizona. The dealership was built in Sep, 1967. This dealer took delivery of a White 1969 regular Production Ford Talladega VIN 9A46Q186591. This was the 25th one built. The 26th one went to another Phoenix area Shelby dealership Bill Watkins Ford.


CHAPMAN DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP RAM, Scottsdale, AZ/ 480-424-3559

dealer chapman dodge chrysler jeep scottsdale az

Chapman Dodge Chysler Jeep RAM is located at 6601 E McDowell Road #1, Scottsdale, Arizona. Chapman also has a location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the start of 2013 Chapman had 271 new vehicles in stock, 26 of which are Dodge Challengers. There are 18 new 2013 Challenger SXTs including an SXT Plus. Three of the cars are new 2013 Challenger R/Ts and five are top dog SRT8 392s. This dealer has also encountered a buyng trend that seems to affect all Chysler dealers: three of the new Challenger SRT8s have been sitting for awhile unsold. They are brand new cars, but 2012 models. One is even the really cool Yellowjacket model and it hasn't sold. Chapman has two new 2013 Challenger SRT8s but are obviously held back from ordering more since the 2012 SRT8s are moving slowly.

People might order a lightly loaded R/T but seem to balk at the expense of the top SRT8. It might be that the retro Challenger has reached all of its potential nostalgia audience. These are the people most likely to go all the way to the top Hemi. It seems that the great looks of the Challenger is winning over new buyers who have been raised on economical cars and prefer the six. On many lots even the SXTs are being cleared out at discount prices. If we look way back in time, the six cylinder Challengers of the original run were also good sellers. Same with Mustangs.


CHAPMAN LINCOLN MERCURY, Phoenix, AZ/ 602- 264-1851

Chapman Lincoln Mercury was located at 1330 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona. The dealership lot became the headquarters of Camelback Ford Lincoln. Camelback combined both Chapman Ford and Mel Clayton Ford at 1550 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ.



Childress Buick Company was located at 621 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona during the 1960s and 1970s. The dealership was later known as Childress Buick LLp and was located at 2223 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona. The location briefly became Nick Mayer Hyundai Kia before it folded.


MEL CLAYTON FORD, Phoenix, AZ/ (1975- 2008) Bought by Van Tuyl Auto Group.

Mel Clayton Ford was located at 1550 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona. The dealership lot was first established in 1961 by Read Mullan Ford. In 1975 Mel Clayton bought the dealership and renamed it. In 2008 Mel Clayton Ford and Chapman Lincoln Mercury where bought up by Van Tuyl Auto Group. Camelback Ford was created on the site of the old Chapman Ford lot.


CONSOLIDATED MOTORS, Phoenix, AZ/ became Read Mullan Ford

Consolidated Motors was located at Van Buren and 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Read Mullan Ford took over the lot, eventually moving to a larger space at 1550 E Camelback. There is a Consolidated Auto Sales on 1610 E Van Buren Street which has been in business for 2 generations since 1942.



dealer coulter olds phoenix az logo

Coulter is located at 1188 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona.

Coulter was originally a Snow and Tufts Oldsmobile/ LaSalle dealership at 320 N Central, Phoenix, Arizona. C.W. Coulter became a partner in the dealership in 1923 at which time the dealership expanded into a Cadillac franchise. By 1926, the dealership became Coulter Motor Company. Coulter gave up the Oldsmobile portion of the dealership to focus exclusively on Cadillac starting in 1955. The dealership moved to the current location in 1971. Coulter bought back their original Oldsmobile dealership in 1993, running it until GM killed off Oldsmobile. In 2008 Coulter Cadillac expanded to include Buick and GMC.


COURTESY CHEVROLET, Phoenix, AZ (1955)/ 888-267-5511 (displayed Yenko cars)

Courtesy Chevrolet is located at 1233 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Their website states that they are the number one Chevy dealer in the Western Region.

The dealership was established in August, 1955 by Edward J Fitzgerald. Edward was born in San Francisco and moved to Los Angeles. In L. A. he met R. Mitchell McClure. They formed a partnership and started modestly with a Chevy dealership set up on an old farm at 1521 E Camelback Road, Phoenix. In 1957 they purpose built the current dealership and have been able to stay at this location by building expansions onto the existing premises.

In the Jan 19, 1968 edition of the Arizona Republic newspaper carried a full page ad from Courtesy inviting the public to come down and meet Dickie Harrell who was going to be in the dealership with his 1968 Yenko Super Camaro drag car. Aside from displaying the drag car Courtesy also had other Yenko high performance cars on hand. Courtesy sweetened the pot with 4 Cragar S/S mag wheels as a door prize.

The Courtesy/ Dick Harrell connection included some of the 1968 Nova SS cars that Dick induced Fred Gibb to order through the COPO system. Dick saw an opportunity at the strip with an automatic transmission mated to 375 HP 396 combo and Fred Gibb made it happen.

Four of the 1968 Nova SS COPO cars made it into Courtesy Chevrolet in late August and early September, 1968. All 4 Novas were Fathom Blue Novas but only one came in with the factory installed 396-375 HP engine. Because the new 1969 Nova SS could be factory ordered with a 396-375 HP engine mated to either 4 speed or 3 speed automatic the uniqueness of the 1968 Novas was blunted.

Dick tried to make the cars more palatable to musclecar freaks by substituting a 427 engine at his speed shop in 3 of the Novas. One was switched to a 4 speed at the purchaser's request. There is also a record of a 1968 Camaro 427 L-88 coming through Dickie Harrell's shop to Courtesy around Aug 2, 1968


DARNER MOTOR SALES INC (Chrysler Jeep), Mesa, AZ

Darner Motor Sales Inc was a Chrysler Jeep dealer owned by Joel O Darner II. It was located at 837 West Main Street, Mesa, Arizona. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.


DESERT CADILLAC, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly Kachina Cadillac/ became Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac)

Desert Cadillac was located at 1200 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona. The dealership location was formerly Kachina Cadillac and became Desert Cadillac sometime around 2013. Shortly after that Earnhardt Cadillac bought out this location which was renamed Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac.


EARNHARDT CADILLAC, Scottsdale, AZ/ 866-493-0543

Earnhardt Cadillac is located at 7901 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona. This locatoin was formerly the Legends Cadillac location.

At the start of 2013 Earnhardt had 221 new vehicles in stock, 125 of which were cars.


EARNHARDT CHANDLER CADILLAC, Scottsdale, AZ (formerly Desert Cadillac)

Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac was located at 1200 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona., This location was formerly known as Desert Cadillac.


EARNHARDT CHRYSLER JEEP DDDGE RAM, 1301 N. Arizona Ave., Gilbert, AZ/ 888-294-0643

Earnhardt Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is located at 1301 N. Arizona Ave., Gilbert, Arizona. Earnhardt lists the new 2013 Challenger models and MSRPs.

1) Challenger SXT ($25,495 MSRP)
2) Challenger SXT Plus ($27,495 MSRP)
3) Challenger R/T ($29,995 MSRP)
4) Challenger R/T Plus ($31,995 MSRP)
5) Challenger R/T Classic ($33,995 MSRP)
6) Challenger SRT8 392 ($44,425 MSRP)


EARNHARDT FORD, Chandler, AZ (1951)/ 888-210-0170

(This dealer was first of a chain of Earnhardt Auto Centers)

Earnhardt Ford is located at 7300 W. Orchid Ln., Chandler, Arizona. It was established by Tex Earnhardt who was born in Texas in 1931. Tex's father Hal Earnhardt, Senior brought the family to Chandler, Arizona and ran a small gas station. Through this experience, Tex became the youngest Ford franchisee in USA at age 21. Tex's friendship with 'the father of the Mustang', Lee Iacocca led to Tex buying a Phoenix area Chrysler dealership in 1980 when Iacocca was hired at Chrysler. The new dealership was located at Baseline and Rural, Tempe, AZ. This sparked acquisition of other dealers and soon the Earnhardt Auto Centers was born.

Tex did TV ads declaring "That ain't no Bull." capitalizing on his Texas ranch upbringing. His sons Hal and Jim Babe joined the family business. Grandsons Dodge, Derby and Bull now work in the family business as well. At the start of 2013, the total inventory for the Earnhardt Auto Centers totals 4,229 new vehicles of which 2,314 are cars. 622 used vehicles bring the total close to 5,000 which is pretty astounding. Tex still works at his original Ford location in Chandler.

The dealers are as follows:

Earnhardt GMC Buick, Mesa, AZ
Earnhardt Chrysler, Gilbert, AZ
Earnhardt Cadillac, Scottsdale, AZ
Earnhardt Dodge Gilbert, AZ
Earnhardt Ford, Chandler, AZ
Rodeo Ford, Goodyear, AZ
Earnhardt GMC Buick, Mesa, AZ
Earnhardt Honda, Avondale, AZ
Earnhardt Hyundai, Avondale, AZ
San Tan Hyundai, Gilbert, AZ
North Scottsdale Hyundai, Scottsdale, AZ
Earnhardt Jeep, Gilbert, AZ
Earnhardt Kia, Phoenix, AZ
Earnhardt Scottsdale Lexus, Scottsdale, AZ
Earnhardt Nissan, Mesa, AZ
Earnhardt RAM Trucks, Gilbert, AZ
Earnhardt Scion, Mesa, AZ
Earnhardt Toyota, Mesa, AZ


EARNHARDT GMC BUICK, Mesa, AZ/ 888-580-6692

Earnhardt GMC Buick is located at 6315 E. Auto Park Dr., Mesa, Arizona. The address is interesting. They are at Superstition Springs Blvd just south of Superstition Freeway (US 60) beside Superstition Springs Mall.  At the start of 2013 they had 183 new vehicles on site, 46 of which are cars. They had new Buick Regals ascending from Turbo Premium 1, 2, 3 up to GS.


A. E. ENGLAND MOTOR CO  (Essex, Hudson), Phoenix, AZ (see A. E. England Pontiac, Los Angeles)

A. E. England Motor Co sold Hudsons from a purpose built showroom in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. They later sold electrical equipment.  A. E. England continued to sell cars when he opened a dealership for Pontiac at 6161 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California in the 1950s. Both the Phoenix and Los Angeles England buildings have been restored.



Fiesta Lincoln Mercury is located at 1720 South Mesa Drive, Mesa, Arizona. Fiesta was celebrating 31 years of business in 2017 suggesting the business began around 1986. When Ford killed of Mercury Fiesta carried on as a Lincoln dealership.

In spring, 2017 the Fiesta lot contained 116 new Lincolns, 41 of which were cars. The remainder were SUVs. Fiesta had 17 of the new Continentals in stock. The 3.7 L base Continentals came in around $48,000.00 while the twin turbo 2.7 L Continentals were $59,000.00.


FREEWAY CHEVROLET, Chandler, AZ (480) 735-0399

Freeway Chevrolet‎ is located at 1150 North 54th Street, Chandler, Arizona. In winter, 2014 Freeway had 357 new Chevrolets in stock, including 20 Camaros, 4 of which were SS Camaros. Speaking of SS, they also had one new Chevrolet SS in Phantom Black.


DAN GRUBB FORD, Phoenix, AZ/ Consolidated with Pioneer Ford, then became Rodeo Ford

Dan Grubb Ford was located at 7501 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona (866) 869-3333. In 2008 Ford needed to prune down their dealerships by cutting 500 excess dealers. Ford accomplished it in part by combining two dealerships into one in various locations. Dan Grubb Ford was consolidated with Pioneer Ford in Sep, 2008. In 2012 the dealership was bought by the Earnhardt Auto Center group and renamed Rodeo Ford.




Jones Dodge Chrysler Jeep was located at 781 W Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg, Arizona. The Dodge and the Ford dealership were owned by Thomas G Jones.

In 2009 the Dodge dealer was slated for closure due to Chrysler cutting back the number of dealerships.


KACHINA CADILLAC, Scottsdale, AZ/ closed

dealer kachina cadillac scottsdale az license frame

Kachina Cadillac was located at 1200 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona. At one point Kachina Cadillac included the Hummer and Saab franchises on the premises. Around 2012 or 2013 the dealership was bought out and renamed Desert Cadillac. Kachina Saab is still located at 1200 N Scottsdale Road.


LEGENDS CADILLAC, Scottsdale, AZ (became Earnhardt Cadillac)

Legends Cadillac was located at 7901 E. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, Arizona. Around 2012 the dealership was bought out and renamed Earnhardt Cadillac


LIBERTY BUICK, Peoria, AZ (1949)/ 602-714-3118

dealer liberty buick peoria az logo

Liberty Buick is located at 8737 W Bell Road, Peoria, Arizona which is a city just north of Phoenix. The Liberty website states that they have been the #1 Western Area Buick dealership for 10 years. Liberty mentions in an older site that they are the oldest, finest and largest Buick dealer in Arizona. Further, they were the largest Buick dealer in the world for seven years.

According to the Better Business Bureau Liberty has been in business since 1949 and incorporated Jan 3, 1963. Many car dealers were celebrating the end of WWII around this time with names reflecting the optimism and relief of the Nation. Up in Penticton, BC, Canada an Oldsmobile dealership was named Victory Motors.

At the start of 2013, Liberty had 241 new vehicles on the lot, 166 of which were cars. They had four 2013 Buick Regal GS four doors on site. The GS uses a small turbocharged intercooled Variable Valve Timing 2.0 L 4 cylinder engine to produce a surprising 270 HP and 295 ft/lbs torque with a six speed automatic funneling through a 3.76 FWD axle. It returns decent economy with 18 City MPG/ 29 Hwy MPG. The GS adds 19" aluminum wheels with P245/40R19 tires. MSRP $38,485.00 is typical for a GS and Liberty was blowing them out with a $2,000.00 savings for $36,485.00.


BILL LUKE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE & RAM, Phoenix, AZ/ 866-723-2189

dealer bill luke chrysler phoenix az license frame

Bill Luke Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM is located at 2425 W Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona. At the start of 2013 they had 455 vehicles in stock, 128 of which were new Dodges. They had 17 new Dodge Challengers. Aside from the obligatory SXTs, there were two R/Ts and in a switch from the usual tactic of loading up on R/Ts, four SRT8s, all 2013 models. Many dealerships had new 2012 SRT8s hanging around which made them understandably reluctant to order 2013 model SRT8s. Somehow Bill Luke Chrysler is able to sell them; an encouraging sign for us muscle car fans.


LUND CADILLAC, Phoenix, AZ/ 888-713-8102 (became Arrowhead Cadillac)

Lund Cadillac was located at 1311 E Bell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona. The dealership was in operation since the 1980s and was the number one Cadillac dealer in Phoenix and Arizona. John Lund was the president. At the start of 2013 Lund had 221 new Cadillacs in stock.

When the dealership was sold, Arrowhead Cadillac was created. A new purpose built facility opened in April, 2013. See the story about Arrowhead Cadillac for more information.


MECHAM PONTIAC, Glendale AZ (1954-88/ "Macho T/A")

Mecham Pontiac was established by Evan Mecham in Glendale Arizona in 1954. Mecham had owned a Pontiac- Rambler dealership prior to this in Ajo, Arizona from 1950 to 1954. On Mecham's Pontiac sign he states 'since 1950' which is in reference to when he first began as a car dealer.

Evan was born May 12, 1924 in Mountain Home, Utah. Mecham left Utah State Agricultural College to fight in WWII in the US Army Air Corps getting shot down and taken prisoner of war towards the end of the war. Mecham was a Mormon with strong religious beliefs. Mecham branched out with more dealerships but sold Mecham Pontiac in March, 1988 because he was now Governor of Arizona.

Mecham maintained an interest in newspaper publishing and politics while running Mecham Pontiac.

Mecham's sons Dennis and Kyle maintained an interest in performance during the 1970s and 1980s. Dennis raced under sponsorship of Mecham Pontiac. The two sons created a dealer special 1977 Trans Am named the "Macho T/A". The "Macho T/A" started with the factory 400 and added headers and true dual exhaust with dual cats replacing the factory "two into one into two" fake dual exhaust system that forced all exhaust gasses to logjam in one catalytic converter. The factory sealed 'fake shaker' hood was easy to open up for fresh air intake and this was also done in conjunction with tuned carburetor settings. Customers could also specify a turbocharger. The mid 1970s Trans Ams were widely regarded as the number one handling domestic car so why mess with success? The Mecham brothers felt they could get even more out of it with a lowered front end, Koni shocks and 60 series (low profile for the era) tires.

26 sales of the 1977 car inspired the formation of DKM Design Performance Inc. In 1978 the return of the "Macho T/A" was popular enough (200 sales each year for 1978 and 1979) to be sold through other dealers besides Mecham. In 1979 the "Macho T/A" was joined by a Camaro Z28 enhanced package dubbed "Macho Z". The 1980 "Macho T/A" was a low production item as the team tried to tinker with the 301 turbo to find more power. Mecham also produced a Corvette L82S package which MOTOR TREND tested in their July, 1979 issue.

Mecham Racing was formed with a prime mission to go racing. The company supported its racing endeavors partially through profits made on street versions of the racers for sale to the public.

In 1982 using the new Trans Am body the new version of the "Macho T/A" was called MSE (Motor Sports Edition Trans Am). A Pontiac Trans Am finally won the SCAA Trans Am championship via the MSE version of the Trans Am. The MSE was produced through the 1985 model year.

1997-2002 Trans Am Mecham special editions were built in small numbers but in very potent form. Advanced technology allowed Mecham to extract massive power from these cars. They also came out with a Corvette ZO6 Du Mans.


MIDWAY BUICK, Phoenix, AZ/ Closed- became Midway Nissan.

Midway Buick started as a Pontiac dealer located at 2201 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona. Midway expanded the lineup to Pontiac Buick GMC. Eventually they became a dealer solely in Buick before moving away from GM and switching the dealership to Midway Nissan. Midway Auto Team was formed from the original dealership and includes Midway Chevrolet which is still active just up the road from the old Midway Buick location.


MIDWAY CHEVROLET, Phoenix, AZ/ 866-749-3691

Midway Chevrolet is located at 2323 West Bell Road, Phoenix, Arizona. The website states that they are number one in the Western 15 States. They had 564 new vehicles on the lot at the start of 2013, three of which were new Corvettes and a whopping 56 Camaros to choose from including a new 2013 Camaro ZL1 convertible.


MONEY OLDSMOBILE, Phoenix, AZ (Racing sponsor 57 dragster/ 65 stock car 442)

Money Oldsmobile was located at 7th Street and McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona and owned by William Money. In 1957 Money sponsored an early aluminum bodied dragster driven by Buddy Sampson. The car was powered by a 462 cubic inch Oldsmobile engine. Money won in the NHRA finals held that year in Oklahoma City with a 10.42.

Later Money sponsored a 1965 Oldsmobile F-85 442 which was raced by Charlie Store and named "The Tiger Eater". The white car with red interior was repainted with ironic orange and black stripes to resemble a tiger. Of course this was a direct jab at the Pontiac GTO which was marketed as 'The Tiger". The 442 was built in early 1965 and made it to the Winternationals. It ultimately was running in the 12s and had a good year of racing. The car was put on display in the dealer showroom at Money Olds with an A stock AHRA record certificate to titlillate the customers. Bill Lester was a 17 year old who had just graduated from high school and his father had fist dibs on the car. In fall of 1966 Bill Lester became the proud owner of the car at the young age of 17. He had a lot of fun with the car whcih had been repainted it's original white paint scheme.



Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge was originally known as Performance Dodge and was owned by William R Coulter. Performance was located at 4240 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix, Arizona. This was one of the dealers listed for closure in 2009 when Chrysler was paring back their dealership numbers.


READ MULLAN FORD, Phoenix, AZ/ (formerly Consolidated Motors, became Mel Clayton Ford 1975)

Read Mullan Ford took over the Consolidated Motors lot located at Van Buren and 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona. A new dealership lot was created in 1961 at 16th and 1550 E Camelback Road, Phoenix. The lot was taken over by Mel Clayton Ford who was bought out in 2008.


PARADISE FORD, Scottsdale, AZ (Shelby dealer1964-67/ became Bill Watkins Ford)

Paradise Ford was established by Chase Morsey in 1964 located at the corner of Scottsdale Road and 7136 E Camelback in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paradise Ford sold volume numbers of Shelby Mustangs () as well as stocking performance parts and offering performance upgrades. Bill Watkins bought Paradise Ford at the end of 1967. See the story on Watkins below.



Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge was located at 4240 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix, Arizona. The lot was occupied at some point by a branch of the Coulter franchise selling Nissans.



Phoenix AMC-Jeep-Renault was located at 1400 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona during the 1970s. The dealership location was taken over by Showcase Pontiac.


PIONEER FORD, Goodyear, AZ/ (consolidated with Dan Grubb 2008/ became Rodeo Ford 2012)

Pioneer Ford was located at 13680 W Test Drive, Goodyear, Arizona. Established in 1979, Pioneer was forced by the 2008 dealership cutting tactics of Ford to consolidate with Dan Grubb Ford (from Phoenix). Ford cut 500 dealers in 2008. In 2012, Pioneer Ford was renamed Rodeo Ford still on the same lot.


RANDALL RAMBLER AND JEEP, Mesa, AZ (Racing sponsor/ Gremlin 401)

Randall Rambler and Jeep was located at 1350 West Main Street, Mesa, Arizona. The dealership was established as a gas staton by Melvin Fuller Randall and became a Hudson and Nash dealership.

Melvin 'Grant' Randall was born to Melvin Fuller Randall and Eva LaDean Grant on Sep 6, 1931 in Pine, AZ. He attended Mesa High School and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Arizona. Grant and his brother Skip owned a Rambler dealership in the 1960s. Grant's sons worked in the dealership. Mike was in sales (but later became notorious as the 'Yenko' of the AMC world), Dan was in the bodyshop and John wrote service orders.

Grant was interested in drag racing, sports car racing and off road racing. Grant used the dealership to sponsor various race cars as well as accessing the engineers within AMC for help with racing parts and cars. Randall sponsored a 1967 Rambler American 2 door 343 driven by Skip and dealership mechanic Dean Turk. On Jan 27, 1967 their Rambler American set an AHRA Formula -6 D/SO class record of 12.47 at 113.60 MPH. Randall also sponsored a race course Javelin and a drag strip Javelin and became well known enough to publish a high performance guidebook for AMC cars in 1968.

Grant's son Michael piloted several of the dealer drag cars at the strip and at the young age of 22 became the 'Don Yenko of the AMC world' when he transplanted a 401 into a 1972 AMC Gremlin and named it the Gremlin 401 X-R. Roughly 20 of the dealer conversion Gremlins were sold.

After the closure of the dealership in 1988 Mike remanned interested in engine building for racing boats. Fourth generation son Jack is involved in off road racing. Grant who initiated the family interest in racing died July 7, 2017. Brother Skip preceded him in death.


READ MULLAN FORD, Phoenix, AZ/ (formerly Consolidated Motors, became Mel Clayton Ford 1975)

Read Mullan Ford took over the Consolidated Motors lot located at Van Buren and 1st Street, Phoenix, Arizona. A new dealership lot was created in 1961 at 16th and 1550 E Camelback Road, Phoenix. Read Mullan Motors took delivery of the 71st built 1969 Ford Talladega. This particular one was Maroon and VIN 9A46Q189770. Ford tended to send the Talladegas to performance oriented dealerships.

The lot was taken over by Mel Clayton Ford who was bought out in 2008.


RODEO FORD, Goodyear, AZ/ 888-451-3558 (formerly Pioneer Ford)

Rodeo Ford is located at 13680 W Test Drive, Goodyear, Arizona. The lot is the site of Pioneer Ford which was bought by Earnhardt Auto Centers in 2012. Pioneer Ford was started in 1979 and consolidated with Dan Grubb Ford in 2008 during the Ford dealership cuts. At the start of 2013 Rodeo Ford had 347 new Ford vehicles in stock, 26 of which are new Mustangs.



Showcase Pontiac was located at 4635 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Later Showcase Pontiac took over the dealership lot vacated by Phoenix AMC at 1400 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ. Eventually GMC and Mazda were added to the mix in an attempt to maintain solvency. They also experimented with Buick Pontiac GMC.


TOWN AND COUNTRY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH, Phoenix, AZ (Ramchargers/ Can-Am sponsor)

Town & Country Chrysler Plymouth was located in Phoenix, Arizona. Established by Bob Montana who had experience as a fighter pilot and road racer the dealership emphasized performance. Montana supported the Ramchargers drag racing team and in the mid 1960s bought a Can Am race car from Bob McKee and raced it in various races until 1969.

In 1971, Montana, his wife, and two sons were killed in a plane crash. Montana's son-in-law inherited the dealership.


BILL WATKINS FORD, Scottsdale, AZ (Shelby dealer and 1969 RPO Talladega)

Bill Watkins Ford was located at the corner of Scottsdale Road and 7136 E Camelback in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bill Watkins bought the Paradise Ford at the end of 1967. He continued the performance formula developed by Paradise and sold volume numbers of Shelby Mustangs (more than 80 Shelbys in 1968 and 1969) as well as stocking performance parts and offering performance upgrades. Watkins took delivery of a White 1969 regular Production Ford Talladega VIN 9A46Q186592. This was the 26th one built. The 25th one went to Canyon Ford, Phoenix, AZ



dealer westward pontiac phoenix az postcard

The amazingly colorful dealer postcard above shows the dealer layout during the 1960s. Westward Pontiac was located at 4635 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ and was listed in the 1978 yellow pages as a Honda dealer, too.


WOUDENBERG PONTIAC, Mesa, AZ/ drag sponsor

Woudenberg Pontiac was located in Mesa, Arizona. Woudenberg Pontiac was established in 1955 by John Woudenberg. Woudenberg was born May 25, 1918 and played for the NFL until 1949. He was able to earn more money managing a car dealership in Los Angeles during the 1950s and used this experience to purchase his own car dealership in Mesa. His wife Myrna (born Dec 11, 1915) helped run the dealership. They continued to build and expand into other business areas which led them to sell the dealership in the mid 1960s. Myrna lived to nearly 100 years old, passing away March 21, 2012.

During the early 1960s Woudenberg Pontiac sponsored drag racing in the stocks. Pontiac dominated the stock classes during 1960 and 1961 when dealerships first started sponsorship of racers. Soon Chrysler would lead this class, but for a while Pontiac was a force to be reckoned with in the stock drags. Woudenberg campaigned a 1958 Chiefton S/SA driven by Phil Billingsley. They also sponsored the J.D. Braswell dragster.



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