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NEVADA Dealers
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NEVADA Dealers


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AutoNation Buick GMC, Henderson, NV 702-570-0288

AutoNation Buick GMC, Las Vegas, NV 702-948-7277

Ed Bozarth Nevada #1 Chevrolet, Las Vegas, NV/ 702-948-8484

Cadillac of West Las Vegas, NV 800-430-7985
Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep, Las Vegas, NV/ 888-207-1749
Chopper Edition, Las Vegas, NV (Towbin Auto)

Pat Clark Pontiac Inc, Las Vegas, NV (Closed- sold 1972 GTO 455 HO)
Desert Buick GMC, Henderson, NV 702-570-0288 (became AutoNation Buick GMC)
Desert Buick GMC, Las Vegas, NV 702-948-7277 (became AutoNation Buick GMC)
Desert Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Las Vegas, NV- Closed

Findlay Cadillac, Henderson, NV 702-558-2600

Friendly Ford, Las Vegas, NV (1970) 866-409-2494

Integrity Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Las Vegas, NV (formerly Integrity Chrysler-Plymouth Inc)

Jones West Ford, Reno , NV (888) 703-7358 (part of Fletcher Jones Autogroup)

Fletcher Jones Chevrolet, Las Vegas, NV (precursor to Fletcher Jones Autogroup)

Jim Marsh Chrysler Jeep, Las Vegas, Nevada

Modern Classic Motors (Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial), Reno NV, (Bill Harrah president)

Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Las Vegas, NV (Towbin Auto) 877-249-7567

Sierra Lincoln Mercury, Reno, NV/ (Sold first 1967 Mercury Cougar GT)

Team Ford Lincoln, Las Vegas, NV 888-813-5753
Todkill Mercury Lincoln Sales, Las Vegas, NV/ Closed
Towbin Dodge, Henderson, NV (Towbin Auto) 877-259-3771

United Chrysler Jeep, Las Vegas, NV

United Dodge, Las Vegas, NV


AUTONATION BUICK GMC/ 702-948-7277 Las Vegas, NV/ 702-570-0288 Henderson, NV

AutoNation Buick GMC is located at 6400 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. The dealers were formerly known as Desert Buick GMC. AutoNation retained the name for awhile before renaming the dealers AutoNation Buick GMC. In winter 2014 the Las Vegas lot had 34 new cars (Buicks) out of 192 new vehicles.

The second AutoNation Buick GMC location is located at 330 N. Gibson Road, Henderson, Nevada. In winter, 2014 the Henderson location had 33 new cars out of 168 new vehicles.


ED BOZARTH NEVADA #1 CHEVROLET, Las Vegas, NV/ 702-948-8484

Ed Bozarth Nevada #1 Chevrolet is located at 5501 Drexel Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. In winter 2014 they had 490 new vehicles in stock, 241 of which were cars. 68 of the new cars were Camaros, including one new 2014 Victory Red Camaro ZL1 VIN  2G1FL1EP0D9807393. They also had 8 of the new 2014 Corvette Stingrays in stock.


CADILLAC OF LAS VEGAS, Las Vegas, NV/ 800-430-7985

dealer cadillac of west las vegas nv logo

Cadillac of Las Vegas West is located at 5185 West Sahara, Las Vegas, Nevada. The dealership is owned by Sonic Automotive Inc. Glen Pirtie is the general manager with 30 years experience in Texas with Chevrolet. In winter 2014 the dealership had 176 new Cadillacs in stock, 128 of which were cars.

dealer cadillac of west las vegas nv building


CHAPMAN DODGE CHRYSLER JEEP, Las Vegas, NV/ 888-207-1749

dealer chapman dodge chrysler las vegas nv

Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep is located at 3175 E Sahara, Las Vegas, Nevada. Chapman also has a location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Simply put, the Vegas lot is monstrously huge. They have 1,048 new vehicles in stock, with 68 new Dodge Challengers on the lot. There are some new 2012 Challengers that haven't sold yet and predictably, they are the hottest ones: A Yellowjacket, five SRT8 392s and three R/T Classics. This pattern shows up at lots across the country. Hemis sell slowly.

Delving into the new 2013s the majority are SXTs with smaller numbers of the hottest cars. When car collectors look back at the 1970 426 Hemi Challengers the rarity of the top dog correlates closely with the modern 392 Hemi Challengers. The top dog Hemi cars were slow sellers then and now. It's a shame, because the new Challenger SRT8s are mid 12 second quarter milers directly off the transport truck without any tuning whatsoever.

Chapman has stocked some 2013 SRT8s despite having some leftover 2012s to move out. Where they look to make some sales is with fifteen 2013 Challenger R/T Classics. These cars are Hemi cars (the 5.7) and they look fantastic and the price hovers around $30,000.00 for most of them. Chapman also stocked 19 regular 2013 Challenger R/Ts including a few R/T Plus models. Getting customers to go to the top with the SRT8 may be too hard, so they have a good strategy with the R/T. It's not too much more than the six cylinders and it packs serious performance.



Towbin auto owns Chopper Edition which features customized Challengers and Chargers built by Towbin in Las Vegas. There is a 'SuperBee Charger" and a Chopper Edition convertible 2012 Challenger that Jay Leno bought in June of that year. Aside from the Chrysler fodder from Towbin car lots, there are also a few Camaros and Cadillacs.



Pat Clark Pontiac Inc was located at 2575 E Sahara, Las Vegas, Nevada. This dealer catered to high rollers and high profile people as evidenced by the loaded top dog muscle car that made its way to the Pat Clark lot in 1971.

On Dec 13, 1971 one of the 'Swan Song' musclecars was shipped from Pontiac, Michigan to Pat Clark Pontiac. The 1972 GTO 455 HO was a potent musclecar at a time when most muscle cars were becoming tape and stripe packages. This particular Gold GTO VIN number 2D37X2P137227 was loaded: GTO option, 455 HO, Air inlet HO, Unitized ignition, Heavy duty air cleaner (desert wind may have motivated this), 4 Speed heavy duty transmission, Rally II wheels, power front disc brakes, Power steering variable ratio, Heavy duty battery, Fawn Cordova Top, Tilt steering, Custom cushion steering wheel, Air conditioning, electric clock, Custom trim, Mats F/R, Radio- stereo, 8 track, console, Custom belts, Door edge guards, Soft Ray tinted glass all around, dual body color racing mirrors. MSRP was a whopping $5,469.70. An oil company bought the car. The second owner picked it up in Sacramento, California in 1989.


DESERT BUICK GMC/ 702-948-7277 Las Vegas, NV/ 702-570-0288 Henderson, NV (became AutoNation Buick GMC)

dealer desert buick gmc las vegas nv lot

Desert Buick GMC is located at 6400 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada. The  Desert Auto Group has dealerships for many foreign brands and are a part of the AutoNation franchise. There is a second Desert Buick GMC location at 330 N. Gibson Road, Henderson, Nevada. Both the Desert locations were taken over by AutoNation and renamed AutoNation Buick GMC.

Sitting at the entrance to the Las Vegas lot in 2012 Desert had an eye- catching used red 2010 Camaro 1LT with the black racing stripe running across the hood and rear deck and side stripes.

2010 camaro ilt desert buick gmc las vegas

The VIN on this Camaro is 2G1FF1EV1A9163467 which decodes as:

2= Canadian built
1= Chevrolet
F= Camaro
F= LT1 (manual transmission)
1= Two door coupe
E= Active manual belts and airbags.
1= Check digit
A= Model year 2010
9= Oshawa, Ontario, Canada assembly plant #1
163467= Sequential number.

2010 camacro desert buick gmc las vegas back



dealer desert chrysler las vegas nv logo

Desert Chrysler Jeep Dodge was located at 3115 Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. The shot below is of the sandy colored dealership building in 2012 which now sits vacant.

dealer desert dodge las vegas nv vacant building


FINDLAY CADILLAC, Henderson, NV 702-558-2600

dealer findlay cadillac henderson nv license frame

Findlay Cadillac is located at 993 Auto Show Drive, , Henderson, Nevada.  In winter, 2015 Findlay had 147 new vehicles in stock.


FRIENDLY FORD, Las Vegas, NV (1970) / 866-409-2494

dealer friendly ford las vegas nv license

Friendly Ford is located at 660 North Decatur Blvd at US 95 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Established in 1970, they celebrated their 42nd anniversary in 2012.

They have a nice 2013 Race Red Mustang Boss 302 on the lot VIN 1ZVBP8CU2D5275490. It costs $46,160.00 and for 2013 the SYNC connectivity is standard on the Boss.


INTEGRITY CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE, Las Vegas, NV (formerly Integrity Chrysler-Plymouth Inc)


Integrity Chrysler Jeep Dodge was located at 6770 Redwood Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. The owner was Gregory J Bashant. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.


JONES WEST FORD, Reno , NV (888) 703-7358 (part of Fletcher Jones Autogroup)

Jones West Ford is located at 3600 Kietzke Lane, Reno , Nevada. This is part of the Fletcher Jones Autogroup which has moved its primary focus to luxury dealerships.

In fall, 2014 Jones West had 178 new vehicles in stock, 51 of which were cars, including 3 new 2014 Mustangs.


FLETCHER JONES CHEVROLET, Las Vegas, NV (precursor to Fletcher Jones Autogroup)

Fletcher Jones Chevrolet was located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This dealership was among many domestic dealerships that Fletcher Jones, Sr built up in the 1950s and 1960s. Fletcher Jones, Sr began with a used car dealership in Los Angeles, California in 1946 and quickly acquired a new car franchise with Chrysler Plymouth. The dealerships in Southern California expanded to Arizona wth Vegas and Phoenix and served as a precursor to Fletcher Jones Autogroup. The Autogroup has its headquarters at 7300 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV.

Fletcher's son 'Ted' Fletcher Jones, Jr, opened his first dealership and the first non domestic one with Mazda. Fletcher Jones, Jr began crafting a network of luxury dealerships that cross the line from domestic to foreign and is now bringing Fletcher Jones III into the business.



Jim Marsh Chrysler Jeep was located at 8555 W Centennial Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada. It was owned by James R Marsh. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.


MODERN CLASSIC MOTORS (Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial), Reno NV, (Bill Harrah president)

Modern Classic Motors was a Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial dealership located in Reno Nevada. It was owned by Bill Harrah who was president of the dealership as well as owner of casinos. Bill Harrah was already a car collector and performance fan at this time.



dealer prestige chrysler las vegas nv logo

Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge is located at 6520 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada. Part of the Towbin Automotive Group which includes some of the cars you associate with Vegas such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce dealerships. Towbin also owns Towbin Dodge in Henerson, Nevada which is located on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

They have twenty 2013 Dodge Challenger R/Ts on the lot with the 5.7 L Hemi and five speed automatic transmission. You get good performance with acceptable EPA ratings of 16 City MPG/ 25 Hwy MPG and combined 19 MPG. The base sticker price is $29,995.00.

Throw on a $4,000.00 optional 'Customer Preferred Package 28M' and you end up with everything you could want on one of these cars except the bigger Hemi. The package includes ParkSense (rear park assist), Challenger script badge, black R/T side stripes, functional hood scoop, HID headlamps, 20"x 8" aluminum wheels with 245/45R20 tires, 3.92 axle, heated leather trimmed bucket seats, 6 speakers and high watt stereo, electronics convenience group, temp and compass gauge, tire pressure monitoring display, garage door opener, security alarm, power heated mirrors with manual fold-away, Sport Mode for the transmission, paddle shifters, tip start, autostick, anti-lock 4 wheel performance disc brakes, remote start. Destination of $995.00 takes this car right up to a $36,090.00 MSRP.

Price incentives get these Challengers back down into the 30 grand range. $3,609.00 in rebates plus $1,000.00 in bonus cash drops the price to $31,481.00.


SIERRA LINCOLN MERCURY, Reno, NV/ (Sold first 1967 Mercury Cougar GT)

Sierra Lincoln Mercury was located at 2400 South Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada. In 1960 this was the address of a gaming bar named Jarrad's which was shut down by the State in Nov 7, 1960.

This dealership has the distinction of having sold the very first production Mercury Cougar GT. The 1967 Cougar was VIN number 7F91S500041. The Caspian Blue Cougar had the 390 Marauder 4 barrel engine as part of the $323.95 GT Performance Group option. It was produced Sep 8, 1966 (66 days behind schedule) as an introductory show unit. It was sold Oct 4, 1966.


TEAM FORD LINCOLN, Las Vegas, NV/ 888-813-5753

dealer team ford las vegas nv license

Team Ford Lincoln is located at 5445 Drexel Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. Of the 40 Mustangs to choose from (this is out of a total stock of 400 cars, yielding 10% volume for Mustangs) ten were $24,190.00 3.7 4V TI-VCT V6. The price is for a base $22,200.00 Mustang with the $1,995.00 six speed automatic option. The total includes $795.00 destination and delivery. There were another ten 3.7 V6s with gradually increasing prices and option loads taking the most expensive to a high of $28,175.00.

The most expensive V6 was VIN 1ZVBP8AM7D5262558. The Mustang is Race Red with the $1,995.00 optional V6 Performance Package which includes P255/40R19 tires on 19 inch painted aluminum wheels (replacing the base V6 17 inch wheels with P215/65R17s), 3.31:1 limited slip rear axle and painted side mirror. This particular one is a stripe delete order. It has the $1,295.00 equipment group 102A option and the 6 speed automatic ($1,195.00). Despite a hot appearance and performance, the EPA credits it with 19 MPG City/ 31 MPG Hwy and a combined 23 MPG which is the same as the base V6 with standard wheels and axle ratio. It was shipped Sep 27, 2012 via convoy.

The dozen 5.0 Mustangs available started at $32,985.00 and ranged up to 38,000.00 for coupes with various levels of options. The price jumps once you look at convertibles with the peak price at $48,290.00 for a Premium convertible with options.

Team Ford had three new 2013 Boss 302s. The first was on dealer order with VIN 1ZVBP8CUXD5282543. This Boss 302 was Race Red with the matte black stripe and dark charcoal interior listing for $42,200.00 base plus $1,995.00 for Recaro sport seats, Helical Diff and $475.00 for Boss car cover and mats. $795.00 destination brings it to $45,465.00. It was sent by convoy Dec 17, 2012.

The second Boss 302 is VIN 1ZVBP8CU3D5275465. This one is Performance White with a charcoal black Recaro cloth interior and also lists for $45,465.00 with the same options as the Race Red one described above. This one was shipped by convoy Oct 26, 2012.

The third Boss 302 is Grabber Blue with charcoal interior. VIN 1ZVBP8CU3D5271755 has the same options listed for the first two and same final price. It was shipped by convoy Jan 21, 2013.

They also had one 2013 Shelby GT500 coupe painted Performance White with Sonic Blue stripe and a Char Black with Blue Leather interior. You may have noted that this same color was chosen for one of the Boss 302s on the lot. The reason is that Las Vegas is a desert area with incredibly strong sun and high temperatures and white cars reflect heat, staying many degrees cooler than cars of other colors. The VIN on the GT500 is 1ZVBP8JZ4D5272668. The GT500 starts at $54,200.00. This one has heated seats $295.00, Electronic package with navigation $2,340.00, Shaker pro system $1,295.00, Shelby cover dealer installed accessory $395.00 plus destination to end up at $59,300.00. This one was shipped by convoy Oct 30, 2012.



Todkill Mercury Lincoln Sales was located at 2000 South Fifth, Las Vegas, Nevada. At one point the name was changed to Todkill Mercury Edsel Lincoln to reflect the attempt by Ford to create a new line with Edsel (similarly to what Chrysler did with the Valiant line for its debut year).


TOWBIN DODGE, Henderson, NV/ 877-259-3771

Towbin Dodge is located at 275 Auto Mall Drive in Henderson, Nevada and bills themselves as the largest Dodge dealership in the world based on November, 2012 sales figures. Owned by Towbin Auto Group which also owns Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Las Vegas. Towbin also owns a division named Chopper Editions which features customized Challengers and Chargers built by Towbin in Las Vegas. See story at top of this page.

Towbin has thirty four 2013 Dodge Challenger SXTs. The majority of them are base cars. They come with the 3.6 L (220 c.i.) engine and 5 speed automatic running through a 2.65:1 axle on P235/55R18 tires. The MSRP is $25,680.00. Towbin also has about a dozen SXTs ranging in price from $26,000 to the top priced black car with a red stripe over the hood and trunk. This SXT with VIN 2C3CDYAG2DH579011 lists at $33,020.00.00. That is more than a base price R/T! Dodge has been paying attention to those hot V6 Mustangs in Grabber Blue and Race Red and their answer is a real tough looking 3.6 V6 Challenger. The red stripe theme is carried inside with a Radar Red and Dark Slate Gray interior. Red inserts in the seats and door panels are pure 1960s excess. The Mags pick up the theme with a 1960s style red stripe just below the lip where the tire attaches.

Towbin has fifteen 2013 Dodge Challenger R/Ts with the 5.7 L (345 c.i.) Hemi engine. The 6 speed manual Tremec cars are $32,580.00. Adding the automatic transmission nudges the price to $33,085.00. Both manual and auto run through a 3.73:1 axle and the same P235/55R18 tires found on the SXT. The R/T upgrades to Heavy Duty brakes and the speedometer jumps from the 140 MPH top reading of the SXT to 160.

Towbin has five 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8s for the die hards who need the 6.4 L (392 c.i.) Hemi engine. $45,995.00 is the base price with a manual shift. It has bigger wheels and tires than the SXT and R/T with P245/45ZR20 tires and an anti spin axle with a higher ratio of 3.92:1. It has an engine oil cooler. Speedometer jumps to 180 MPH. EPA gives it a 14 City MPG/ 22 Hwy MPG rating. The automatic actually gives one extra MPG on the highway. The most expensive SRT8 on the lot is a Stinger Yellow example with a five speed auto. It is VIN 2C3CDYCJ5CH201255 and has the black side stripe with the 'Yellow Jacket' name cut-out in rear.



United Chrysler Jeep was located at 3250 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada. United was owned by Donald C Forman. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.



United Dodge was located at 5750 Sky Pointe Dr, Las Vegas, Nevada. United was owned by Donald C Forman. This was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.













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