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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown. Research and window stickers for Dick Niles Lincoln Mercury courtesy and copyright Dave Jackson.

Alexander Chrysler Plymouth, Portland, OR

Vic Alfonso Cadillac, Portland, OR/ 503-720-9573

Carr Chevrolet, Beaverton, OR (866) 970-1590

Century Pontiac Inc, Beaverton, OR

Coletti Chrysler Plymouth Inc, Hillsboro, OR (Sponsor of Riddler Duster 340 drag racer)

Courtesy Ford and Lincoln, Portland, OR 503-255-1771

Dick's Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, Hillsboro, OR 800-783-4891

Dick's Country Dodge, Hillsboro, OR (became Dick's Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM)

Damerow Ford, Beaverton, OR 503-644-1131

Ewing-Richardson Motor Company (Rambler), Forest Grove, OR

Francis Ford Inc, Portland, OR

Gresham Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, Gresham, OR 1 503-666-2277

(formerly Gresham Chrysler Jeep Inc., Gresham, OR)

Gresham Ford, Gresham, OR 800.283.6731 (see McRobert Motor Co Inc)

Hessel's Chrysler, Gresham, OR

Hillyer's Mid-City Ford, Woodburn, OR 503-981-4747

Hubbard Chevrolet, Hubbard, OR 503-981-9546

Bob Huffman Oldsmoble, Portland, OR (Performance dealer- sold Hurst Olds intended as dealer sponsored car)

Gerry Kelley Buick, St. Helens, OR

Kuni Cadillac Saab, Beaverton, OR

McRobert Motor Co Inc, Gresham, OR (sold a 1969 Talladega/ see Gresham Ford)

Murray Chevrolet, Gresham, OR

Perry Morrell Motors (Ford), Silverton, OR

Newberg Ford, Newberg, OR 503-538-2171

Dick Niles Inc, (Lincoln Mercury), Portland, OR/ Closed

Northside Ford, Portland, OR/ (800) 757-4535

Northwest Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram, Beaverton, OR (877) 844-2745

Timberline Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Portland, OR

Tonkin Mercury Lincoln Sales, Portland, OR/ Closed (see Ron Tonkin)

Marv Tonkin Ford Inc, Portland, OR (see Ron Tonkin & Tonkin Merc Linc)

Ron Tonkin Chevrolet, Portland, OR (855) 890-1823

Ron Tonkin Dodge, Portland, OR- moved to Gladstone, OR (888) 638-5155

Ron Tonkin Lincoln Mercury Inc, Portland, OR/ Closed (formerly Tonkin Merc-Linc)
Wentworth Chevytown, Portland, OR/ 503-200-2482

Weston Buick GMC Inc, Gresham, OR (503) 665-2166

Weston Pontiac Buick GMC Inc, Gresham, OR (503) 665-2166

Wilsonville Chevrolet, Wilsonville, OR 503-498-5983

Gary-Worth Chrysler Plymouth, Gladstone, OR (formerly Gary-Worth Plymouth)

Gary-Worth Lincoln Mercury, Gladstone, OR (formerly Gary-Worth Chry Plymouth)

Gary Worth Plymouth Company, Portland, OR (became Gary-Worth Chry Ply)


ALEXANDER CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH, Portland, OR (became Timberline Dodge)

dealer alexander chrysler portland or license

Alexander Chrysler Plymouth was located at 2340 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon. The business traces back to 1938. The company was incorporated as Alexander Chrysler Inc in 1997 under the presidency of Joseph Breslin. The last president of the company was Alex Laws who was president when the lot was taken over by the Timberline Dodge dealership. Timberline traces back to April 14, 1975.

Alexander Chrysler Jeep was located at 2510 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon. This space was taken over by Atomic Auto.



dealer vic alfonso cadillac portland or

Vic Alfonso Cadillac is located at 633 N.E. 12th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. The website states that they are the number one volume dealer of Cadillacs in Oregon. For those of you who are interested in codes, GM assigned zone #19 to Portland.


CARR CHEVROLET, Beaverton, OR (866) 970-1590

Carr Chevrolet aka Carr Chevy World is located at 15005 SW Tualatin Valley Highway, Beaverton, Oregon. The dealership was established in 1941 and is family owned with high ratings from users partly due to non commission sales staff. In winter, 2016 Carr had 156 new vehicles in stock, 45 of which were cars. 11 were Camaro coupes, 1 was a new Camaro convertible and the remainder were new Corvettes Stingrays including on Z51.



dealer century pontiac beaveerton logo

Century Pontiac Inc was located in Beaverton, Oregon during the 1960s.

dealer century pontiac beaverton or license frame

See a story about a 1967 Pontiac LeMans bought new from Century Pontiac in the ONE OWNER section of this website under CAR STORIES.


COLETTI CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INC, Hillsboro, OR (Sponsor of Riddler Duster 340 drag racer)

dealer coletti chrysler hillsboro or license

Coletti Chrysler Plymouth Inc was located at 602 South West Baseline, Hillsboro, Oregon and later at 590 West Baseline, Hillsboro, Oregon. The dealership was owned by Joe Coletti who was a racer, as was his young son, Mark.

Joseph Valentino Coletti was born July 1, 1928 in Los Angeles, Calif., to Chris and Mildred Raima Coglietti. After 2 years in the U.S. Navy he married Betty Jean Douglas in 1949 and had 4 children. Joe was owner of the car dealership and then race tracks in Oregon and Arizona. Joe was past president of both the Hillsboro Lions Club and the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce. When Alzheimer's slowed him down at age 75 he came to live near his daughter in Philomath. Joe died Feb 17, 2009.

The Coletti dealership sponsored drag racing and did well with The Riddler which was a 1968 Barracuda running E/SA finishing as runner up in the 1968 Winternationals to the Sox & Martin Barracuda 340 driven by Jim McFarland. Pop "Smokey Joe" Coletti set a record in this car with a run of 12.79 @ 109.75 MPH.

The same car was renamed Riddler II and ran as a 1969 'Cuda 340 driven by Mark Coletti at the 1969 Winternationals in F/SA. Mark won with a 12.82 @ 107.01 at age 17 years. The 1969 'Cuda was updated from the 1968 'Cuda that Joe ran the year prior.

Coletti also sponsored Terry Moore and Larry Fors (from Port Orchard, WA) in a 1968 Barracuda "Double Trouble" which ran a Semi.

Mark Coletti won the 1970 Winternationals G/SA class with a 12.67 @ 98.79 in his 1970 Duster 340 named the "Riddler III". The car also set a record for G/SA with a 12.49 run. The Duster was rebooted for 1971 and set a record in 1971 of 12.40.

Clearly these cars were properly built. Local racer Bob Tindle (he owned the 'Orange Crate' hot rod drag car) was the engine builder at Colletti which may have had something to do with the great times the 1970 Duster posted, although these were potent cars right off the showroom floor.


COURTESY FORD LINCOLN, Portland, OR 503-255-1771

dealer Courtesy Ford Portland, Or license frame

Courtesy Ford Lincoln is located at 1313 Northeast 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon. In winter, 2015 Courtesy had 453 new vehicles in stock, 432 of which were Fords.

dealer courtesy ford portland or building

Courtesy had 219 new cars in stock, 26 of which were Mustangs, including 1 convertible. All the new Mustangs were 2015 model years with a heavy emphasis on the new 4 cylinder turbos. 13 of the Mustangs were the new Ecoboosts, 5 Mustang V6 and 8 Mustang GTs.


DAMEROW FORD, Beaverton, OR 503-644-1131

dealer damerow ford beaverton or license frame

Damerow Ford is located at 12325 Southwest Canyon Road, Beaverton, Oregon.

This nice looking 2013 Ford Mustang from Damerow Ford is a big relief with its vibrant color amidst the last 20 years of relentless grey, white and black cars. The VIN 1ZVBP8AM6D5246593

dealer damerow ford beaverton 2013 mustang

in winter, 2015 Damerow had 298 new vehicles in stock.


DICK'S COUNTRY CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE RAM, Hillsboro, OR (formerly Dick's Country Dodge) 800-783-4891

dealer Dicks country dodge hillsboro or license

Dick's Country Dodge is located at 767 Southwest Baseline Street in Hillsboro, Oregon. Established by Dick Inukai as Dick's Country Dodge the franchise expanded to include Dick's Mackenzie Ford and eventually Honda and Hyundai franchises as well. The dealerships are all part of the dealership group named Dick's Auto Group. Dick's son Scott and daughter own the business now.

In spring, 2014 the CJDR dealership carried 17 new Chryslers, 60 new Dodges, 113 new Jeeps and 153 new RAMs. They had 7 new 2014 Dodge Challengers in stock, including a 2014 Challenger SRT8 VIN 2C3CDYDJ3EH165244. This SRT8 is painted Plum Crazy Pearl. They also had a 2014 Challenger R/T Plus 100th Anniversary Edition in Phantom Black, and a 2014 R/T painted Header Orange.



Ewing-Richardson Motor Company was located 27 miles outside of Portland in Forest Grove, Oregon. The dealership was active selling Ramblers during the 1960s


FRANCIS FORD INC, Portland, OR (became Dick Niles)

dealer francis ford portland or license

Francis Ford Inc, was located at 509 SE Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon during the 1960s. Dealer # 74B012.

Originally known as The Francis Motor Car Company, the dealership was established by Clarence E. Francis. Francis was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1886 to Clarence A. and Sarah A. (Martin) Francis. In 1909 Clarence began buying and selling used cars. In 1911 he started a used car lot at Broadway and Everett streets. In 1914 he acquired the Brisco franchise. In 1916 he acquired the Ford agency at Thirteenth and Hawthorne streets, Portland, Oregon and soon was handling Lincoln as well.

Needing to expand, in 1920 Francis bought 3/4 of a block at Hawthorne and Grand Street where he built a 3 story dealership.

After WWII Clarence's son , C.E., ‘Ed’ Francis founded Francis Lincoln Mercury in a new purpose built dealership using the entire block within South West Clay, Columbia, Broadway and 6th. The dealership was designed by Richard Sunderleaf.

Once the senior Francis retired, the Francis Motor Car Company at Hawthorne and Grand became Dick Niles Lincoln Mercury.



(formerly GRESHAM CHRYSLER JEEP, INC., Gresham, OR)

Gresham Dodge Inc.


dealer gresham chrysler oregon

Gresham Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is located at 855 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, Oregon. This dealership is officially known as Gresham Dodge Inc but it may be a continuation of the old Gresham Chrysler Jeep Inc located at 1990 East Powell Boulevard, Gresham, Oregon owned by Clarence Parker. The East Powell location was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization. The Burnside location is alive and well with a new well kept facility so there may not be a connection between the two.

Stepping onto the Gresham lot in 2014 you'd think the 1960s day glo musclecar era never ended. These guys aren't kidding around! Unlike some dealers who stock a token Challenger or Charger among a sea of silver pickup trucks Gresham embraces performance cars. Up front is a Header Orange Hemi Challenger Blacktop beside a Plum Crazy Charger. To the right sit two super hot trade ins: a Competition Orange Boss 302 Mustang and red Camaro. Looking over the lot you are stunned by a literal FLEET of hot Challengers adorned with scoops stripes and spoilers painted incredible colors.

After mind numbing years of dealership blandness it seems we are finally coming full circle to exciting times again. Gresham is still carrying the anonymous commuter silver, white or black minivans, SUVs and trucks for those that want them but this dealership is bringing some color and excitement into the world again.

14 challenger rt blacktop gresham chry or F

This new 2014 Challenger R/T Blacktop VIN 2C3CDYBT8EH165373 decodes as

2C3= Canadian built Chrysler passenger car

CDYBT= Challenger 5.7 Hemi manual shift

8= Check digit

E= 2014 Model year

H= Bramptom, Ontario, Canada final assembly plant

165373= Sequential number


14 challenger rt blacktop gresham chry or hood

This Challenger has the stylish well integrated hood scoops. Some of the other Challengers on the lot have the same raised scoop style that was used back in the 1970s on the Challenger T/A and Cuda AAR. Although the raised scoop is not as aesthetically pleasing as this integral scoop system it is far more efficient perched high to catch the airstream. The great looking scoops on this car won't receive as much ram effect due to their placement in the low pressure area of the hood, but frankly these new Hemis don't need scoops to perform. They are killer engines without scoops. Modern air boxes catch cool air quite effectively without any scoops, but the scoops add to the imagery of these cars.

14 challenger rt blacktop gresham chry or wheel

The Black painted wheels are fitted with Eagle F1 245/45ZR20 rubber. To the right of the Header Orange Challenger sits a 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302.

12 boss 302 gresham chry or f

This used 2012 Mustang Boss 302 has a mere 5,960 miles. You have to wonder what monster Challenger justified trading in a Boss 302?

The Mustang VIN 1ZVBP8CU5C5263879 decodes:

1ZV= Ford passenger car

B= Airbags

P8C= Mustang coupe, GT, Shelby, Boss 302

U= 5.0 (302 c.i.) 444 HP Boss specific engine

5= Check digit

C= 2012 Model year

5= Flat Rock, Michigan final assembly plant

263879= Sequential number

This hot looking 2013 Challenger has the redline wheels and matching stripes.

13 challenger redline gresham chry or

The Red 2012 Camaro RS is a nice looking car. Its probably safe to assume it was traded in on a Challenger.

12 camaro gresham chrys or

The Header Orange 2009 Challenger R/T has the nice stripe effect which wraps over the front fender and then stops at the body crease. The R/T lettering caps it below the crease. This one is in nice shape for a 5 year old car.

09 challenger rt gresham chrys oregon

The 2010 silver Challenger below has a different stripe style flowing down the length of the car similar to the old T/A stripes from 1970.

10 challenger rt side gresham chrys oregon

The body line and stripe are perfectly synched. This particular Challenger R/T is VIN 2BC3J5DT0AH111934. It has the 5.7 Hemi with 5 speed automatic. The Challenger has 64,046 miles which works out to  miles per year. It has performance suspension and a single disc MP3 player. Gresham has it listed at $24,980.00.

10 challenger rt stripe gresham chrys oregon

The wheel has the words ALCOA FORGED stamped into the inners. The wheel closely matches the paint on the car. The center of the wheel has a RAM logo in it. The tire is a Firestone 245/45R20.

10 challenger rt wheel gresham chrys oregon

Walking down the lot a seemingly endless array of Challengers await. A Plum Crazy SRT8 sits beside a White R/T with the edge of a red Challenger R/T visible.

dealer gresham chry plum and white challengers

The Red Challenger R/T is beside yet another Plum Crazy Challenger. This one is an R/T with the white stripes.

dealer gresham red rt plum crazy rt

Beside the Plum Crazy R/T sits a pair of dark Challengers with the raised hood scoop which is part of the Appearance Group by Mopar. On the other side of these 2 Challengers is yet ANOTHER Plum Crazy Challenger.

dealer gresham challengers raised scoops

Most dealers are lucky to have one Plum Crazy Challenger around. Here you have your pick. Don't want the white side stripes on your R/T? Then take this one instead.

dealer gresham plum crazy and shaker

After seeing a smorgasbord of Challengers,there are 2 more further down. At this point you start to glaze over. Is there any end in sight? Are there so many you start to say 'Ho Hum' More Challengers? Yes, you start to lose track. These 2 Challenger R/Ts both have the raised scoops. At this point you may have noticed none of these were the base SXT cars. Gresham ordered R/T or SRT8. They have a lot full of Hemis.

dealer gresham more challengers ho hum

The Black 2014 Challenger R/T on the right of the picture above is actually an R/T Plus. Note the raised scoop, Radar Red seats and chrome clad aluminum 20 inch wheels on both the Challengers shown above. The 5 spoke design connects to the classic 1960s style Magnum and Cragar wheels and is less busy looking than the modern thin spoke spiderleg type wheels. The center cap says Dodge and the tires are Firestone Firehawk GT 245/45R20.

14 challenger RT plus wheel gresham or

The Challenger R/T on the right has a 5.7 Hemi and 5 speed automatic. VIN is 2C3-CDYBT9EH-153488. MSRP is $38,820.00. The big car without a modern 8 speed auto manages 15 City and 25 Highway MPG according to the EPA.

The Challenger on the left is a 2014 Challenger R/T Plus. The raised scoop that comes in the Mopar Appearance package is smaller than the original used in the 1970s due to the reduced hood size of the current cars. The VIN on this Challenger is 2C3-CDYBT8EH-139405.

14 challenger rt granite mopar scoop gresham or

Further down the lot we encounter, Surprise! Two more Challenger R/Ts. It is interesting that in the last few years the Big Three have been offering Maroon paint jobs on their musclecars. After years of bright red, this is a refreshing switch and looks great. The paint looks deeper which presents a more sculpted look to the classic designs. Dodge calls this color High Octane Red Pearl Coat.

dealer gresham maroon challenger

The 2014 High Octane Red Pearl Coat Challenger is an R/T Plus 100th Anniversary Edition. The interior is Dark Slate Gray with Molten Red. It has a 5.7 Hemi and 5 speed automatic. VIN is 2C3-CDYBT5EH-217977. Option 28C is the 100th Anniversary Package and adds $4,500.00 to the R/T base price of $30,495.00. The option includes 100th Anniversary badges, accent color grille, 20 inch aluminum wheels, heated Nappa leather front seats, performance flat bottom steering wheel, bright pedal kit, Berber mats, 100th Ann jeweled key fob, HID headlights, 7 Boston speakers and amp, temperature and compass gauge, tire pressure monitor display, power heated mirrors with manual fold away, universal garage door opener, security alarm and Park Sense rear park assist. The automatic transmission with auto stick adds $1,200.00. Uconnect adds $695.00. Once you add $995.00 destination the total is $37,885.00 MSRP.

14 challenger rt plus 100th ann gresham or


GRESHAM FORD, Gresham, OR 800.283.6731 (see McRobert Motor Co Inc)



dealer hessel s chrysler grehsam or license

Hessel's Chrysler was a Chrysler Plymouth dealership located at 23 W. Powell in Gresham, Oregon. The company traces back to 1908 and also sold farm equipment and trucks. During the 1940s through 1960s Hessel also carried International Harvester, John Deere and Caterpillar trucks.

Hessel also owned a truck dealership called Hessel Motors located at 1925 E Powell, Gresham, Oregon.


HILLYER'S MID-CITY FORD, Woodburn, OR 503-981-4747

dealer hillyer ford woodburn oregon license frame

Hillyer's Mid-City Ford is located at 3000 Hillyer Lane, Woodburn, Oregon. Leo Hillyer is the dealer principle and his son Brandon Hillyer is the General Sales Manager.

dealer hillyers ford building oregon

Below is a shot of a few Muistangs out front of the dealership in October, 2012.

Dealer Hillyers oregon Ford Mustangs oct 2012

In winter, 2015 Hillyer had several new Mustangs in stock from 2014 and 2015.


HUBBARD CHEVROLET, Hubbard, OR 503-981-9546

dealer hubbard chev oregon license frame

Hubbard Chevrolet is located at 2937 G Street, Hubbard, Oregon. Hubbard Chevrolet traces back to Willis Berkey's Hubbard Garage, Inc. established in 1928. After 8 years pumping gas and doing small engine repairs the garage became a Chevrolet Franchise. Hubbard is still family owned and now run by the 3rd generation. Lance and Anisa Berkey currently run the dealership.


BOB HUFFMAN OLDSMOBILE, Portland, OR (Performance dealer- sold Hurst Olds intended as dealer sponsored car)

Bob Huffman Oldsmoble was located at , Portland, OR The dealership went out of business in 1970 and was replaced by Wakehouse Fiat and later Gary Small Saab took over the lot. (Performance dealer- sold Hurst Olds intended as dealer sponsored car)



Gerry Kelley Buick was located at  555 South Columbia River Highway, St. Helens, Oregon during the 1950s.


KUNI CADILLAC SAAB, Beaverton, OR (see Kuni Cadillac in CA, WA, CO)

dealer kuni cadillac beaverton or license

Kuni Cadillac Saab was located at 3725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, Oregon. This dealership opened in 1970 as Kuni Cadillac. This was the first dealership opened by Wayne Kuni who eventually expanded into California, Washington and Colorado. His dealerships were always luxury car oriented and mainly Cadillac, but he soon spread into BMW, Lexus and other brands.

In Feb, 2009 the original Kuni dealership was closed during the General Motors dealership purge. Greg Goodwin, Kuni Automotive's chief executive transfered Cadillac customer service, parts, and warranty business to Vic Alfonso Cadillac Hummer on Northeast 12th Avenue in Portland.

Kuni Cadillac has 10 other Cadillac dealerships located throughout Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado.


MCROBERT MOTOR CO INC, Gresham, OR (sold a 1969 Talladega/ see Gresham Ford)

McRobert Motor Co Inc was a Ford dealership located at 1945 East Powell Boulevard, Gresham, Oregon. Their Ford dealer code was # 74B021.

McRobert took delivery of the 40th built 1969 Ford Talladega (VIN 9A46Q186606). These cars were often sent by Ford to performance oriented dealerships.

The dealership is currently known as Gresham Ford McRobert Motor Co Inc. The new location is 1999 E Powell Blvd, Gresham, Oregon. The owner and president is Silvestre Gonzales. Bess Wills was originally managing Los Angeles dealerships but enjoyed Gresham so much she moved in 2003 to become permanent manager of Gresham Ford.

In winter of 2014 they had 74 cars in stock, including 6 Mustangs.



Perry Morrell Motors was a Ford dealer located at 302 Lewis St, Silverton, Oregon during the 1960s. Dealer # 74C423



dealer murray chev gresham or license frame

Murray Chevrolet was located at 1999 E Powell Blvd, Gresham, Oregon.


NEWBERG FORD, Newberg, OR 503-538-2171

dealer newberg ford oregon license frame

Newberg Ford is located at 3900 Portland Road, Newberg, Oregon. In winter, 2015 Newberg had 66 new vehicles in stock, 15 of which were cars, 1 of which was a new Ruby Red 2014 Mustang GT Premium convertible.


DICK NILES INC, (Lincoln Mercury), Portland, OR/ Closed (formerly Francis)

Dick Niles Inc was a Lincoln Mercury dealer located at 1505 SW 6th, Portland, Oregon. This dealership carried on from the Francis Motor Car Company which was a Ford Lincoln dealership for many years.

In May, 1979 an OOCC reader Dave Jackson was a Ford Motor Company Parts and Service Zone Manager for the Eastern and Central areas of Oregon. As part of his job he was issued a company car. Dave's third company car was a 1979 Mercury Capri which was sold through Dick Niles Inc. THE VIN was 9R14T632362 and the car was invoiced Feb 23, 1979. The Capri had a 3.3 L (200 c.i.) 6 cylinder engine with a single venturi carburetor and 3 speed automatic transmission and had an EPA rating of 19 MPG.


NORTHSIDE FORD, Portland, OR/ (800) 757-4535

Northside Ford is located at 6221 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, Oregon. The location is on a large lot beside the railway tracks down amongst many heavy equipment truck dealers such as Mack and Volvo. This location sells fleet trucks as well as light trucks.



dealer northwest jeep chry dodge beaverton or license

Northwest Jeep Chrysler Dodge Ram is located at 10600 SW Canyon Road , Beaverton, Oregon. Northwest was established n 1984 by Bob McGrain. McGrain moved his family from the East Coast and opened Northwest Jeep. The family owned and operated dealership became the top Jeep sales center which led to a June 2009 expansion into the Chrysler and Dodge franchises.

These guys are not kidding around: in summer, 2016 they had more than 20 new 2016 Challengers in stock, most of which were Scat Packs. They had 7 2016 Challenger Hellcats on hand.

16 challenger RT Scat Pak northwest or

Above is a mean 2016 Pitch Black Challenger R/T Scat Pack VIN 2C3CDZFJXGH184928 with the 485 HP 6.4 L Hemi coupled to an 8 speed automatic and 3.07:1 anti spin rear axle. The Challenger was produced in October, 2015 for zone 70 (Phoenix, AZ) and shipped to Oregon.

16 challenger rt scat pack logo northwest or

In addition to the Scat Pack bee logos behind the front wheels and bee logos on the leather seats this one has big bee stickers on the rear quarters.


TIMBERLINE CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE, Portland, OR (formerly Alexander Chrysler)

Timberline Chrysler Jeep Dodge was located at 2406 N E Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon. The lot was the former location of Alexander Chrysler Plymouth. The dealership was owned by Arthur A Laws. his was one of the dealers on Chrysler's list of 789 dealers to purge before June 9, 2009 during its bankruptcy re organization.


RON TONKIN CHEVROLET, Portland, OR (855) 890-1823

dealer ron tonkin chev portland or sign

Ron Tonkin Chevrolet is located at 122 NE 122nd Avenue Portland, Oregon. Ron Tonkin Chevrolet was established in 1960 by Ron Tonkin in Portland, Oregon. This dealership was successful and inspired expansion into other franchises over the years.

Ron's older brother Marv Tonkin established Marv Tonkin Ford Sales in 1962 and later sold it in 1984 when his son Alan died in a parasailing accident. Alan had worked in the dealership with him. Marv died in April, 1999 age 76.

When he was 58 years old in 1990 as president of NADA Ron went head to head with the Chrysler factory to oppose pricing 'games' with the fluctuating rebate system. Rob brought in two 1996 Vector cars (5 were built) but they were unsaleable due to engineering problems. He was at the time a believer in high performance cars and owned the nations oldest Ferrari dealership at the time.

Ron's sons Ed and Brad Tonkin now manage most of the business although father Ron is still active in the day to day operations. Below are a pair of 2013 Camaros on the lot in fall, 2012.

dealer Ron Tonkin Chevr Portland, Or 2013 camaros

The red Camaro on the left is VIN 2G1FG1E34D9130913

The black Camaro on the right is VIN 2G1FT1EW5D9109109


In spring, 2014 Tonkin Chev had 140 new vehicles in stock, including 13 Camaros, 3 Stingrays and 1 SS.


RON TONKIN DODGE, Portland, OR- moved to Gladstone, OR (888) 638-5155

dealer ron tonkin dodge portland or license frame

Ron Tonkin first established a Chevrolet franchise in 1960 and has since expanded to 16 locations. See the full story under Ron Tonkin Chevrolet.

Ron Tonkin Dodge was established in Portland, Oregon and relocated to 19300 SE McLoughlin Boulevard Gladstone, Oregon. In spring, 2014 the dealership had 174 new vehicles in stock, consisting of 50 Dodges and 124 RAMs. Tonkin had a red new 2013 Dodge SRT Viper RWD GTS 8.4L 10 Cyl. VIN 1C3ADEBZ9DV400380. Although the MSRP is $133,990.00 the fantastic exotic hasn't found a buyer yet. Tonkin discounted the Viper by a whopping $13,995.00 to try and get it moving. Tonkin also had 3 new 2014 Challengers in stock: 2 R/Ts and an SXT.





Ron Tonkin first established a Chevrolet franchise in 1960 and has since expanded to 16 locations. See the full story under Ron Tonkin Chevrolet.

Ron Tonkin Lincoln Mercury was last located at 1212 NE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon. During the 1950s when it was known as Tonkin Mercury Lincoln Sales (and briefly Tonkin Mercury Edsel Lincoln in 1958) the dealership had two Portland locations: Oak at SE Grand and 17th and Sandy.

In the 1960s the dealership was known as Marv Tonkin Ford Inc and was located at 1313 NE 122nd St., Portland, Oregon which is right near the final location. The Ford dealer # was 74B013.



dealer wentworth chev portland or sign

Wentworth Chevytown is located at 107 S. E. Grand Avenue in Portland, Oregon just east of the river. The great grandfather of present president Bob Wentworth established the business under the name Wentworth and Irwin Inc. The location was located at 1005 West Burnside until the 1970s. Starting with carriages, the company switched to dealing automobiles in 1903. In the 1940s Wentworth was a Nash dealership and were carrying AMC until the end of the 1960s. They have also dealt Chev, Buick, Pontiac, GMC. They currently carry Chevrolet and Subaru. The main building above and below is shown from the side and rear. In the upper photo you can see a black Corvette with a red Camaro parked behind it.

The shot below shows the rear of the building which faces the river.

dealer wentworth chev portland or rear

The shot below is of the showroom windows visible to Grand Avenue.

dealer wentworth chev potland or grand ave

Grand Avenue is a major road running through East Portland which gives this building plenty of exposure. On the other side of the street Wentworth has a giant lot with used cars.

dealer wentworth chev portland or grand av showrrom

Note the red Camaro partially hidden by the WE BUY FOR CASH sign. This Camaro was the one parked behind the black Corvette shown above.

dealer wentworth chev portland or camaro window

Across the street in the Subaru lot, a corner display features a black 2013 Camaro SS convertible with black sport cloth interior. VIN number 2G1FJ3DJ3D9106135. The VIN breaks down as follows:

2= Canadian built car
G= General Motors
1= Chevrolet
FJ= Camaro 2SS
3= Convertible
D= Belts and airbags
J= 6.2 L (376 c.i.) V8 code L99. (The other 6.2 is code LS3 and is identified with a W in the VIN)
3= Check digit
D= Model year 2013.
9= Oshawa, Ontario, Canada assembly plant
106135= Sequence number in factory (starts at 000,001)

2013 camaro ss conv black wentworth chev portland or

Interestingly when the pictures were taken of the Camaro upon arrival on the lot, the date displayed in the Chevy My Link screen in the center of the dash says Sunday July 29th, 2012 which seems early for a 2013 model build. Perhaps the date wasn't calibrated, but the sun is particularly strong in those pics. By the end of 2012 the Camaro hadn't sold, so it was sale priced at $39,990.00 which is significantly below the MSRP of $43,285.00. This brings to mind the Boss 302s which sat on lots for over 9 months. The cars are great, but it seems the guys who would love to own them just don't have the 40 grand neccesary to buy.

The SS has a 6.2 L (376 c.i.) with automatic transmission. The list of gadgets is impressive. The SS has back-up camera, steering wheel controls for cruise control and the premium sound system. It has satellite radio with the antenna on the rear trunk lid since it can't be mounted on a convertible top. It has iPod/MP3 input, onboard communications system (Onstar) remote trunk release and keyless entry.

The wheels are five spoke aluminum wheels which bridge the gap between retro Torque Thrust style and modern thin spoke style. There is a lot of cooling area between the spokes but they aren't too thin. It has rear spoiler and a black cloth top. It trumps all prior Camaros with a 180 MPH speedometer. In a return to the old days of optimistic instruments, the tach which redlines at 6,000+ runs to 9,000! The SS has fuel and temp gauges built into tach and speedo, but no auxiliary gauges in front of the shifter.

A sign of the changing values of our society can be glimpsed in the content of the side window stickers. Beside the Onstar service sticker a larger green colored sticker called "Eco logic" summarizes the green features of the Camaro as confirmed by a third party audit.

The 3.6 V6 engine has Continuously Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and direct injection which improves fuel economy and lowers emissions.

The 6.2 (376 c.i.) V8 has electric power steering instead of an engine driven belt, creating less load and more efficiency. The window sticker claims 15 City MPG and 24 Hwy MPG. The engine plants are landfill free and re use, recycle or convert to energy all waste products created due to manufacturing. Water and engine air deflectors are made using 99% recycled material. At the end of the car's life 85% of it can be recycled.

2013 camaro ss conv black wenworth portland rear

At the back of the lot, a flashing huge neon sign goes on and off and can be seen from a long way off. It brings you back a few decades in time when you stand near this sign and look across Portland's older buildings and old wooden water towers.

dealer wentworth chev portland or flashing sign off

dealer wentworth chev portland or flashing sign on


WESTON BUICK GMC INC, Gresham, OR (503) 665-2166

Weston Buick GMC Inc is located at 22555 SE Stark St, Gresham, Oregon. The dealership was established in 1975 as Weston Pontiac Buick GMC by Jay Weston. After the death of Pontiac the dealership carried on as a Buick GMC dealership.


WESTON PONTIAC BUICK GMC INC, Gresham, OR (503) 665-2166

dealer Weston Pontiac Buick GMC, Gresham, OR licensense

Weston Pontiac Buick GMC Inc was located at 22555 SE Stark St, Gresham, Oregon. The dealership was established in 1975 by Jay Weston and after the death of Pontiac carried on as a Buick GMC dealership.


WILSONVILLE CHEVROLET, Wilsonville, OR 503-498-5983

dealer wilsonville chev oregon license frame

Wilsonville Chevrolet is located at 26051 Southwest Boones Ferry Road, Wilsonville, Oregon. The Wentworth family owns this dealership. See the story about Wentworth Chevy on this page.


GARY-WORTH CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH, Gladstone, OR (became Gary-Worth Lincoln Mercury)

formerly GARY-WORTH PLYMOUTH CO, Portland, OR

dealer gary worth chry ply gladstone or license

Gary-Worth was founded in 1959 by Gary McManus (son) and Worth McManus (father). Gary-Worth began as a used car dealership on Union Avenue (now named Martin Luther King Blvd) in Portland, Oregon and quickly aquired a Plymouth franchise.

Gary-Worth Plymouth Company was located at 4943 NE Union Ave, Portland, Oregon during the 1960s. In 1970 the Chrysler franchise was added and the dealership was renamed Gary-Worth Chrysler Plymouth and relocated to 1155 McLoughlin Blvd in Gladstone, Oregon which is a suburb of Portland.

In 1982 Chrysler Plymouth franchises were replaced with Lincoln Mercury. Following the crash and Ford's downsizing Gary Worth Lincoln Mercury was sold back to Ford In July, 2008. Gary-Worth new retail sales operations closed October 31, 2008.

Gary-Worth continues to operate as a used car dealership.


GARY-WORTH LINCOLN MERCURY, Gladstone, OR (formerly Chry Plym)

Gary-Worth was founded in 1959 by Gary McManus (son) and Worth McManus (father). See the story on Gary-Worth Chrysler Plymouth above.

In 1982 Chrysler Plymouth franchises were replaced with Lincoln Mercury. Following the crash and Ford's downsizing Gary Worth Lincoln Mercury was sold back to Ford In July, 2008. Gary-Worth new retail sales operations closed October 31, 2008.

Gary-Worth continues to operate as a used car dealership.

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