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Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown except Morris Chevrolet photo which is provided courtesy and copyright Maximus Coxus. Dave Jackson provided crucial informaiton regarding Wendle Ford.

Barton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, Spokane, WA (888) 716-2347

Barton Oldsmobile Co, Spokane, WA/ Closed

Becker Buick, Spokane, WA (509) 209-9966

Camp Chevrolet Cadillac, Spokane, WA/ 877-618-5838 (part of LITHIA MOTORS)

Chrysler of Tri-Cities, Pasco, WA

Jess Ford of Pullman, Pullman, WA 888-273-5131

Gus Johnson Ford, Spokane Valley, WA (formerly McCollum) (509) 924-1000

Leskovar Jeep-Eagle, Kennewick, WA

Leskovar Lincoln-Mercury Inc, Kennewick, WA

Ernie Majea (Ford), Spokane, WA (1969 Talladega)

Dick Marson Pontiac, Yakima, WA (RA IV GTO Judge drag sponsor)

McCollum Ford, Dishman, WA (Shelby dealer/ sold a 1969 Talladega)

Morris Chevrolet Inc, Republic, WA

Pete's Garage Inc (Chrysler), Ritzville, WA
Peterson Motors Inc (Chrysler), Yakima, WA
Lee Peterson Motors Inc (Buick, Cadillac, GMC), Yakima, WA
Utter Motor Company (Pontiac Cadillac), Spokane, WA

Wendle Motors (Ford), Spokane, WA (Performance parts/ sold a 1969 Talladega) 888-685-717


BARTON CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP RAM, Spokane, WA (888) 716-2347

Barton Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is located at 10701 North Newport Hwy, Spokane, Washington. Jeff Barton is the president. Barton is the 3rd generation family member involved in the car business in Spokane.

Barton used to also include an Oldsmobile dealership. See the story below.

In spring, 2015 Barton had 219 new vehicles in stock, 40 of which were Dodges, including 5 Challengers and 3 Chargers. 2 of the Challengers were the top dog SRT 382s (6.4 L).



dealer barton gm metal plate spokane wa

Barton Oldsmobile Co was located at 1002 West 2nd Ave in Spokane, Washington. The business traces back to 1928. The dealer plate above was attached to a late 1980s Oldsmobile back when metal plates were still in widespread use. In 1995 Barton added Cadillac to the franchise when they purchased Utter Pontiac Cadillac. On July 25, 2001 the Oldsmobile franchise was shut down due to GM killing off Oldsmobile. Cadillac didn't sell enough cars to justify a stand alone Cadillac dealership so Jeff Barton was forced to sell off the Cadillac franchise to the Medford, Oregon giant Lithia. Lithia added the Cadillac franchise to the Camp Chevrolet dealership.

Barton planned to use the vacated Olds dealership to expand his Saturn business.

Barton is still in existence as a Chrysler dealership- see the story above.


BECKER BUICK GMC, Spokane, WA (509) 209-9966

Becker Buick is located at 636 E Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington. Becker Buick GMC has been family owned and managed since 1958. Becker Buick is currently owned by Dale Cornwell and Wayne Cornwell. In 2015 Becker had 96 new vehicles in stock, including 11 cars.


CAMP CHEVROLET CADILLAC, Spokane, WA/ 877-618-5838 (part of LITHIA MOTORS)

Camp Chevrolet Cadillac is located at 101 East Montgomery Spokane, Washington. They are part of the Lithia Motors auto group. See the story on Lithia Chrysler in Ashland, Oregon for more information. Camp Chevrolet added the Cadillac franchise in 2001 when Barton Olds Cadillac sold off due to GM killing Oldsmobile.



Chrysler of Tri-Cities was located at 3203 W Marie St, Pasco, Washington. The owner was Dwight Marquart. Chrysler listed this dealer for closure in 2009 during the corporate bankruptcy dealership purge.


JESS FORD OF PULLMAN, Pullman, WA 888-273-5131

dealer jess ford pullman wa logo

Jess Ford of Pullman is located at 2590 S Grand Ave, Pullman, Washington. In fall, 2014 Jess Ford had 91 new vehicles in stock, 20 of which were cars including 1 of the new design 2015 Mustangs painted Triple Yellow Tri-coat. The VIN isn't that low for a new car 1FA6P8AMF5303271. This V6 Mustang has a 6 speed automatic, the special paint, reverse assist and an upgrade to 18 inch Foundry Black painted aluminum wheels replacing the standard 17 inchers .

The 2015 Mustang 3.7 Liter V6 manages an EPA rating of 19 MPG City 28 MPG Hwy and an average of 22 MPG. This is now the 'bargain basement' model of the Mustang. Originally Ford was going to discontinue the V6 and only offer the Turbo 4 and the GT 5.0 Liter. They decided to retain the V6 to keep the Mustang affordable to everyone. This one comes in at $23,600.00 MSRP base plus $3,175.00 in options. It was shipped from Flat Rock, Michigan by rail Sep 12, 2014.


GUS JOHNSON FORD, Spokane Valley, WA (formerly McCollum) (509) 924-1000

Gus Johnson Ford is located at 8300 E.Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley, Washington. Gus Johnson bought the former McCollum Ford dealership which traces back to 1946 and had built up a strong reputation as a performance dealership and authorized Shelby dealer.

Gus had a background in accounting when he bought his first car dealership in Grangeville, Idaho. He sold that one and in 1992 Gus Johnson bought the McCollum dealership while retaining the McCollum name. He eventually renamed it Gus Johnson Ford.

As of winter, 2014 Gus Johnson had 209 new vehicles in stock, 40 of which were cars. They had 3 new 2014 Mustangs, 2 of which were GTs.



Leskovar Jeep-Eagle was located at 3020 West Clearwater, Kennewick, Washington. The owner Theodore S Leskovar also owned a Lincoln-Mercury franchise.



Leskovar Lincoln-Mercury Inc was located at 3020 West Clearwater, Kennewick, Washington. The owner Theodore S Leskovar also owned a Jeep-Eagle franchise.


DICK MARSON PONTIAC, Yakima, WA (RA IV GTO Judge drag sponsor)

Dick Marson Pontiac was located at 1010 South First Street, Yakima, Washington.  The dealership bought a very interesting car in early 1969. A 1969 RA IV GTO Judge was ordered specifically as a drag strip car. The dealership sponsored the car which was ordered

69 GTO RAIV dick marson yakima wa


MCCOLLUM FORD, Dishman, WA (Shelby dealer/ sold a 1969 Talladega)

McCollum Ford was located in Dishman, Washington. McCollum had its grand opening Jan 19, 1946 under the name McCollum-Crawford Motors. The dealership was established by Harold McCollum and Tommy Crawford.

McCollum-Crawford Motors was located on a 10 acre lot which housed Tommy Crawford's horses. Tommy raced his horses against the local Chevrolet dealer’s horses. The crossover of land use resulted in the dealership being referred to as McCollum Ford Ranch.

McCollum Ford Ranch became the primary Shelby dealer in Eastern Washington.

They took delivery of the 39th built 1969 Ford Talladega (VIN 9A46Q186605). These cars were often sent by Ford to performance oriented dealerships and McCollum Ford was certainly that.

In 1992 Gus Johnson bought the dealership while retaining the McCollum name. He eventually renamed it Gus Johnson Ford. See the story above.


ERNIE MAJEA (Ford), Spokane, WA (sold a 1969 Talladega)

Ernie Majea was a Ford dealership located in Spokane, Washington. They took delivery of the 35th built 1969 Ford Talladega (VIN 9A46Q186601). These cars were often sent by Ford to performance oriented dealerships.



dealer morris chev republic wa logo

Morris Chevrolet Inc was located at 90 N Clark Ave PO Box 631, Republic, Washington. Records indicate that an underground storage tank was installed in 1964 and that the business was still in operation as late as 1985.

Earl Edward Shiflett was a logger who invested his profits into local Republic businesses including Morris Chevrolet. Earl was born March 20, 1933, in a tent on the banks of a river in Watsonville, California. Earl's car experience traced back to his stint as a car salesman for Ok Chevrolet in Brewster, WA. Earl passed away from cancer February 26, 2011.


PETERSON MOTORS INC (Chrysler), Yakima, WA

Peterson Motors Inc (Chrysler) was located at 407 South First Street, Yakima, Washington. The owner was Lee Peterson. He also owned a GM dealership at 410 South First Street. The Chrysler dealers was listed for closure in 2009 during the corporate dealership purge.
LEE PETERSON MOTORS INC (Buick, Cadillac, GMC), Yakima, WA
Lee Peterson Motors Inc was located at 410 South First Street, Yakima, Washington. Owner Lee Peterson also had a Chrysler franchise at 407 South First Street.


PETES GARAGE INC (Chrysler), Ritzville, WA

Pete's Garage Inc was a Chrysler dealer located at South 6 Jefferson, Ritzville, Washington. The owner was Raymond G Greenwalt. In 2009 Chrysler listed this dealer as one of the dealerships to be closed in the bankruptcy dealership purge.


UTTER MOTOR COMPANY (Pontiac Cadillac), Spokane, WA

Utter Motor Company was a Pontiac Cadillac dealership located at 1219 W Second Avenue. The dealership later relocated to 1310 W Third Ave,, Spokane, Washington. Fred Utter, Sr moved his family from Los Angeles, CA to Spokane, WA in 1941 to establish this Cadillac Pontiac dealership which he ran until 1965.

Fred Utter, Jr was born April 29, 1930 in Los Angeles, CA. Fred, Jr. became the owner of Utter Motor Company from 1965 until he retired in 1989. He served in the USAF, was a member of many civic, social and charitable organizations and he and wife Nancy were founding members of the Spokane Racquet Club and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Spokane. Fred, Jr died at age 84 on June 1, 2014 at his home in Tucson, Arizona.

Rick Utter inherited the dealership in 1989 and added the Japanese luxury line Infiniti in 1991 but these cars didn't sell. Allan Holms was a veteran dealer from Montana who expressed interest in buying the dealership in Nov, 1993. On Dec 22, 1993 Cadillac Motor Car Division denied Holms’ application because of the low consumer satisfaction index at his Great Northern Motor Car Co. in Kalispell.

Utter ignored Cadillac regulations and formed a 1 year management agreement to give Holms the opportunity to improve his consumer satisfaction index. Cadillac rejected Holmes again March 23, 1995 this time for insufficient funds. Soon the Utter dealership was delinquent on taxes and money owed to state title agencies. Utter fired Holmes as manager.

April 14, 1995 Utter Motor Co. filed for bankruptcy reorganization. On May 2, 1995 Barton Oldsmobile bought the dealership for $1.25 million, not including the value of the property, in a courtroom auction.

The 1969 Pontiac GTO shown below was sold new through Utter Motor Company. This GTO was on display in restored condition at the Abbotsford Tradex show in March, 2014.

69 GTO conv verdero green utter spokane frt

The Pontiac Historical Services paperwork lists the nice option list on this car. Note that at this time the Utter Motor Company was located at 1219 W Second Avenue. The dealership later relocated to W Third. The VIN on the GTO 242679Z121468 decodes:

2= Pontiac Motor Division

42= GTO

67= Convertible

9= 1969 Model year

Z= Fremont, California final assembly plant

121468= Sequential number

69 GTO conv verdero green utter spokane PHS

This GTO came with a high performance load. It has the optional Ram Air version of the 400 engine, close ratio 4 speed manual, Safe-T-Track axle, hood tachometer, Rally gauge cluster, HD battery, HD radiator, ride and handling package springs and shocks, Rally II wheels, G78 x14 whitewall fiberglass belted tires, radio, rear seat speaker, soft ray tinted glass all around, and hidden headlight covers.

69 GTO conv verdero green utter spokane side


WENDLE MOTORS (Ford), Spokane, WA (Performance parts/ sold a 1969 Talladega) 888-685-717

Wendle Ford is a Ford dealership established in 1943 located at 9000 North Division Street, in Spokane, Washington. They took delivery of the 38th built 1969 Ford Talladega (VIN 9A46Q186604). These cars were often sent by Ford to performance oriented dealerships.

Dave Jackson was an area supervisor for service and recalls that Wendle was one of the rare smaller town dealerships that stocked high performance parts back in the days.

The current dealership blog favors a strong emphasis on community concerns and doesn't mention performance. In winter of 2014 Wendle had 544 new vehicles in stock, 319 of which were Fords (the remainder were Infiniti and Nissan). They had 1 new 2014 V6 Mustang in stock and 1 new 2014 Mustang GT.

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