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CALIFORNIA/ LOS ANGELES Metro area- Orange County
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CALIFORNIA/ LOS ANGELES Metro area- Orange County


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown except for 2013 Boss 302 promo photo copyright Ford

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Allen Cadillac GMC, Laguna Niguel, CA (formerly Allen Motor Co) 877-767-9844

Allen Motor Company, Laguna Beach, CA/ (see Allen Cadillac)

Atlas Chrysler Plymouth Inc, Costa Mesa, CA (became Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge)

Bauer Motors (Buick) 2925 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA

Compass Rambler Corp, Costa Mesa, CA

Cone Brothers Chevrolet, Anaheim, CA (see Cone Chevrolet, Fullerton)

Cone Chevrolet, Fullerton, CA (1929-98 became Mullahey Chev) Drag sponsor/ high perf parts

Bill Corwin Ford, Orange, CA

Duntan Ford, Santa Ana, CA

Ken Grody Ford, Buena Park, CA/ 888-284-2914

Hansel Oldsmobile Inc, Fullerton, CA

Eddie Hopper Chevrolet Inc, Garden Grove, CA/ Closed

L.A. University Sales & Service (Oldsmobile- became University Olds), Costa Mesa, CA

Mike McCarthy Buick GMC, Westminster, CA

McCoy Ford, Anaheim, CA

McCoy & Mills Ford, Fullerton, CA

Mullahey Chevrolet, Fullerton, CA (1998-2010) formerly Cone Chevrolet

Nicholas Chevrolet, Garden Grove, CA/ Closed (1993-

Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Costa Mesa, CA (714) 549-8023

Penske Chevrolet. Buena Park, CA/ Closed (became Premier Chevrolet)

Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park, CA (formerly Penske Chev)

Frank Proto Lincoln Mercury, Huntington Beach, CA

Theodore Robins Ford, Costa Mesa, CA (888) 798-9696 (Ford since 1923)

Selman Chevrolet, Orange, CA/ 888-783-3308

Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove (formerly Nicholas Chev)

Simpson Buick GMC, Buena Park, CA

Smith Motor Co (Ford), Garden Grove, CA

Don Steves Chevrolet (became Don Steves Autoplex) La Habra, CA (562)-691-6704 (John Force sponsor)

D.C. Terry Buick Inc, Huntington Beach, CA (mystery factory drag car)

Thayer Pontiac Inc, Fullerton, CA

Tuttle-Click's Capistrano Ford, San Juan Capistrano, CA/ 888-303-1810

Union Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Garden Grove, CA

University Oldsmobile, Costa Mesa, CA (formerly L.A. University Sales & Service)

University Oldsmobile Pontiac GMC, Costa Mesa, CA (formerly L.A. University Sales & Service)

Wilson Ford Sales, Huntington Beach, CA


ALLEN CADILLAC GMC, Laguna Niguel, CA / 877-767-9844

(Formerly ALLEN MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC, Laguna Beach, CA (1947-72)

dealer allen cadillac gmc laguna niguel ca sign

Allen Cadillac GMC is located at 28332 Camino Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, California. The shot above of the sign was taken right off Interstate 5, which gives an idea of how close they are to the highway.

The dealership traces back to a used car lot founded by Stanley Allen in 1946 on the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna, California. In 1947 Stanley began selling new cars through a Cadillac and Oldsmobile franchise named Allen Motor Company Oldsmobile-Cadillac.

Dennis Allen, son of founder Stanley took over the business and moved locations in 1972 to the new Interstate and also added GMC to the franchise line-up. Scott Allen and Mitch Allen, sons of Dennis Allen have taken over the reins of leadership making this a third generation family run and owned dealership.


ATLAS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH INC, Costa Mesa, CA (became Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge)

Atlas Chrysler Plymouth Inc was located at 2929 Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa, California. The dealership became Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge.


BAUER MOTORS (Buick) 2925 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA

Bauer Motors was a Buick dealership located at 2925 Harbor Blvd.,  Costa Mesa, CA



Compass Rambler Corp. was located at 1745 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, California during the 1960s.


CONE CHEVROLET, Fullerton, CA (1929-98 became Mullahey Chev) Drag sponsor

'Red' Cone established Cone Brothers Chevrolet  which predates Cone Chevrolet. Cone Bros existed at least as early as 1927 at 215 North Los Angeles Street, Anaheim, California (the street is now named Anaheim Blvd). Cone Chevrolet in Fullerton was located at Harbor and Santa Fe until it was moved to 600 W Commonwealth Avenue around 1964. Cone was a family run business until it was sold to Tim Mullahey in 1998. Cone Brothers Chevrolet in Anaheim seems to have been connected with Cone Chevrolet.

Cone was well known in the 1960s for sponsoring drag race cars and for its connections with other California performance dealers and specialty shops including Bill Thomas. A Cone sponsored 1962 Bel Air driven by Hayden Proffitt ran a Bill Thomas prepped engine. The connection suggests that Bill Thomas may have sold some of his super cars through the Cone dealership. The owner of Cone was on the board of the local drag racing strip (Orange County International Raceway). Cone Chevrolet had a good high performance parts inventory even as late as the 1980s.

Cone also competed in the Mobil Economy Run of 1966 which ran from March 14- 20 covering 3,301.4 miles from Los Angeles to Boston. The Cone 1966 Chevy Bel Air V8 placed 5th in 'Class F' (low priced full size 8 cylinders) driven by Carolyn Thomas for 18.6065 MPG. Don Royer won the class with 19.8748 MPG in the Kansas City, MO based Melvin Hilliard Chev Impala. Paul Prior drove a Chev Caprice to 2nd with 18.6896 MPG in the Emerald Chevrolet, Beverly Hills car. This is unusual because Chrysler usually won these classes but only placed 3rd with a 18.6849 MPG posted by Bob Cahill driving a Fury I for Domenich-Basso Inc, Los Angeles.



Bill Corwin Ford was located at 230 South Main Street, Orange, California during the 1960s. The Ford dealer code # was 71D054. The corporate entity was filed January 7, 1955 by William H. Corwin who was also president of the company.



Duntan Ford was located at 2240 S. Main St, Santa Ana, California during the 1960s. Dunton used Ford dealer code # 71D057.


KEN GRODY FORD (see Ken Grody Ford, Carlsbad), Buena Park, CA/ 888-284-2914

dealer ken grody buena park ca

Ken Grody Ford is located just north of the long stretch of dealerships along Auto Center Drive in Buena Park, California. Grody is at 6211 Beach Boulevard. The sign states "Orange County #1 Ford dealer for 23 Years In A Row". That means Grody would be number one volume sales in Orange Country since 1989. The gigantic lot has 922 vehicles. Of that, 797 are new vehicles, 59 of which are Mustangs. 17 were base 2013 Mustang V6s which had a $2,000.00 rebate keeping them all around $25,000.00. They had two 2013 Mustang V6 Premiums that edged down towards $30,000.00 with the rebate. They had twelve 2013 Mustang GTs on the lot ranging from $32,000.00 to $40,000.00 with the rebate.

They have two new 2013 Boss 302s. The Performance White one VIN 1ZVBP8CU7D5267255 is priced at MSRP $49,990.00. The base Boss 302 code 500A package was supplemented with the $1,995.00 Recaro seats/ Helical differential option. It was shipped out by rail Oct 12, 2012.

The Black Boss 302 VIN 1ZVBP8CU1D5279725 is also a Laguna Seca (option 501A) which adds $6,995.00. The Recaro seat option that costs you an extra $1,995.00 in the 'regular' Boss 302 comes included in the Laguna Seca. Destination $795.00 brings the MSRP to $49,990.00. Ken Grody internet price is $54,990.00. This Laguna Seca was shipped out 12 12 12= Dec 12, 2012.

Grody has four new 2013 Shelby GT500s on site.

See the story under CALIFORNIA/ SAN DIEGO Area for photos of some hot Mustangs on the Ken Grody Ford lot in Carlsbad.


HANSEL OLDSMOBILE INC, Fullerton, CA (formerly Hansel Olds GMC)

Hansel Oldsmobile Inc was located at 1325 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, California during the 1960s. The dealership was originally incorporated by company president Todd C. Nowling in 1959 as Hansel Oldsmobile GMC Inc. In 1991 the name was changed to Hansel Automotive Group Inc. and the business seems to have ceased to exist around 1994.


EDDIE HOPPER CHEVROLET INC, Garden Grove, CA/ Closed (1959-1993)

Eddie Hopper Chevrolet Inc was located at the corner of 10511 Garden Grove Boulevard at Nutwood in Garden Grove, California. The dealership relocated to 10150 Trask Avenue. The business was taken over by Nicholas Chevrolet in 1993. Nicholas was bought by Simpson Automotive and named Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove.


L.A. UNIVERSITY SALES & SERVICE (Oldsmobile- became University Olds), Costa Mesa, CA

L.A. University Sales & Service was an Oldsmobile dealer located at 2850 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, California during the 1960s. During the 1970s and 1980s the dealership was named University Oldsmobile.



Mike McCarthy Buick GMC was established in 1967 at 15550 Beach Blvd, Westminster, CA.



McCoy Ford was located at 1600 W. Lincoln, Anaheim, California during the 1960s. They used Ford dealer code # 71D062.


McCOY & MILLS FORD, Fullerton, CA

McCoy & Mills Ford was located at 700 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, California during the 1960s. McCoy used Ford dealer code # 71D066.


MULLAHEY CHEVROLET, Fullerton, CA/ Closed (1998-2010) Formerly Cone Chevrolet

Mullahey Chevrolet was located at 600 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, California. Tim Mullahey who also owns several Ford dealerships and bodyshops bought the successful family run Cone Chevrolet dealership in 1998.

The dealership remained profitable but despite this fell under the axe when GM cut dealerships in 2009. Landon Hall of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER wrote an article about the last Chevrolet truck sold from the Mullahey Chevrolet lot on Oct 31, 2010. This was the final day that dealers were authorized by GM to sell new GM vehicles and it was also the last truck on the lot. The red Siverado sold well below invoice, having sat on the lot since Feb 18, 2009.

The dealership is still at the same location now known as Mullahey Autoworks and  Fullerton Kia.


NICHOLAS CHEVROLET, Garden Grove, CA/ Closed (1993-

Nicholas Chevrolet was located at 10150 Trask Avenue in Garden Grove, California with Joe Voltarel as president. The dealership traces back to March, 1959 when it was named Eddie Hopper Chevrolet. The name changed to Nicholas Chevrolet and Geo before closing down and being bought by Simpson Automotive who renamed it Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove.


ORANGE COAST CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE, Costa Mesa, CA (714) 549-8023 (Formerly Atlas)

Orange Coast Chrysler Jeep Dodge is located at 2929 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, California. The dealer was formerly known as Atlas.


PENSKE CHEVROLET, Buena Park, CA (became Premier Chev)/ Closed

Penske Chevrolet was located at 6692 Auto Center drive, Buena Park, California. Penske took over the location in July, 2011 and were closed before the end of 2012. The space has been taken over now by Premier Chevrolet



dealer premier chev buena park ca

Premier Chevrolet of Buena Park is located at 6692 Auto Center Drive, Buena Park, California and opened in mid 2012, taking over the Penske Chevrolet location. The Yellow Camaro on the roof is actually a giant photograph that is mounted high enough to be visible from the Interstate 5 which parallels Auto Center Drive.



Frank Proto Lincoln Mercury, Huntington Beach, CA

Frank Proto Lincoln Mercury was originally located at 16800 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, California. The address was later recorded as 2000 Long Beach Bl, Long Beach California.

Frank Proto Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. was a corporation based in Delaware registered July 9, 1980. The company's status is listed as Surrender.


THEODORE ROBINS FORD, Costa Mesa, CA (888) 798-9696 (Ford since 1923)

Theodore Robins Ford is located at 2060 Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa, California. The dealership was established by Theodore Robins, Sr. who was born in 1893. In 1921, Theodore started Theodore Robins Auto repair in Balboa near the Balboa Pavilion. In 1923 he added the Ford franchise.

In the 1930s Theodore Robins Ford moved into a new location in the 2200 block of Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, California. The dealership moved again January 10, 1955 to a larger space at 3100 West Coast Highway in Newport Beach. At this time there was a separate used car sales facility at 2054 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA. The used car location was very close to the current address of the dealership. The Newport Beach new dealership transferred to the 10 acre dealership at 2060 Harbor Blvd on August 8, 1966. The Ford dealer code # was 71D095

Following Theodore Robins, Sr's death in 1976 the family continued to run the dealership.  the second, third and fourth generations of his family are currently working in the dealership he founded. In addition to the Presidents Award for outstanding sales and service in 2011 and 2012, the Robins family carried forth Theodore, Sr's policy of community involvement.

In winter 2014 the lot contained 399 new vehicles, 162 of which were cars. They had 18 new 2014 Mustangs in stock, 8 of which were GT models.


SELMAN CHEVROLET, Orange, CA/ 888-783-3308

dealer selman chev orange ca license frame

Selman Chevrolet is located at 1800 E Chapman Ave, Orange, California. Howard Selman established Selman Chevrolet in the 1940s on West Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA. With a thriving business in the 1960s a large investment was made to relocate to the current location on E Chapman. Southern California had a big market for Corvettes and Selman acknowledged this by sponsoring the Corvettes of Southern California NCCC club.

During the 1960s Don Gavel was the salesman on site who specialized in Corvettes. In fall, 2013 the dealership had 427(!) new vehicles on the lot. Of those, 181 were cars. Despite the modern truck/ SUV craze, Selman maintains some Corvette presence on the lot. They have a new 2013 Black Corvette Coupe 3LT 6.2 Litre VIN 1G1YG2DWXD5102271 and a new 2014 Black Corvette Stingray Coupe Z51 manual shift 6.2 Litre VIN 1G1YL2D78E5106034. Selman also has 31 new Camaros on the lot. One of the Camaros is a black 2014 ZL1. They also have eleven SS Camaros.



Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove is located at 10150 Trask Avenue, Garden Grove, California. This dealership is owned by Simpson Automotive, who also own Simpson Buick GMC of Buena Park. Simpson Automotive traces back to 1951. Simpson Automotive bought this dealership from Nicholas Chevrolet who took it over from Eddie Hopper Chevrolet which was established at the start of the 1960s.


SIMPSON BUICK GMC, Buena Park, CA/ 866-894-7589

dealer simpson buick gmc buena park ca

Simpson Buick GMC is located in the Buena Park Auto Center, at 6600 Auto Center Drive, Buena Park, California. The dealership is owned by David Simpson. The website states that the dealership has been in operation since 1951, and the Better Business Bureau states that this location began business Feb 24, 1994. Simpson Automotive also owns Simpson Chevrolet of Garden Grove.


SMITH MOTOR CO (Ford), Garden Grove, CA

SMITH FORD CO, Garden Grove, CA

Smith Motor Co was a Ford dealership located at 12801 Brookhurst in Garden Grove, California during the 1960s. Smith used Ford dealer code # 71D092. The dealership was later named Smith Ford Co.


DON STEVES CHEVROLET (became Don Steves Autoplex) La Habra, CA (562)-691-6704 (John Force sponsor)

Don Steves Chevrolet was established in 1952 on La Habra Blvd by Don Steves. The dealership moved to E. Whittier Blvd as the business expanded. Racers and musclecar fans took note of this dealership in the 1960s when legendary engine builder Bill Thomas was on staff as a mechanic. William P. Thomas was born May 28, 1921 and had such success prepping race Corvettes that GM top brass noticed him. GM funded Bill's Cobra fighters, The Cheetah race car. Bill also prepped 409 drag cars for Don Steves as well as for Cone Chevrolet in Fullerton, CA. Don Steves Chevrolet sponsored Dyno Don Nicholson in his 409 drag cars and later sponsored John Force funny cars.

After he left Don Steves Chevrolet to open Bill Thomas Race Cars in Anaheim, California Bill paired up with Nickey Chevrolet to create 427 Camaros.

Don Steves thrived during the 1960s, selling 120 Chevrolets a month during the peak years of the business. In the 1970s Don Steves gave fledgling racer John Force a gas credit card as sponsorship to help him keep his funny car at the tracks.

The dealership was taken over by Don's son, also named Don. Don Thomas Steves who was known as 'Tom' ran the dealership until GM restructuring dealership cuts removed the Chevrolet franchise from the Don Steves location.

The dealer now carries primarily domestic, but includes all brands of used inventory under the name Don Steves Autoplex at 1001 E. Whittier Blvd, La Habra, California. After struggling to restructure in the year following the loss of his Chevrolet franchise 'Tom' Steves took desperate action. On Aug 18, 2011 he parked his pickup truck and shot himself. 'Tom' was 70. Many racers from the 1960s and 1970s remember him fondly from the old days. His Son, Don and wife Linda continue to run the dealership location as a used car lot.


D.C. TERRY BUICK INC, Huntington Beach, CA (mystery factory drag car)

D.C. Terry Buick Inc was established in 1935 by Daniel Collins Terry at 122 Fifth Street, Huntington Beach, California. 'Collins' was formerly a Pontiac dealer from 1926-35.

Alice Terry who was the dealer's wife fancied a 1966 Buick GS that came into the dealership built in mid year. There is some conjecture that it may be one of the rumoured 11:1 compression special drag cars meant for evaluation and then return to the factory. The car has the air cleaner that indicates the scarce 340 HP mid year 401 (standard GS power rating is 325 HP). The 2 speed automatic is column shifted but the black interior has bucket seats.

Daniel's son Robert C. Terry was born in 1937 and began working in the dealership at age 8. After graduation from USC in 1960 Robert started full time at the dealership. When his dad died in 1967 Robert became owner of the dealership and his wife Dolores also worked in the dealership.

Terry Buick was refused permission by the factory to relocate to Beach Boulevard which was now a hot dealer's row. Buick instead established a new franchise at 15550 Beach Blvd, Westminster which is right on the city limits of Huntington. The new dealer became McCarthy Buick.

By 1983 Terry sales had dropped to 215 annually which was only 63.8 percent of the sales done by an average Buick dealer in the LA area. It was only 40.2 percent of the National average. Things got worse leading up to 1987 when only 17 cars were sold.

Terry finally got approval to move in 1987 due to the deterioration of the area and proliferation of parking lots replacing torn down businesses. Naturally McCarthy protested the invasion of their territory. The Buick factory didn't back Terry who lost his deposit on land slated for building. A judge found that Terry could relocate as of 1989 to 19601 Beach Boulevard.



Thayer Pontiac Inc was located at 700 South Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, California during the 1970s.


TUTTLE CLICK'S CAPISTRANO FORD, San Juan Capistrano, CA/ 888-303-1810

Tuttle-Click's Capistrano Ford is located at 33301 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, California. See the story on the Tuttle Click's Tustin Chrysler dealership in the CALIFORNIA/ LOS ANGELES Metro Area stories on this website for a history of the Tuttle Click Auto Group.

Amongst a couple of Mustang GTs and V6s, Capistrano Ford has a brand new 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca. You can't miss this one on the lot: it is School Bus Yellow with black stripes. The VIN is 1ZVBP8CU3D5251537. The machined aluminum wheels are 19"x 9" up front and 19"x 10" in the rear fitted with an 'R' compound tire. The 444 HP is channeled through a manual 6 speed with unique black shifter knob into a 3.73 Torsen differential. Because of all that power, the relatively small 302 engine logs 15 City MPG/ 26 Hwy MPG combined at 19 MPG or 5.3 gallons per 100 miles.

2013 boss laguna seca school bus yellow ford promo pic

The Laguna Seca is the zero compromise version of the already hot Boss 302 with rear seat delete replaced with rear cross car X brace. It costs $42,200.00 for the top Boss 302 built. The dealer order added some options to the tune of $7,470.00. The majority of it ($6,995.00) is the equipment group 501A which gives you synch package, Boss interior package, Hockey stick side stripe and pedestal rear spoiler number two. The Boss car cover is $475.00 with the Boss floor mats thrown in with the cover. Add $795.00 for destination/ delivery and you're looking at $50,465.00. This Boss was shipped out by rail Aug 13, 2012.



Originally incorporated as Union Dodge Inc, as product expanded the name was altered to reflectthat fact. Union Chrysler Jeep Dodge was located at 9898 Trask Ave, Garden Grove, California. It was owned by Charles S Lee in 2009 when it was placed on the list of dealers slated for closure during Chrysler's bankruptcy dealer purge.


UNIVERSITY OLDSMOBILE, Costa Mesa, CA (formerly L.A. University Sales & Service)

University Oldsmobile was located at 2850 Harbor Blvd,, Costa Mesa, California. The dealership was formerly known as L.A. University Sales & Service. The dealership later added more franchises to become University Oldsmobile Pontiac GMC. The dealership closed in 1994.


UNIVERSITY OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC GMC, Costa Mesa, CA (formerly L.A. University Sales & Service)

University Oldsmobile Pontiac GMC was located at 2850 Harbor Blvd,, Costa Mesa, California. The dealership was formerly known as L.A. University Sales & Service and later became known as University Oldsmobile before adding Pontiac and GMC to the roster. The dealership closed in 1994. The lot was taken over by Gary Gray who owned Orange Coast Jeep Eagle. The lot was subsequently taken over by Costa Mesa Nissan.


WILSON FORD SALES, Huntington Beach, CA

Wilson Ford Sales was located at 18255 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, California during the 1960s. Dealer # 71D093. The dealership was established by Richard Gordon Wilson. Dick was born Dec. 14, 1927 in Inglewood, CA to Curtis and Lillian Wilson. Dick owned several car dealerships southern California. He owned Wilson Ford in Huntington Beach, CA for 29 years.

Dick allowed former employee Ralph Williams to take over the dealership. Before long Williams had increased sales with his high octane TV commercials but also engaged in his usual high pressure sales tactics and other practices which caused a backlash. The dealership was renamed Terry York Ford.

Dick Wilson's son Richard Wilson had been working his way up through ranks starting as a porter at Dick Wilson Ford in Redondo Beach, California from 1963-1972. His experience led to managing Wilson Ford from 1976-1980. Richard later went on follow in his father's footsteps as a diving coach.

Meanwhile Dick Wilson pursued his interest in diving. He was competition director for the 1984 LA Olympic games and announced for the Olympic Games in 1984, 1988 and 1996. In 1996 Dick moved to Grapevine, Texas to coach the Grapevine/ Colleyville High School diving team.

Wilson died at age 76 on September 18, 2004 at Bedford of natural causes.





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