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The stories profile historic and current domestic car dealerships starting with Canada broken down into provinces, followed by USA organized by States. Indexes at the top of the page sort dealers by city or manufacturer; another filters for performance dealerships and the musclecars they sold or cars they campaigned.

Even after Rambler, AMC, Oldsmobile and Plymouth were chopped domestic dealership ranks remain huge. During the financial meltdown of 2009 GM still had 6,375 dealers, Ford had 3,800 and Chrysler had 3,156. The tens of thousands of North American dealers that have come and gone over the last 100 years are beyond the scope of this list. We focus on the 'Big Three Plus AMC' during the 1960s era. Exceptions are made for ONE OWNER story cars bought from foreign dealers.

 If you are thinking of buying a car from a dealership, treat this list as merely a starting point. The honesty or efficiency of dealers is not rated on this website. It is important to take some time to research dealers through word of mouth, with the Better Business Bureau and consumer media such as Yelp if you plan to buy a car.

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71 IILLINOIS/ CHICAGOLAND Dealers Double Dragon 11171
72 INDIANA Dealers Kitterman/ Terry Shaver Double Dragon 3566
73 IOWA Dealers Double Dragon 2083
74 KANSAS Dealers Double Dragon 4042
75 KENTUCKY Dealers Double Dragon 3083
76 LOUISIANA/ NEW ORLEANS Area Dealers Double Dragon 7531
77 MARYLAND Dealers Double Dragon 1492
78 MASSACHUSETTS Dealers (Al Grillo Shelbys) Double Dragon 8089
79 MICHIGAN Dealers/ Berger Chev/ Erich Henkel Linc Merc Double Dragon 4153
80 MICHIGAN/ DETROIT CIty Dealers Double Dragon 9304
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