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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 30 December 2010 20:19

2000 FORD Mustang 232 EFI Auto MPG= Hwy 23.6


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

Metric= 3.8 L engine- 10 L/100km Hwy


EPA Mileage of car when first released 20 MPG City/ 27 MPG Hwy

The 2000 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder automatic 4 speed overdrive originally received an EPA rating of 20 MPG City and 27 MPG Hwy and a combined total of 23 (12 L/100 km, 9 L/100, 10 L/100). The new EPA system converts this reading to the more realistic 18 City, 25 Hwy, and 20 combined. The EPA has real life user's data input as well, which produced 13 City and 25 Highway when 8 logs were averaged.


Carfax shows this Mustang was manufactured Sep 7, 1999 and shipped to original dealer. It was first registered Oct 4, 1999 at the Motor Vehicle Department of Orlando, Florida. It was serviced in shops around Florida. On Dec 29, 2000 it was serviced at Margate Lincoln Mercury in Margate, FL and later it was serviced at Holman Auto.

On Jan 28, 2001 in Miami, Florida it was showing 27,235 miles.

Jan 31, 2001 the title was changed and a lien/ loan applied to the car. The Mustang was serviced on July 18, 2006 at Latham Ford in Latham, NY. The engine computer module was checked. On Aug 17, 2006 the registration was updated when owner moved to in Beverly Hills, FL.

The second owner purchased the car May, 12, 2010 Beverly Hills, FL. On Oct 10, 2010 it was moved to Pompano Beach, FL. After a mere 10 months of ownership it was sold March 21, 2011.

The Mustang had 113,030 miles when listed at an Auto Auction by a dealer. On Mar 23, 2011 Ed Morse Delray Toyota in Delray Beach, Florida bought it. On April 4, 2011 with an additional 113,040 miles it appeared at John's Auto Center, Fort Smith, AR for service.

The third owner purchased the Mustang June 13, 2011 in Cabot, Arkansas with 113,062 miles. Arkansas. On Aug 26, 2011 the car showed 121,008 miles at Magic Lube, Cabot, AR.

On Dec 11, 2012 it appeared at an Auto Auction in Arkansas. It sold on Jan 14, 2013 Vehicle offered for sale with 136,138 miles. On Feb 22, 2013 the cooling system was checked at Trotter Ford Lincoln Mercury, Pine Bluff, AR.

The Fourth owner purchased the Mustang Mar 27, 2013 in White Hall, AR.

This photo below of the bug encrusted front end of the 2000 OOCC Mustang illustrates the smaller and less squared off shape of this car when compared to the later 2003 OOCC Mustang profiled in this section. The rounder front end on the 2000 Mustang might partly explain it's better highway mileage with equal speeds and weather. The obvious explanation for the extra MPG this car posted over the 2003 was that it carried a few hundred pounds less weight around for the duration of the driving.


The OOCC 2000 Mustang has a 232 V6 OHC fuel injected engine and 4 speed overdrive automatic transmission. The 190 HP engine and 3.27 axle ratio is similar to the 2003. The 2000 has smaller wheels at 15 inches compared to the 16s on the 2003, which could reduce highway cruising mileage. The OOCC 2000 Mustang was driven at a steady 110 MPH for a whole day. At 110 the engine isn't completely wrung out. The Mustang still had some reserve power. Apparently, the rev limiter is set for 118 MPH to comply with tire maximum speed. Sans rev limiter the car is theoretically capable of touching 120.

The rest of the road trip consisted of 90 MPH cruising complete with wide open throttle accelerations back up to speed whenever temporarily blocked by slower cars. The middle section of mileage is city driving on poor roads with driver and passenger. The entire trip was made in dry very hot weather with temperatures around 80 to 90 degrees F.

The weight above curb is minimal. Curb weight of a base V6 Mustang with manual transmission is 3,064 lbs. The automatic version is probably about 3,100 curb. Averaging the miles with just one driver with no luggage and the brief miles that there was a passenger adds only about 200 pounds to curb weight for the duration of figures. The A/C was on much of the time as was the radio. Faded ink on old surviving receipts mean only a partial reading is possible.

Odometer Gallons Octane MPG (uncorrected) 
11,874        0.0         87     N.A.
12,141                     87     N.A.
12,801                     87     N.A.

13,178                     87     N.A.
13,262       12.4       87      N.A.
13,572       12.6       87     24.6 MPG
13,870       13.1       87     22.7 MPG


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