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Written by Double Dragon
Friday, 31 December 2010 21:36

1997 TOYOTA Corolla 98 EFI MPG= 19.6 City/ 26.4 Hwy


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown


Metric= 1.6 L engine- 12 L/100km City, 8.9 L/100km Hwy

This is the first of two 1997 Corolla's profiled in the GAS LOGS. The second one, a Corolla Plus is filed after this story. This Corolla was built at the Cambridge, Ontario, Canada factory in July, 1997. The 1.6 L (98 c.i.) Electronic Fuel Injection engine leaks engine oil. The OOCC Corolla was hovering around the average mileage for age, just shy of 100,000 miles. Interstate mileage markers reveal that the Corolla's odometer reads 8.15 Kilometers for every 5 measured miles. Converted to Imperial, 5.06 miles register for every actual 5 miles driven which is pretty accurate.



The EPA came up with 25 MPG City,  29 MPG Hwy and 27 MPG combined when they tested this car with the 1.6 L base engine. The new EPA system translates to 22 City, 27 Hwy and 27 overall. 28.1 was the overall MPG average of two real life users who contributed data to the EPA site.

The optional 1.8 L engine came with a 4 speed automatic and got better MPG than its smaller cousin. This is a commonly encountered syndrome where a smaller engine working harder produces lower MPG figures than a bigger engine working easier in the same chassis.

The Owner's Manual states that the 1997 Corolla rides on a 97 inch wheelbase and narrow track (front 57.5/ rear 57.1). The car is 172.0 inches long, 66.3 inches wide, and 53.4 inches high.

The base engine is 1,587 c.c. (96.8 c.i.) and the optional engine is 1,762 c.c. (107.5 c.i.). Tire sizes are either P175/65R14 or P185/65R14. Either way they are tiny. Recommended pressure is a mere 30 PSI.



The OOCC Corolla was driven in heavy rush hour stop and go traffic on a regular basis with no attempt made to economize. Sitting and not moving takes its toll on fuel consumption as the gas mileage of this small econo box testifies.

Kilometers Gal Fill? Oct                   MPG
178,488  7.8   Full   87                   N.A.
178,550   6.0   X    87                    N.A.
178,777   4.3   Full   87     289 k= 179 m/ 17.3 MPG
178,848   2.2   Full   87       71k= 44m/   20 MPG
179,047   6.2   Full   87     199k= 123m/ 19.9 MPG
179,353   9.0  Full   87      306k= 189m/ 21 MPG
179,498   4.2  Full   87      145k=  90m/  21.4 MPG

1,010 Kilometers (626 miles) used 31.9 gallons equals 19.6 MPG City overall.



At a steady 90 to 100 MPH the Corolla posted a low of 20 MPG. Holding speed down to 70 MPH allowed the efficiency to rebound to around 30 MPG. The Corolla ran standard sized tires at 32 PSI, carried all regular equipment and typical base equipment auto trans, 1.6 L engine. The road trip was taken in cold, wet weather with two passengers and luggage totaling 450 pounds. 2,403 pounds curb weight plus load equals 2,853 pounds. No attempt was made to economize with hard acceleration being the rule of the day. The Toyota factory issue tape player was usually on along with windshield wipers, lights and fan which all create a drain on engine energy. Windows were rolled up. Toyotas leak engine oil fiercely once they approach their first decade of life and this one was no exception. It required about one liter of oil every fuel stop.

Kilometers Gal Fill?    Oct       MPG   
152,296   9.0   Full    87   N.A.
152,569   5.2   Full     87  32.5 MPG
152,987   12.8  Full    87  20.2 MPG
153,345   7.7   Full     87  28.8 MPG

Trip Departure at 152,242 km/ Return 153,339 km equals 1,097 Kilometers which is 680 miles. Not counting the first fill, the trip used 25.7 Gallons producing 26.4 MPG overall average.


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