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Written by Double Dragon
Thursday, 16 June 2011 15:27

1980 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Supreme Brougham 260-2 bbl MPG= 17.7 Overall


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown, except for Cutlass brochure pages which are copyright Oldsmobile.


Metric= 4.3 L engine- 13.3 L/100km overall


1980 CUTLASS 260 MPG WHEN NEW= 19 city /25 highway MPG (new EPA system rating 18/25)

The window sticker on the base Buick built V6 3.8 was 20 and 27 (EPA new ratings= 18 and 25). These are figures for Cutlasses with the 3 speed automatic (no overdrive, direct 1:1 drive). This engine would eventually serve as the starting point for the Buick Grand National turbo engine.

The window sticker for the 1980 Cutlass stated that the Oldsmobile built V8 4.3 L (260 c.i.) was capable of 19 City MPG and 25 Hwy MPG giving a combined of 21. The new EPA system downgrades this mileage to 17 and 23 (20 overall for new system). The more restrictive California only version lost one MPG in city driving.

Jumping up to a Chevy built 305 4 barrel would cost you one MPG in city and highway driving with a 49 state rating of 17/24 MPG which is revised to 15/22 MPG in the new system.

The Oldsmobile Rocket 350 4 barrel which was used in the 442 paired with a 3 speed automatic delivered more power and is generally considered a better engine. It gave 15/22 MPG which revises to 14/20 MPG in current EPA measurements.

Olds pioneered the use of a V8 diesel and their fuel injection 350 diesel for 1980 delivered an astounding for the time 22/34 MPG which is 19/31 MPG revised to current standards. In a switch, the California version actually gave one MPG better city mileage and equal highway stats.

Below is a page from the 1980 Oldsmobile dealer brochure displaying a Cutlass Supreme.


The page below shows the extras included in the Cutlass Supreme Brougham model.


The August 1981 issue of POPULAR MECHANICS tallied information from readers who owned the 1981 Cutlass. The 1981 version was one of the best selling cars in USA and hence basically unchanged from 1980 models. PM came up with a figure of 16.9 City MPG and 22.5 Hwy MPG for the 4.3 L V8 which was the most popular of several optional engines available in the 1981 Cutlass.

The base V6 which was installed in most of the 1981 Cutlasses gave 18.2 City MPG and 23.8 Hwy MPG. The 5.0 V8 produced 16.3 City MPG and 20.7 Hwy MPG according to the POPULAR MECHANICS owner's reports. The 350 engine was only available as a diesel in the Cutlass giving an amazing 23 City MPG and 29.5 Hwy MPG.

LEMON AID 1981 EDITION says a 2 door Cutlass with 231 V6 engine, automatic transmission and radio weighs around 3,172 pounds. LA estimated MPG to be 22 MPG using unleaded fuel. LA doesn't specify if the MPG is overall average but does say that the MPG quoted is what the car is optimally capable of under ideal conditions.



The first owner of the OOCC Cutlass Supreme Brougham took excellent care of it. Read the story of this car in the ONE OWNER section of this website. When the original owner sold to the second owner the OOCC Cutlass was an unrestored original with low miles and most factory pieces intact aside from battery, tires and exhaust. The second owner tracked his mileage from 2007 till 2009. The miles consist of mainly city driving with short highway stints to car shows.

The door frame sticker shown below calls for the optional P205/75R-14 tires set to 32 PSI "for fuel economy". The factory brochure specified P195/75R-14 tires as standard on Cutlass models, so this car was ordered with optional larger tires.


The OOCC Cutlass Supreme Brougham is used sparingly, only covering 1,200 miles in two years. This Cutlass is normally driven with two on board, and usually only on nice days. Tires are set at 32 PSI in the new but factory optional correct sized tires The curb weight of the Cutlass Supreme Brougham is 3,277 pounds. When shown at car shows there are some supplies and two people on board, boosting weight to about 3,700 pounds. The OOCC Cutlass managed 19.8 MPG when driven at a steady 65 MPH on one short highway run.

Odometer Gallons   MPG (uncorrected)  
62,246  14.3     N.A.  
62,471  11.8     19.0 MPG
62,687  12.9     16.7 MPG
62,870  12.1     15.1 MPG  
62,996    6.1     20.6 MPG  
63,291  14.2     20.7 MPG  
63,450  10.9     14.5 MPG  

68 total gallons to go 1204 miles equals 17.7 MPG overall for a mix of highway and city driving.




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