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USA CANADA 1964- Holiday Inn guide/

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 map 1964-holiday-inn

This map sized guidebook lists Holiday Inns for 1964 Winter Spring providing mini maps for each location. This chain was becoming pretty big at this time and was linked in with rental cars, credit cards and diners' cards and so on. They mention Fords first, but apparently had the rest of the big three cars available as well.

map 1964-holiday-inn-rental-cars

They had sales points for paraphenalia and were pushing their brand pretty hard. Also mentioned in the guide were all the conveniences of flight booking, kennels for pets with free pet food, dining areas within the hotel to save travelers hassle of finding dinner, etc. At the time before they became a universal feature of all hotels,  A/C. TVs and phones in every room was a selling point.

map 1964-holiday-inn-tv-blurb 

The big news in 1964 was the Worlds' Fair in New York. This edition of the Holiday Inn guide has a full up stamp over the list of accommodations they had arranged for the Fair.

map 1964-holiday-inn-new-york-world-fair

The Holiday Inn chain was rapidly expanding in 1964 as attested to by the list below of locations about to be opened or built.


Some people would see this as the beginning of the end for discovery on road trips. The link between all the major credit cards, the homogenized franchise chain of hotels all signaled the extinction of individual varied hotels out there. The little trip diary included at the back of the guide seems tailor made for a business traveler or family vacation rather than for an adventurous kind of trip.


On the other hand, travelers welcomed the convenience and predictability of finding a certain level of quality and service. You could pull in and know that you weren't going to be shelling out for a dive or transient hotel. The time you spent on vacation wasn't squandered trying to organize the details of accommodation every night. So the franchise hotels had pros and cons.



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