CALIFORNIA 1972- Gulf Print
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Thursday, 29 July 2010 19:21


Article copyright D. S. Brown except images copyright Gulf/ Rand McNally

This map was produced for the Gulf service stations in 1972 by Rand McNally.

map california 72 gulf.

Looking at this Gulf map we can see the progress of the interstate system which is not yet fully complete. As Interstate 40 approaches the border of Arizona it feeds into old Route 66. A dotted line indicates the sections of I-40 still under construction. Similarly, I-10 is not complete yet when it approaches the Arizona border.

map california 72 gulf i-40 and rt 66

The back of the map has a facsimile of the Gulf Travel Card. The blurb points out that there are 1,200 Holiday Inns. The move towards homogenized franchises is beginning now that the Interstates are nearing completion. You can look at the list of Holiday Inns already completed ias far back as 1964 in the guide reprinted elsewhere in this MAPS section.

map california 72 gulf back


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