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1965 FORD Mustang Rangoon Red conv- Dan Green


Writing copyright D. S. Brown. Story and photography courtesy and copyright Dan Green.

65 mustnag conv dan red

Sharp eyed readers may have noticed the story of the two sisters profiled in the 20 YEARS PLUS section who coincidentally both bought Novas as used cars which they ended up keeping for 40 years. Dan Green's story goes one step further. Not only did Dan and his brother David both buy Mustangs, the cars were coincidentally the desirable convertible bodystyle with 289 engines as well as being the same model year. More coincidences connected to the cars appeared later when Dan did research on the background of the cars decades down the road.

Dan Green didn't set out to duplicate the model year, bodystyle and drivetrain combination of his brother's Mustang. To read about his brother David's Caspian Blue Mustang convertible (which Dan now owns) see the story filed above this one in this 20 YEARS PLUS section.

Dan now has a pair of matched Mustangs: his Rangoon Red Mustang and his brothers former car. Both the Mustangs are housed up in Chino Hills, California. Dan, his wife Mary and daughter Micaela and son Zachary all appreciate the long relationship between the family and these Mustangs as well as the fantastic coincidences linking the cars.

Dan currently lives about 3 miles away from where the original owner of the Caspian Blue Mustang's first owner lived back in 1965. The strange part is that Dan and his brother David grew up in Oxnard, California which is where the Mustang ended up in 1972. Oxnard is about 400 miles north of where the original owner lived. Name coincidences connect Dan to his Rangoon Red Mustang.

Dan didn't set out to find a 'bookend' Mustang to his brother David's Mustang. In fact he wasn't shopping for a Mustang for himself at all. Dan's  girlfriend at the time asked him to help her search out a car. It was to be her first car purchase. She wanted a Mustang so the choice of models wasn't inspired by older brother David, but simply through coincidence. Dan discovered the 1965 Rangoon Red Mustang for sale but the girlfriend balked at it. It was very rough and beat up. The Mustang stayed in Dan's mind though, and he eventually went back to buy it. Dan liked Mustangs and the price was right. Dan reasoned that his brother knew a lot about cars and could help him get it in shape.

Dan had saved his newspaper route payments and cobbled together $500.00. It turned out to be enough to buy the Rangoon Red 1965 Mustang convertible. The Mustang showed about 50,000 or 60,000 miles even though it was now 1975 and the car was a decade old. Because the car was in rough shape it is safe to assume that it wasn't driven much in the early 1970s.  Dan had his first car and he was only 16 years old. That Mustang has stayed with him ever since.

The Rangoon Red Mustang was equipped with a 289 4V hooked up to a C4 automatic transmission. It had a Red interior and white top. The manufacturing date of May 11, 1965 makes it a much later build date than his brother's Caspian Blue Mustang.

65 mustang dan red door tag

The door tag tells us more:

Body 76A= Convertible with standard interior

Color J= Rangoon Red

Trim 25= Red crinkle vinyl- standard interior

Date 11S= May 11, 1965

DSO 72= San Jose, California dealer area

Axle 1= 3.00:1 conventional

Trans 6= C4 Automatic transmission

VIN 5R08Axxxxxx=

5= 1965 model year

R= San Jose, California final assembly plant

08= Convertible body style

A= 289-4 barrel premium fuel engine

The person Dan bought it from lived in Port Hueneme, California not too far from Dan's family home in Oxnard, California. Dredging his memory decades later Dan recalls that the person who sold the car co- owned the car. Dan can remember the name on the pink slip because the owner's first name started with a D like Dan's name and his last name was identical. The name on the pink slip was Donovan Green. That coincidence stuck in Dan's mind.

As 'co-owner' Donovan was not only absent from the transaction but strangely the only registered owner on the paperwork. Like the twisted tale of the Caspian Blue Mustang owned by Dan's brother, this Rangoon Red Mustang had a series of coincidences and mysteries of its own.

The story told to Dan was that Donovan was in the US Navy and lived in the Seattle, Washington area. Dan elaborates,

"I never spoke with or met the person that was listed on the pink slip.  Nor can I understand now, how I was able to buy a car from someone that was not listed on the pink slip, unless Donovan had signed the back of the slip and transferred it over to the person I had purchased it from."

The slightly shady aspects of the sale took on an ominous tone a few months after the car was purchased. The person Dan bought the Mustang from was convicted of heroin trafficking from Mexico and put in jail. Did the seller get the title from Donovan in exchange for some kind of drug deal? Or did the seller flip the car without authorization? Or was the seller legitimate in this particular transaction? Dan is trying to dig deeper into the story now and says,

"I will probably never find out the real truth, unless I can find this Donavon Green.  As I remember, the car had Oregon plates on it when I bought it, but I think the DMV must have taken the plates at the time of my purchase and registration in California."

Dan didn't fret about the car when he was a kid. He was too busy fixing it up.

The red Mustang was in very bad shape with damage to the body and a tattered convertible top. But the motor ran and the car drove good enough to get him around.  As he went through high school and college, work was continuous as things were repaired. it a lot, repairing  It was always Dan's only mode of transportation and he drove quite a bit from home to college, HIs route was approximate 150 miles each way. Dan came home on breaks and between quarters and summers.

Dan rebuilt the motor at least once. Dan fortuitously worked in an automotive machine shop during school and was able to do some of the machining himself. As expected of a high school kid, Dan added a cam, headers, intake manifold and all the other standard 'Day Two' performance parts. In the photo below taken during the car's early years with Dan note the fat tires and slot mag wheels.

65 mustang red dan slot mags

Just prior to that, I had begun an engine rebuild due to problems with the engine and while I was doing this, my father had a friend of his repair the body and paint it.  This caused me to dig into more things that I had anticipated and over the course of a year or so, I did a somewhat decent job of a partial restoration.  I have not really touched the car since then, other than to add disk brakes in the front and rebuild the front and rear suspension, adding a sway bar in the back and 1” diameter bar in the front.  This work was performed in approx. 1993 or so, based on dates on my component receipts. Dan got married to Mary in 1984.

He drove it about 110,000 miles which places the current mileage at 175,000 miles. When Dan's older brother David could no longer store his Caspian Blue Mustang he asked Dan to take it over which he gladly did.

The pair of Mustangs played a pivotal role when Dan took the family on a one week vacation. Driving both Mustangs in tandem the family explored the coast on scenic Hwy 1. The trip stretched from Southern California to Monterrey, California. Imagine that you are driving along the highway and suddenly you see not one, but two 1965 Mustang convertibles!

65 mustangs dan red blue beach

Dan's family had a trouble free vacation. As Dan recalls,

"Both of the cars ran wonderfully and brought us back home without incident."

The kids both love the paired Mustangs and have enjoyed going to car shows. Zachary will inherit the Caspian Blue Mustang while Micaela will get the Rangoon Red Mustang. From 2012 to 2014 a 2 year restoration was performed on the Caspian Blue Mustang.

The Rangood Red Mustang will receive a restoration soon. Dan is doing some research into the history of the car but has unfortunately lost the original pink slip a long time ago so he doesn't have a lot of clues to work with.

Zachary and Micaela say that these cars have no dollar value to them because like Dan and David, they never want to sell them. The memories and heritage that are associated with them are priceless.

"It is only a coincidence that my brother and I owned the same make and model of car while growing up. We never really thought much of it. We did all of the work on them ourselves in order to keep them running. His is a 4 speed and mine is an automatic. My kids assure me that this story of these two cars will continue on together for many more years.  My daughter Micaela is 24 and my son Zack is 20."






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