1968 OLDSMOBILE Vista Cruiser- Ely Nevada Print
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Thursday, 14 April 2011 23:53

1968 OLDSMOBILE Vista Cruiser- Ely Nevada


Writing and photography copyright D.S. Brown, except for the magazine cover image copyright Motor Trend.


The 1968 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser was a mild redesign which carried forth to 1969. Along with the 1967 Olds Cutlass Turnpike Cruiser (see an article on this car in the GAS LOGS section of this site) the Vista Cruiser is one of the coolest highway cars made by Oldsmobile. Passengers can see the entire view of the surrounding country through side windows and windows cut into the top of the roof, hence the name of the car.

The Vista Cruiser traces back to the F- 85 (Cutlass) body style upon which the wagon was based in 1964. The Vista Cruiser and the Buick Skylark Wagon both featured the glass tops which made vacation road trips so much more interesting. Here is a picture of the Buick cover car for MOTOR TREND in March 1964. The testers also briefly drove the Olds at the same time.


For some reason the Olds wagon has a higher profile in most people's minds than the Buick, despite the fact that they both used the glassed in roof. The popular TV sitcom THAT SEVENTIES SHOW reinforced the Vista Cruiser identity by featuring one as the family car for the series, but the fact that they chose that particular car was due to its higher profile identity in the minds of people who grew up during that era.


This Vista Cruiser was left forlorn in the grey wild winter of Nevada apparently abandoned for quite some time. Did the car break down on some road trip and get left behind in the vast nothingness of Nevada, or was it a local car that was abandoned? No dealer plate or paperwork remains to clear up these mysteries. Weather was making huge inroads into the interior which was musty and rotting. One of our readers recognizes the car and tell us:

"I sold that 1968 Olds Vista Cruiser to a young man in about 1972. I redid the seat covers and headliner in a sewing class. He abandoned the car in a Las Vegas hotel parking lot. The Las Vegas police department called me to ask if I wanted it. I said no. I should have paid the towing and storage."


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