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Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 22:49

1964 1/2 FORD Mustang 260- Alameda, CA


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64 half mustang blue logo alameda ALLEY

This Mustang is likely one of the Mustangs many people refer to as a 1964 1/2. When the Mustang took the world by storm on April 17, 1964 every last one of them was identified by Ford Motor Company as being 1965 models for registration purposes.

Collectors have noted certain peculiarities about the first batch of Mustangs produced before the assembly lines were changed over on August 1, 1964. Mustang experts refer to Mustangs built between March, 1964 and July 31, 1964 as 1964 1/2 Mustangs. Even the length of the word Mustang in the logo shown above is different (shorter) for first production Mustangs than it is on post August Mustangs.

64 half mustang blue alameda f ALLEY

The early Mustangs used a generator instead of an alternator and have some small detail variances when compared to the post August 1 assembly line changeover Mustangs. The OOCC Mustang seems to be one of the early Mustangs based upon the presence of external and interior 1964 1/2 style details.

64 half mustang blue 260 id alameda ALLEY

The OOCC Mustang has the 260 V8 engine which was phased out as the V8 engine option after the first few months of Mustang production. The 289 became the V8 optional engine.

The windshield wiper arms on this car are attached to a chrome bezel on the hood. August 1, 1964 and later Mustang hoods extend out to meet the base of the wiper arm.

64 half mustang blue int alameda ALLEY

The AM radio in the OOCC Mustang reads '6 8 10 12 14'. The AM radio changed in August, 1964 when labeling was expanding to include a '5' added to the left and a '16' added to the right. The OOCC Mustang seatbelt buckles are chrome (same as the Falcon). In August, 1964 Mustang seat belts received a new buckle design which was also color coordinated to the color of the belt fabric. The OOCC Mustang also lacks the toe pad that supplements the rubber foot pad molded into the carpet. The toe pad was added to the carpeting in August.

64 half mustang blue side alameda ALLEY

Often old Mustangs are cobbled together from a variety of parts but this one is consistent in having early 1964 1/2 production parts which suggests that it is a well preserved original car that hasn't been Mickey Moused by 20 owners. The paint is rough but the body underneath is still straight with symmetrical gaps between trunk/ hood/ doors.

64 half mustang blue hubcap lameda ALLEY

It still sports its original California 'Black Plate' license although a modern frame has been added advertising 'Mostly Mustangs' which is a repair shop located at 2576 Martin Luther Way, Oakland, California. Mostly Mustangs was founded in 1979 and has a very good reputation. Many vintage as well as modern Mustang owners trust the owner Jack Schroll and his staff with their 'babies'. Coincidentally, there is a second 1964 1/2 Mustang in these ALLEY FINDS and it also sports an original California black plate as well has coming from Alameda. The second 1964 1/2 Mustang is white and is a later production model with a 289 instead of the 260 provided in this blue one.

64 half mustang blue r alameda ALLEY

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