1968 MERCURY Cougar XR7 mags- Alameda, CA Print
Written by Double Dragon
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 23:07

1968 MERCURY Cougar XR7 with mags- Alameda, CA Blue


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

68 cougar xr7 mags alameda ca

This Cougar has dual exhaust and some nice period correct Day Two mags. Combined with what appears to be primer it has a rough and ready look. Still sporting original California black plates this XR7 has held up very well. It is used regularly and parked outside which accounts for some fading to the paint.

The angle it is parked at frequently places the nose facing the sun because the front original California 'black plate' is much more faded and weathered than the rear plate. The roof, hood and rear deck lid are a light silver color while the sides are dark blue. Perhaps this is a strategy to reflect the sun or maybe the silver is primer and this is a 'work in progress'. Note that the driver's door is significantly darker than the rest of the car.

68 cougar xr7 mags alameda side

The mag wheels suit this Cougar because they are period correct style and size matched to the car. The tires have some decent sidewall rubber size so that the wheelwells are filled out properly and ride height is maintained. I have seen this car getting around and like the other 1968 Cougar XR7 in Alameda, it is a daily driver and can be seen all over town.

68 cougar xr7 mags alameda r

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