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1967 BUICK Special Deluxe 300- Abbotsford, BC


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67 special deluxe abbotsford

The popular Buick Skylark began life as a top level option on the Buick Special, similarly to the placement of the Oldsmobile Cutlass being an upscale model on the F 85. Nowadays the Cutlass and Skylark models are better remembered than the base models that they sprung from.

The Buick Special was introduced in 1961 as a compact car built in the GM platform known as the 'A' body. Chevrolet entered the compact market first with the revolutionary Corvair powered by a rear air cooled engine. The Corvair featured other deviations from standard corporate domestic cars which inspired the other GM divisions to experiment with some cutting edge ideas. Pontiac used rope drive and a rear transaxle on their 'A' body Tempest. Olds tried a turbocharged aluminum engine in thier F-85 and Buick blazed trails when they came out with a V6 at a time when all domestic vehicles used inline 6 cylinder engines.

Ford won the domestic compact car sales race using conventional technology in the Falcon which prompted GM to drop innovation and focus on established technology. For 1964 the 'A' bodies used prevailing engineering practices and grew with a wheelbase extension from 112 inches to 115.

The 1967 Buick Special is essentially the same platform used for 1964. For the 1966 model year the body was updated with some artful 'coke bottle' styling added to the rear quarters which now swoop up and outwards in concert with the fastback style rear roofline. In 1968 the 'A' bodies would be redesigned.

The OOCC ALLEY FINDS Special shown here is a Special Deluxe with a white vinyl top and optional power steering and power brakes. The interior is gutted with not much left but the dashboard. Door panels, steering wheel and other parts have been cannibalized. Thankfully the entire car has been sold now and won't be parted out further or crushed.

67 special dx abbotsford 300 engine

The Buick 300 cubic inch engine is a nice performing yet economical small V8. In this ALLEY FINDS Special Deluxe it is coupled to a two speed automatic transmission named the Super Turbine 300 in honor of the Buick 300 engine. When used in an Oldsmobile the transmission is known as a Jetaway. Service of this drive train is pretty simple. The tiny engine and compact transmission provide plenty of room to work when mounted in a fairly large A body like this. Buick made life easier for everyone by mounting their distributor up front for easy access, too.

The VIN 436177Z119605 decodes:

4= Buick

36= Special Deluxe

17= Two door hardtop coupe

7= 1967 model year

Z= Fremont, California final assembly plant.

119605= sequential number

When a sequential number starts with a '1' in 1967 it indicates that a V8 was installed which indicates that this car was equipped with a 300 cubic inch engine from the factory.

67 special dx abbotsford trim tag

The firewall trim tag reveals more information about this Special Deluxe.

The trim tag begins with 06E which decodes to fifth week of June build date, 1967 (between June 25 and 30th).

To the right of the tag is a hand stamped '2' which is believed to be an inspector's stamp.

ST 43617 repeats the VIN.

BF01452 appears beside the word BODY. BF= Fremont, California assembly plant. The rest is the Fisher body number. The third digit is an even number which means a V8. Fremont was the only assembly plant that used an odd digit in the third place to denote a 6 cylinder for the Fisher body number.

TRIM 166 decodes as follows- 160= deluxe front bench seat with arm, 6= the color: Aqua turquoise

PAINT LC means

B80 appears under trim and means chrome drip rail molding

Along the bottom 6325 matches the dealer order sheet according to the website CHEVELLESTUFF.NET. The number 010517 runs along the bottom and its meaning is not known in the car community. Aircare lacks any records for this car so it was likely not registered in the Lower Mainland.

Frequently the 'lesser' A bodies are bought for musclecar projects. Hence Tempests are torn up to build GTO clones or to restore actual GTOs and Buick Specials get sacrificed for GS projects. It would be interesting to see this car rejuvenated with its original drive train. The little 300 engine and Super Turbine 300 were a nice driving combination that kept the front end light. A Special was actually a nice handling car with good weight distribution and enough power to motivate the surprisingly lightweight platform.


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