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1967 FORD Mustang- Lake City,WA


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67 mustang lake city wa gas cap

The 1967 Mustang marked the first significant change since its incredibly successful introduction in 1964 as a 1965 model year new car. The Mustang themes and lines are preserved very well in the 1967 model which is longer and wider than the original. Unless you place a 1967 up against a 1965 you really can't see much difference. The new body style provided a wider engine bay which allowed Ford to stuff a 390 into the car. Of course Carrol Shelby went further and created the Shelby GT-500 which used a 428 engine.

67 mustang lake city wa pass ft

This burgundy 1967 Mustang has survived the wet of Washington quite well. The car is all original except for the front clip. The front end needed replacement when the original owner's daughter hit a fence with it. At the time the front nose was fixed a set of 1968 front fog lamps were added to the grille. This is most likely an early production 1967 assuming that the front fenders are original. The fenders have the word Mustang spelled out with individual letters. Later in the 1967 model run the fenders used a one piece 'script' Mustang identifier.

67 mustang lake city wa dr f

This Mustang was a factory Forest Green car with a black interior with a floor shift for the automatic transmission. There is a hole in the dash where a radio once resided. At some point the original AM radio must have been removed to fit in some type of aftermarket unit which is now missing in action. The original radio antenna is still present. The 1967 steering wheel used on Mustangs and the Cougar (Mercury;s version of the Mustang) were nice 3 spoke units with a padded center horn piece designed to crumple in stages in the event of an accident. In 1968 Ford switched to a simple two spoke unit that used a thick center pad. The 1968 unit looked like any passenger car wheel and was not popular with Mustangers. Part of the popularity of the Mustang traces to the base vehicle coming set up with sporty looking bucket seats, 3 spoke wheel, floor shifter and full instrumentation in round dials.

67 mustang lake city wa dr int

Sometime back in the 1970s this Forest Green Mustang was primed in white and repainted a deep Burgundy which is quite a nice color on this car combined with the black interior. The close up shot of cracked paint around the door locks reveals the original color. Note that the simulated 'vents' were not repainted. Generally the 'vents' are painted body color for 1967 Mustangs.

67 mustang lake city wa dr door

The Mustang still has original hubcaps and other pieces with the car. The 'Talon 2000' tires look right on this car because they are not low profile modern tires. The 205/ 70R-14 size has a decent sized sidewall that duplicates the proportions of the OEM tires originally supplied with the car.

67 mustang lake city wa dr r tire

Most Mustangs that are repainted end up a bright red so this is an interesting deviation from the typical color switch.

67 mustang lake city wa dr side

The engine has been rebuilt and so has the transmission. The Mustang is now in the hands of a mechanic who is thoroughly enjoying his new car.

67 mustang lake city wa pass r

These old Mustangs were simple cars at the time and that aspect of the cars endears them to owners today who are drawn to them by the good looks.

67 mustang lake city wa r



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