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Written by Double Dragon
Sunday, 25 May 2014 20:03

1995 FORD Mustang GT conv- Richmond, CA


Writing and photography copyright D. S. Brown

This Mustang GT is one of those cars that the Highway Safety guys would probably use to scare the high school kids with. The car was rolled. When you roll a convertible fast and hard enough you end up with a 'see what happens' scenario such as this. The windshield A pillars are crushed totally flat as is the windshield frame. Whoever was in this car got mulched along with the car. The airbags which were deployed are saturated with dark reddish brown bloodstains.

1995 Mustang convertible rolled- Richmond, CA

The writing on the fender informs us that this car found its way into the junkyard December 5, 2013. It may have been held a few days in police impound for investigation prior to arrival here. The car was built September, 1994 so it had just passed its 19th birthday when it got totaled. You have to wonder if the driver was also around 19 years old and of course if the driver ended up 'totaled' just like the car.

The VIN reads IFALP45T8SF129077 which decodes as:

1= USA

F- Ford

A= Passenger car

L= Driver and passenger airbags

P45= Convertible GT

T= 4.6 L (281 c.i.) 215 HP engine

8= Check digit

S= 1995 model year

F= Dearborn, Michigan final assembly plant.

129077= Sequential number

The Mustang door sticker says the exterior paint is GTC, the VR is MM and interior trim is 4S, no tape stripe, and radio type H, axle is E (3.27:1 ratio Locker), DSO is 71 (Los Angeles Region).

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